Combat, Close

(Cost Level = Action Number)


Close Combat is the Action of fighting, either hand-to-hand or with a weapon, within a few feet. When you buy Close Combat, it includes your choice or any one Ability Bonus and a Weapon Modifier, but you can only use one at a time unless you pay for an extra advantage. And you can pay to add extra Ability Bonuses or Weapon Modifiers, too.
Close Combat can occur in one of two ways. It may represent an unarmed Action such as Martial Arts, Boxing or Sumo Wrestling. In that case, the appropriate Ability Bonus stones would be added to the Close Combat Action Number. All stones come from your Energy Reserve.
Or Close Combat can occur with a weapon, in which case, the Weapon Modifier would be added to the Close Combat Action Number. In that case, the stones for the Close Combat Action Number still come from your Energy Pool, but the stones for the Weapon Modifier come from the General Pool to reflect the effect of the weapon.
Close Combat is a general Action, but you may add one Specialty per Action Number or increase in Action Number during play to indicate particular prowess. Some of the Specialties are listed below. Feel free to make up your own.


Almost all players have Close Combat. You should invest at least a little in it, just to be on the safe side.

Rules for Action Box

  • (Insert Ability) Bonus or Weapon Modifier
  • Combat using body or non-ranged weapon
  • For combat within a few feet
  • Split stones for multiple targets
  • (Insert Specialties)

Source: MURPG page 46

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