Combat Ranged

(Cost Level = Action Number)


Ranged Combat is the action of fighting with a Ranged Weapon (or even a thrown object) at any distance. The Action comes with a Weapon Modifier, which is added to the Ranged Combat Action Number. The stones for the Ranged Combat Action Number come from your Energy Reserve, but the stones for the Weapon Modifier come from the General Pool, to represent the effect of the weapon. Ranged Combat also covers throwing objects at targets if the character has Ranged Combat. If not, the character would simply use Strength, as when the Hulk throws a bus. The Weapon Modifier of the thrown object would be its weight in stones on the D&R Chart. The Ranged Combat Action has some unique applications in Marvel. Spider-Man's Web Shooters are Ranged Combat, and so is Daredevil's Billy Club when it's thrown.

For Ranged Combat with two weapons, each weapon is considered a seperate attack against defensive stones and cannot be combined. Also, at least 1 red stone of Ranged Combat must be applied to each weapon/attack. This also applies to Powered Armor Ranged Combat with multiple Weapon Systems.

Ranged Combat is a general Action, but you may add one Specialty per Action Number or increase in Action Number during play to indicate particular prowess. Some of the specialties are listed below. Feel free to make up your own.

2x Damage: Damage from gunfire and some other weapons is doubled. That means that any stones that get past the target's defensive stones (including any Defense Modifier) do twice the normal damage. So, if 4 stones of gunfire hit 3 defensive stones, then the one stone that got through would do 2 stones of actual damage. The extra stones of damage come from the General Pool. See Appendix A: Weapons on p. 124 for ranges and damage.


As with Close Combat, most players will buy this Action. You should invest at least a little in it, because you never know what gun you may have to shoot next.

Rules for Action Box

  • Weapon Modifier
  • Combat using a weapon at distance
  • Split stones for multiple targets
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