General Knowledge

(Cost Level = Action Number + 1)


This includes a general, encyclopedic knowledge (to level learned). Player can ask GM relevant questions. (The scenario might say, "A general knowledge of 5 or more would know that this could only mean one thing…") Includes Intelligence Bonus. This is a general action, but you may add one specialty per action number or increase in action number during play to indicate specific prowess: "What do I know about this?"


Why is this "power" useful? All we can say is that all the players who learn it wind up being very glad thy did! (Maybe the answer is that Knowledge is Power. And with an Intelligence Bonus, it's cheap, too.)

Rules for Action Box

  • Intelligence Bonus
  • Encyclopedic general knowledge
  • Ask relevant details of GM
  • Action Number vs. scenario description
  • (Insert Specialties)

Source: MURPG page 50

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