Social Skills

(Cost Level = Action Number)


Social skills reflect a character's ability to interact with other characters and situations. They also reflect an ability to "speak the language" of a culture, from knowing gang signs to understanding hacker jargon. Characters can use their Social Skills to find out information, deal with authority figures, convince and NPC to give or do something, and infiltrate organizations, just to name a few. Usually characters will use their Social Skills Action in interacting with NPC's played by the GM, not for interactions with another player. When it comes to interacting with another player, the GM and players may decide that the Social Skills Action is overruled by the player's own, real abilities to converse and function. Social Skills is a general Action, but you may add one Specialty per Action Number or increase in Action Number during play to indicate particular prowess.


This is usually the second most important Action you will use during the game. Every single Marvel character has it, to some degree. It allows you to interact reasonably with the outside world and can be molded to suit your environment. You don't have to start out with it big, but investing Lines in Social Skills can help round out your character. Feel free (under the GM's supervision) to make up your own.

Rules for Action Box

  • Interaction with NPC's
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