Character Creation

Character creation is based on four attributes and a series of powers that your character may possess. For the purposes of this game I am more interested in people getting what they want rather than what points allow them to buy. To that end there is no hard point cap for character creation and you may have whatever you like with a few fiats, but keeping your numbers to around 150 points is preferred.

The Fiats

  • No one will begin the game with a Real Power. You may begin the game with any Shadow Powers that you like, but True Pattern, Logrus, and Trump are not allowed.
  • You may rank yourself anywhere you like for your attributes. However, no matter what your ranking is you will be average in your Shadow. You will not be exceptional, notable or otherwise extraordinary in the shadow that you begin in (being second best is alright though). Everyone in your home Shadow will be within 5 points of your score, so keep that in mind.
  • You cannot start in Amber, the Courts of Chaos or anywhere immediately adjacent to those places.
  • The NPC's are going to be based on your own power level. Just remember that.
  • I know that my rules are different than the ones in the book. I purposefully changed them. If you have a question e-mail me or post it to the forums when the section is open.
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