Shadow Powers
Real Powers

Shadow Pattern:
Cost: 15 points
Prerequisite: None
The Pattern exists in every Shadow in one form or another. It may be a reflection of the Pattern such as the ones in Amber, Rebma or Tir-Na Nog'th or something as simple as a pendant with a curious pattern on it that your Aunt Betsie game you one day. Pattern exists everywhere except in the Courts of Chaos and defines a Shadow, or a piece of Shadow, into something that is structured and unchanging.
The only places that have strong enough reflections of the Primal Pattern strong enough to walk and to shape all of Shadow are in Amber, Rebma, and Tir-Na Nog'th as far as anyone knows. All other Shadows have a Shadow Pattern in them though that characters may choose to take at character creation.
The effects of Shadow Pattern:
Shadow Pattern can alter probability in Shadows that are not too close to Amber. The closer one gets to Amber the less malleable things become until Shadow Pattern will stop working altogether. Using Shadow Pattern to find things that are lost, situations that are beneficial or just
plain "lucky" takes only a few minutes and some form of physical movement (searching for lost keys, purple flowers for your beloved, etc.) and the less that the Shadow Pattern has to manipulate the faster the manipulation will occur. A character does not need to know that he possesses Shadow Pattern to use it unconsciously to find the object of his desire.
Shadow Pattern probability manipulation stacks directly with Good Stuff to make some interesting effects. You character will often find more than he had hoped for and even better situations than he could have imagined occurring for him.

Advanced Shadow Pattern:
Cost: 10 points
Prerequisite: Shadow Pattern
Uses of Advanced Shadow Pattern are able to call up the Shadow of the pattern in their minds
and do the following things.

  • Use the Pattern lens within the Shadow that they are currently in to find objects, people, constructs, etc.
  • Using Advanced Shadow Pattern will allow a character to literally break down the Shadow that he is in to see its base components such as spells, altered areas, traces of Trump, Shadow and Logrus and the Shadow powers thereof and the traces that they leave behind. This will not let the character know what happened, just that something has been changed and the approximate time of the change.

Shadow Logrus:
Cost: 15 points
Prerequisite: None
The Logrus is the purest form of Chaos. It is a constantly shifting entity that defies every and all forms of structure and restriction. The Shadow for the Logrus exists in all Shadows except for in Amber or the immediately adjacent Shadows. The only place where the Primal Logrus is powerful enough to grant dominance over all of Shadow is in the Courts of Chaos.
Shadow Logrus is capable of reaching throughout the Shadow that your character is currently in and finding the object of your desire if it exists within that Shadow. It cannot alter probability or search other Shadows. Once it has found the object of your desire you can
pull that object to you or you can be pulled to it through the Shadow in a form of crude teleportation.
Advanced Shadow Logrus:
Cost: 10 points
Prerequisite: Shadow Logrus
Shadow Logrus will allow the user to do the following things.

  • Summon and bind creatures of Chaos that are within your Shadow and do not have Logrus Mastery. These creatures can be bound to perfom one task for you as long as they remain within that Shadow.
  • Shaping Shadow Logrus servants to perform simple tasks is possible. These are non-sentient creatures that have less than Human attributes and no Psyche at all. They will last for about an hour after their creation for every ten points of Psyche your character possesses.

Shadow Shape Shifitng:
Cost: 15 points
Prerequisite: None
Shadow Shape Shifting allows a character to build a matrix of energy to cocoon himself in that changes his form. This is not a true shape shifting in that the character does not change his genetic make up at all but only the physical appearance of his form. Shadow Shape Shifting will not allow a character to survive outside of his natural element without further magical assistance. For example, a character would not be able to breathe under water or survive in a lake of magma. Forms are initially limited to those of the character's home Shadow only though he can learn other forms if/when he travels through
Shadow Shape Shifting is limited by a character's Endurance Attribute.

Endurance Number of Shifts per Day
Human 2
Chaos 5
Amberite 8
Ranked Amberite Special

Advanced Shadow Shape Shifting:
Cost: 10 points
Prerequisite: Shadow Shape Shifting
Advanced Shadow Shape Shifting allows the character to do the following actions:

  • Gain the ability to survive in ordinarily hostile environments through a "filter" on the shape shifted matrix.
  • Impose Shape Shift. If a character's Psyche is higher than his target's he may impose a forced shape shift upon him. How quickly this shift will take place will depend on the difference between the opposed Psyche.

Shadow Trump Artistry:
Cost: 5 points
Prerequisite: None
Shadow Trump Artisty allows you to create images that directly relate through a sympathetic link to the subject of the Shadow Trump. Once the sympathetic link has been established it is possible to use the Shadow Trump to speak to the person that it depicts via telepathy as long as the person is within the same Shadow.
Shadow Trump Artists may also identify who is trying to contact them via the Shadow Trump and may ignore the call. Think of this as caller ID.
Advanced Shadow Trump Artistry:
Cost: 10 points
Prerequisite: Shadow Trump Artistry
Advanced Shadow trump Artistry allows the artist to do the following actions.

  • Shadow Trump Gate. The artist may create cards that open a gate to the subject of the Shadow Trump and either go through the gate or bring the subject (if it is a person or transportable object) to him as long as it is within the Shadow if its origin.
  • Create Shadow Trump Traps. The artist may create a Shadow Trump that will activate upon being touched or used to involuntarily transport the subject from one location to another as long as it is within the same Shadow.
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