Key Terms

Shadow - There are an infinite number of Shadows that lie between Amber and Chaos. Shadow defines the entire infinity that is not Amber or the Courts of Chaos. Those two places are the only Real places in all of existence. If you can imagine it (and if you cannot) it exists in Shadow.
Shade - Each Shadow has Shades. A Shade is a variation of that particular Shadow that can range from minor details being replaced or eliminated to entire alternate histories of that Shadow. For all intents and purposes there are an infinite number of Shades to each Shadow.
Shadow Rank - Each Shadow will have a rank ranging from -5 to +5 in the four attributes that controls how the Shadow operates with physical laws and on character powers and attributes. A zero rank means that the Shadow is equivalent to our own Earth in physical laws and effects on game powers.
Some examples:

  • A Shadow in which a character's Psyche exceeds the Shadow ranking will make psychic powers available to that character. How powerful these powers are will be determined by the Ranking.
  • A Shadow in which a character's Warfare exceeds the Rank of the Shadow indicates that the character has knowledge of technology or some other innovation that could revolutionize the tactics within that Shadow (gunpowder in a primal earth setting, etc.). If the Shadow Rank exceeds the character's Warfare it means that certain physical laws cannot be implemented there (Iron cannot me smelted, gunpowder will not ignite, etc.).
  • A Shadow that has a +5 Strength will resemble a Hong Kong action theater while one that has a -5 may have no combat systems at all.
  • Characters in Shadows that exceed their own Endurance will heal more slowly while they may heal faster than even they imagine in a Shadow that they exceed in Endurance.

Shadow Power - These are Powers that are Shadows of Real Powers. They tend to work only in their own or similar Shadows. There is a Shadow version of every Power available for one quarter the cost of a Real power. Shadow Powers may be unraveled by the use of Real Powers.
Real Power These are the true powers that shape the Multiverse. These include Trump, Logrus, Pattern, Magic (Sorcery and Conjuration), Power Words and Shape Shifting. Real powers will always triumph over Shadow Powers.
Good Stuff - Characters with Good Stuff tend to have good luck. Any risks that are taken by good stuff characters are more likely to succeed. Good stuff characters also make very good first impressions and sets the social tone for your character. Good stuff characters are the "golden children" that can do and say no wrong under normal circumstances.
Good stuff is what you have when you have points left over or banked for future spending.
Bad Stuff - Characters with Bad Stuff are just plain unlucky. People do not like them as much (his goatee is so sinister) and most risks that you take are doomed to failure in a spectacular fashion. Bad stuff offers some very intriguing possibilities for character personality but there are no advantages to taking it at character creation in this game.
Bad stuff is what you have when you "owe" points in the game by having taken on too many abilities and not having the points to cover them.

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