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I wanted to post it anyway. Made me feel better.

9. Summoning - Summoned a spirit to tell us about the circlet
10. Healing - Tended to my Adisa's wounds after the journey into the circlet
11. Magical Travel - Teleported the group around a lot.
12. Magical Travel - Transported around inside the circelt a bit, learning how it worked and traveled.
13. Social Skills - Talked to the Artist a lot.
14. Enchanting - Enchanted the end of my staff to transport us away in the event of a problem.
15. Mastery of Magic - Used magical blasts on my nemesis.
16. Social Skills - Talked to Cheshire about evacuating people.
17. Thaumatergy - All the times I have explained to Andre how magic works. (This should be like 5 lines honestly)
18. Mastery of Magic - Created a 3D map for Dr. Strange to go over what happened to Bianca.
19. Close combat - Niles continues to practice his Bartitsu.
20. Healing - Attempted to heal one of the possessed after teleporting one out.
21. Thaumatergy - Doing the Autopsy on the above.
22. Durability - Worked with Paladin on stamina excercises.
23. Enchanting - Continued working on improving his enchanting
24. Social Skills - Talked to Strange about what happened to Bianca.
25. Healing - Tended to my Andre's wounds after the journey into the circlet
26. Magical Travel - Niles flew around the city
27. Thaumatergy - Experimented in combining different types of energy…interesting, explosive, side effects ensued.
28. Summoning - Niles continues to summon random creatures to improve his skills.
29. General Knowledge - Niles reads up on Medical Journals from time to time.
30. Magical Travel - Niles practices Dimension Walking from time to time.
31. Healing - Niles occasionally visits ER's and helps in Triage. Most people walk out not knowing how they were cured by a Triage nurse.
32. Mastery of Magic - Niles reinforces and checks his magical barriers and wards from time to time.

Game Pitches
Ren Po KenRen Po Ken 01 Mar 2012 01:10
in discussion Other / Open » Game Pitches

Okay, my submission for the next game is the Lone Wolf RPG. As mentioned in IRC, this is basically an RPGing of the long running gamebook system (over twenty in the series). I chose this game for two major reasons:

  1. The Lone Wolf series was a major part of my life when I was growing up, probably only exceeded by the alumni of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and
  2. This is probably the simplest RPG system I've seen to date that I still consider an RPG system.

The world is the final battleground between the gods of good (which include Kai and Ishtar) and the god of evil (Naar). Literally every other world has fallen one way or the other, and this is the only world where the conflict is still ongoing. When the world finally get's taken by one side or the other, it will give the victorious side enough of a 'critical mass' that it will be able to re-engage the other in a winner-take-all battle for the cosmos.

So that's the metaplotty backstory, now on to the brass tacks. The world is fairly standard RPG world fare. Tech is approximately medieval Europe level, which occasional examples of Renascence level technology (specifically the Guns of Bor and air-ships/blimps). Magic exists but is fairly rare beyond the various magi brotherhoods (which you can play as).

And the country of Summerlund is in a state of (currently cold) war with The Darklands, a massive wasteland that is totally controlled by the forces of Naar. There hasn't been outright invasions in centuries, but the fact that hideous creatures of evil sometimes cross the border and attack villages keeps the Knights of Summerlund and Kai Lords, as well as other heroes busy. And this ignores more subtle attacks.

The available classes are:

  • Kai Lord: The forefront in the fight against the forces of Naar, these lords possess special skills and abilities taught to them by the god Kai.
  • Border Ranger of the North: A valiant soldier of the realm of Sommerlund, specially trained to protect his people and the peoples of other lands for whom he may be especially commissioned to defend.
  • Brother of the Crystal Star: A student from the Magician’s Guild of Toran in Sommerlund, learning the greatest magical secrets available to the mortals of Magnamund.
  • Dwarven Gunner of Bor: A highly-trained and able soldier with a tradition of mercenary work, he often can be found wandering far from his homeland to profit from his skills in the world beyond his mountain domain.
  • Herbwarden of Bautar: A druid and priest of nature, he possess abilities and special knowledge which has helped him and his brethren to transform their land into a rich and bountiful paradise.
  • Ice Barbarian of Kalte: Naturally accustomed to some of the harshest living conditions to be found anywhere in Magnamund, the Ice Barbarian has become an extremely hardy and resilient hunter-warrior. He is counted among the wildest, strongest and most effective fighters of Magnamund.
  • Kloon Sage of Chaman: Learned in many thousands of subjects and willing to share his knowledge with anyone whom he deems to be deserving of it, the Kloon sage is tasked with accumulating and protecting the wisdom and knowledge of Magnamund for the benefit of future generations.
  • Knight of the White Mountain: His strength of character is legendary, as is his efficiency and trustworthiness. This justly proud elite warrior lord of Durenor has a well-deserved reputation for being steadfastly honest and courageous. Just don’t expect him to laugh at any of your jokes!
  • Magician of Dessi: One of a new breed of sorcerers who is destined to adopt the mantle of the Elder Magi, the Magician of Dessi has access to the purest forms of ancient Goodly Magic.
  • Buccaneer of Shadaki: Generally, Shadakine seafarers are an honest breed who work the winds and sail their coastal waters in search of fair trade and adventure. However, there are some among them who are notoriously black-hearted brigands. Their thirst for blood and profit makes them the scourge of the southern seas.
  • Sommlending Knight of the Realm: One of the staunchest defenders of Sommerlund, the Knight of the Realm is a brave and noble warrior, as well as a skilled leader of men.
  • Telchos Warrior: A primitive and fierce female warrior who has gained supernatural powers through her worship of, and selfless devotion to, the Goddess Ishir.
  • Vakeros Warrior-Mage: Trained especially to fight and kill Darkspawn, the Warrior-Mage of Dessi is an elite member of a unique clan of gifted battle-magicians. He has been charged by his demi-god mentors with the protection of their wondrous jungle domain.

Of the above classes, the only one I have strong reservations about allowing is the Kloon Sage of Chaman. One of their abilities is to instead choose an ability that one of the other players have, which in a group as small as ours limits versatility.

Non-combat resolution is very simple. You just roll a d10 and add any relevant bonuses against a target number of the GM's choosing. There is a function in Chessa (who will be invited back should this game be voted for) to make combat a breeze.

Game Pitches by Ren Po KenRen Po Ken, 01 Mar 2012 01:10

1. General Knowledge - Did a lot of research.
2. Magical Travel - Teleported around a bit.
3. Social Skills - Talked with NPC's and player characters a lot.
4. Mastery of Magic - Gathered materials and thought up how to create a spell to view a location a long distance away.
5. Summoning - Niles continues to summon small creatures to help improve upon his ability.
6. Enchanting - Whenever Niles has a minute, he tried to enchant something small to not lose practice.
7. Thaumatergy - Niles has been practicing his aim for magical blasts in his spare time.
8. Close combat - Niles practices his Bartitsu on a combat dummy in his downtime.

I would like to hold my other 5 lines if I could please.

More lines by The PhysicianThe Physician, 06 Feb 2012 03:52

1. Social Skills - Talked to Bianca a lot.

2. Mastery of Magic - Replayed back the bit about Bianca bursting into flames to Dr. Strange.

3. Teleportation - Teleported to Dr. Strange's house.

4. Summoning - Summoned a spirit to give us locations to check.

5. Healing - Attempted to heal the man who was "inhabited" by a spirit.

6. Thaumatergy -Studied the man's corpse who was killed when the spirit left his body.

7. Enchanting - Niles continues to practice enchanting in whatever spare minutes he can.

1. Magical Travel - transported around the world.

2. Thaumatergy - Made the group invisible.

LINES! (of doom) by The PhysicianThe Physician, 27 Oct 2011 00:53

Social Skills: Spoke with the dwarf type creature I summoned

Magical Travel: Transported Adisa, Andre, and myself to outside the serpents mound

Thaumatergy: Looked beneath the ground to try to see and hear what was going on.

Ren Po KenRen Po Ken 06 Oct 2011 01:12
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Elephant

Durability - Has been pulling a lot of all-nighters.
General Knowledge - Studying the [alien] culture and language
Mastery of Water (self) - Wrote words in steam
Speed - Created a small film of water on the soles of his feet allowing him to glide as if he were on roller skates.
Inventing - Miniaturized several of the suits components

by Ren Po KenRen Po Ken, 06 Oct 2011 01:12

Social Skills: Had extended conversations about plans with Adisa and Andre.

Summoning: Planning out and gathering materials for summoning a spirit of knowledge.

Magical Travel: Teleported home ahead of the group to check things out.

6 summoning - Read up more on the general practice of summoning, and also started reading up on advanced summoning theory. To refine my
technique, I summoned a variety of small entities.

6 - Magical Travel (goes from a 3 - 4, and adds Astral Projection as a specialty) - Studied up and got some tutoring from Dr. Strange on the
subject, to be prepared in case he ever needed to help on the Astral plane.

14 - Mastery of Magic (Goes from a 2 - 4) - Performed several rituals in order to attempt to view the Elementals and to ascertain if any of them
were higher in rank, ie, possibly closer to the Avatara and worth summoning for questioning. Unfortunately after an exhastive amount of
searching, Physician was not able to find anything.

14 - Thaumatergy (Goes from a 2 - 4) - Kept attempting to transform myself into a bird. I finally was able to get it by keeping myself the same
basic size, so I was a really LARGE bird when all was said and done. Now that I have made this breakthrough I am certain I can transform into
other animals in the future.

1. Mastery of Magic: Transformed a thug into a rat.
2. Social Skills: Acted all mean and badass to the Thug.
3. Close combat: Fought off a would be mugger who was attacking a woman on my way to the restaurant. Again, noted time and place so I could do it again.

1. Mastery of Magic: Created a magical shield for himself and the queen
2. Magical Healing: Healed himself and the Queen of the Fae.
3. Social Skills: Ordered food to the Waitress / Queen of the Fairies while acting like a different person.

Let me know if there are any problem with these. Since these were for two sessions I doubled up on skills. If I was wrong to do that just let me know. Thanks!

Even more lines of DOOM by The PhysicianThe Physician, 17 Apr 2010 20:58
Re: Paladin - LoE 3/27
silverboughsilverbough 03 Apr 2010 20:59
in discussion RPGs / Trinity » Paladin - LoE

1) Attempted to transport an incoming jet of water fired by Adisa as it struck him.
2) Attempted to translocate a simple spell as it hit him.

General Knowledge:
1) Began to research time space bubbles when WENDY told him what it was that was happening.
2) Read a national geographic with featured articles on the rain forest.

Speak with Spirits:
1) Quizzed a number of spirits about what might be happening and how they died.
2) Followed a little girl's voice to the scene of her murder before handing it over to the police with new evidence.

Re: Paladin - LoE 3/27 by silverboughsilverbough, 03 Apr 2010 20:59

Ooh. I like 7.

All approved.

Re: More lines of DOOM! by shadowmyreshadowmyre, 27 Mar 2010 21:17

Set up some permanent 'agents' (semi-sentient AIs) for various computer tasks

Technically, this would be inventing. However, the prep work and pseudo-coding would be technology.

All others approve.

Re: Water Elephant - LoE by shadowmyreshadowmyre, 27 Mar 2010 21:15

1) Teleported object struck by extension of suit via jade weapon

Make this Attempted to…
Teleporting an object with a ranged attack would require an additional modifier to your Teleportation.

So, same with

1) Used jade weapons as an extension of the suit's other abilities (translocation)


3) Practiced throwing a weapon and translocating it as well

Make it attempted. Until you actually get a level, you can't do it yet, but there are lots of things you can practice and not get right, but the practice still counts for LoE.

All others approved. Make the needed changes, those three approved as well.

The current plan for this game is that it will begin on these forums via post at a minimum of six weeks prior to the game being taken to an IRC session to be held once a week on Saturday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST. To join this game you will need to be vouched for by a current member of our regular group (or just e-mail me and state your case). There is no date set for this game to begin yet, but since I do not plan of syncing up time right away you can start whenever your character has been approved and you are ready to.
Prior to game play I would like to encourage everyone to read The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny and/or the Amber Diceless Role-playing Game core rule book. It is not required that you be familiar with these resources, but it will facilitate game play. This game is taking place ten years after the Merlin books in the Chronicles.
I would like to see a minimum of one post per week for your character. You may make the posts as long or as short as you like and I will respond once a week in kind either on the forum or via private message. My posts may be as simple as "five guys jump you, describe how you defeat them", or "you're doing fine, keep going".
The use of NPC's:
I have a bunch of NPC's already set up for game play and I encourage you to make your own and post their responses to your actions. Feel free to make up your own arch nemesis and give him or her a voice and a character sheet. There are few things more annoying than having a conversation via forum post, so skip it altogether whenever possible. E-mail me for direction if you are in doubt about whether of not I want you to continue a scenario. The first six weeks will mostly be you learning about your character, your Shadow, and getting used to checking the forum on a regular basis. I may be available for sessions via chat client (probably google chat) during the week and if you want to move things forward more rapidly e-mail me and we'll try to work something out. My availability during the week at this point is subject to change without notice dependingf on the whims of providence and my daughter.
Please make all posts in the first person past tense. It is more in keeping with the original Chronicles.

1. Social skills: Talked to the waitress regarding: Cheshire.

2. Social Skills: Talked to Cheshire about impending doom.

3. Intelligence: Had a Eureka moment about the location and who the knight is.

4. Summoning: Summoned Grimalkin.

5. Enchanting: Trying to create my 3D map.

6. Mastery Of Magic: Started a fire in my fireplace one night.

7. Thaumatergy: Melted the wheels of an escaping bank robbers car to stop them from escaping. Noted time and place to ensure I do it again when returned back to my own time.

8. Magical Travel: Traveled to my apartment from Adisa's to drop off the iron pokers before going to the book shop.

More lines of DOOM! by The PhysicianThe Physician, 20 Feb 2010 23:04


  • Made a DaVinci Cryptodex
  • Set up some permanent 'agents' (semi-sentient AIs) for various computer tasks


  • Drew up the plans to create some super-decompilers (nanotech decompilers that specifically target other nanotech decompilers)


  • Left behind the poker

Mastery of Water (Self)

  • Chilling and heating drinks
  • Swims with a current
Re: Water Elephant - LoE by Ren Po KenRen Po Ken, 16 Jan 2010 22:28

1) Teleported object struck by extension of suit via jade weapon
2) Tried to teleport to a place by using a picture rather than line of sight
3) Practiced teleporting objects with a touch over short distances

Jade weapons:
1) Used jade weapons as an extension of the suit's other abilities (translocation)
2) Created weapons of jade that have various densities but still retain their strength
3) Practiced creating multiple weapons of jade and maintaining concentration for longer periods of time
4) Created weapons of jade that are grossly exaggerated but still balanced correctly (such as Nightmare's sword in Soul Caliber II)
5) Created weapons of jade that can be thrown and then return on their own.

Ranged Combat:
1) Practiced boomeranging throws with jade weapons.
2) Practiced precision placement of thrown objects.
3) Practiced throwing a weapon and translocating it as well (this may fail, but does the attempt to do this count for LoE?)

Close Combat:
1) Sparred with Adisa to get a feeling of what to expect from Undine
2) Asked Niles to practice sparring techniques involving magical attacks

General Knowledge:
1) Studying elemental correspondences in an attempt to find weaknesses (fire vs. water, earth vs. air, etc.)

I'm going to make Detect Lies a +1, since if you can read their mind (an effective +1), then you can detect lies. The way we interpreted Detect Lies is a bit broader and more specific, so that warrants a full +1. Which breaks down as:

Telepathy (AN+2)
- Detect Lies +1
- Can't read minds -1
- Intelligence Bonus +2

Which is you want it at AN 5 would cost six stones.

Re: Paladin - Stones spent by shadowmyreshadowmyre, 02 Jan 2010 21:30
Paladin - Stones spent
silverboughsilverbough 01 Jan 2010 22:38
in discussion RPGs / Trinity » Paladin - LoE

Alright, assuming that everything is as we discussed and the ability to detect lies would be AN+2 here is the breakdown and addition to the character sheet pending approval.
Telepathy: AN+
-1 Can't read minds
+2 Intelligence bonus
Stones spent: 6
Ability level: 5

Since that leaves me 2 red stones left over from the consolidation of Handyman and Business Skills would it be alright to pick up Photographic Memory for those 2 red as a modifier? One that the armor has instilled in poor Andre's quivering grey mass and made it at least a little wrinkly.

Paladin - Stones spent by silverboughsilverbough, 01 Jan 2010 22:38
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