1 May 13

21:06 <@LW_GM> *LOG START*
21:06 <@LW_GM> Eventually, with no physical enemy to defend against, you all manage to find sleep once again. Fortunately there are no further attacks that night, phantasmogoric or otherwise. The sun soon rises and it is morning.
21:07 * Rhavi yawns and pokes the fire back to life
21:08 <@LW_GM> The coals eventually reignite and you soon have a low fire burning up the rest of your wood.
21:08 * Avan rises with the dawn and makes with morning rituals.
21:09 * GrimBeard snorts, coughs, and is generally slow to wake up after the long journey of the prior day.
21:09 * Levin has breakfast ready by the time people wake up.
21:12 <@LW_GM> The scent of breakfast soon wakes Dust from his slumber.
21:15 * Rhavi puts the water on for tea
21:16 <@LW_GM> Thermal-dynamics being what they are, the water eventually warm in the tepid fire.
21:18 < Rhavi> "How long do we have until we must be away?"
21:19 <@Dust> "Eat, see to the horses, break camp, away. That long."
21:20 * Rhavi nods and pours a mug of tea to steep and gets to checking the horses
21:21 <@LW_GM> The horses are rested and ready to go when the group is.
21:22 * Avan sets to breaking camp.
21:22 < Levin> "Actually, breakfast can be eaten on the road today; it's just journey-cake with a meat filling made from hydrated jerky."
21:22 < Rhavi> "Still better than ship fare…I'll take it."
21:24 <@LW_GM> ((Kalte is the Magnamund version of The Arctic, and is a known thing.))
21:24 < Levin> "About that…I took a moment while we were preparing back in the castle to visit the royal cartographer." He tosses Dust a rolled-up map.
21:24 < Rhavi> "What is so important about Kalte?"
21:25 * GrimBeard helps get the group prepared in any way that he can.
21:25 < Avan> "It lies to the north?"
21:25 < Levin> "Probably a potential disaster up there."
21:25 < Avan> "Perhaps this demon comes from there?"
21:25 <@Dust> "There are potential disasters everywhere."
21:25 <@LW_GM> ((That's directionist that is.))
21:25 < Levin> "Anyhow…" He mounts up after putting out the campfire and cleaning up his portion of camp and the former fire. "We've a demon to slay."
21:26 < Rhavi> "Or at least a pawn to kill."
21:26 * Rhavi mounts up as well, grimacing at the ache in his legs
21:27 * Avan examines the journey-cake once he is mounted and ready to go. An interesting invention - back home, they would more likely use leaves, but this seems more nutritious. Breading techniques are known, then put in dried meat and some water…he shall have to relay this recipe to his people upon his return.
21:27 <@LW_GM> ((Heading out?))
21:27 < Avan> ((Yep))
21:27 < Rhavi> ((No reason to stay))
21:28 <@LW_GM> After about four hours of riding, you spy a limping figure walking down the road towards you, using a spear as a crutch. He wears the uniform of a Sommerlund soldier and on the shoulder is the symbol of the keep you are riding towards. He keeps glancing behind himself as he presses towards you.
21:29 < Avan> "Ahoy there!"
21:29 * Avan rides up to him, but not right next to him.
21:29 < Avan> "What news?"
21:30 <@LW_GM> The man, boy really, has obviously been pushing himself to the point of near exhaustion. He collapses before the party and manages to force out between gasps of breath. "The Keep." "Fallen."
21:30 * Avan looks to Dust.
21:31 * Rhavi grunts. That took longer than expected.
21:31 < Rhavi> "How long ago?"
21:32 * Levin dismounts and inspects the lad.
21:33 <@LW_GM> Beyond what appears to be a wrenched knee and fatigue, he doesn't seem to be wounded.
21:33 * Dust casts his gaze about the area, trying to pinpoint the source of general unease.
21:34 <@LW_GM> The soldier collapses into unconsciousness.
21:34 * Levin slings the boy onto his horse and mounts up behind, keeping him steady. "Right. Once he's done resting, you may question him."
21:35 * Rhavi estimates how far the keep is from here (Navigation)
21:36 <@LW_GM> Familiarity with the route has helped you to shave a bit off time off the journey. If you maintain this pace, you can expect to be there by tomorrow.
21:37 <@LW_GM> ((Everyone make a half rank roll))
21:37 < Rhavi> "I am guessing that it fell about two, maybe three, days ago. We will be running into scouts soon."
21:37 < Chessa> Rhavi: 1d10+3: 9 (9)
21:37 < Rhavi> .roll 1d10+3
21:37 < Chessa> Dust: 1d10+3: 13 (13)
21:37 <@Dust> .roll 1d10+3
21:38 < Chessa> Levin: 1d10+3: 5 (5)
21:38 < Levin> .roll 1d10+3
21:39 < Chessa> GrimBeard: 1d10+3: 7 (7)
21:39 < GrimBeard> .roll 1d10+3
21:39 < Levin> ((Thanks, Chessa.))
21:39 < Chessa> Avan: 1d10+3: 9 (9)
21:39 < Avan> .roll 1d10+3
21:39 < Rhavi> ((To be fair, Levin does have an unconscious soldier across his lap…he is distracted.))
21:40 <@LW_GM> Dust suddenly notices that the soldier's spear is made out of black iron.
21:40 < Avan> "Do we take a longer but more secluded route?"
21:41 < Rhavi> "It won't matter. They should have scouts covering all of the routes by now. Taking the townspeople may slow them up a bit, but I am in favor of heading straight down the shortest path."
21:41 * Dust narrows his gaze. "Where did you get that spear?
21:42 * Rhavi looks over at the tone of Dust's voice
21:42 <@LW_GM> ((Are you asking the unconscious soldier?))
21:42 < Levin> ((Who're you talking to? The soldier's unconscious.))
21:44 <@Dust> ((Its said out loud where everyone can hear. Yes, he /is/ asking the soldier.))
21:45 * Levin stops his horse again and /thoroughly/ examines the soldier.
21:45 * GrimBeard looks around for any other people in the vicinity after hearing Dust's tone change.
21:45 < Chessa> Levin: 1d10+3: 8 (8)
21:45 < Levin> .roll 1d10+3
21:46 * Rhavi smiles grimly and unsheathes his short, ugly, black knife
21:46 <@LW_GM> ((Um… what?))
21:46 < Rhavi> "Oh, I have a few ideas…."
21:46 * Avan looks around, not quite intuiting what's going on here but sensing danger.
21:46 <@LW_GM> ((Um… what? referring to Levin playing with the dice.))
21:47 <@Dust> ((Levin is giving the soldier a once over.))
21:47 <@LW_GM> ((Yeah. Having a black iron weapon in this game is the sort of shit you need to clue me in on.))
21:47 < Levin> ((I did say I was examining the lad thoroughly. Figured a half-rank roll was appropriate for that, given I'm relying on my knowledge.))
21:47 < Rhavi> ((It's in the backstory..which I wrote before we started the game.))
21:47 < Rhavi> ((I did not know that black iron was specifically significant))
21:48 <@LW_GM> The soldier's eyes snap open at Dust's tone. Sliding off Levin's lap, he launches an attack at at Avan, blue energy playing along his spear. ((Avan, make a combat check vs. CS 25. You can not inflict damage.))
21:49 <@LW_GM> ((can not inflict damage this round, I mean.))
21:51 < Chessa> Avan: Ratio: -6 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -9
21:51 < Avan> .lonewolf 19 25 9
21:52 < Levin> ((heh.))
21:52 < Avan> ((Assuming Impale is available?))
21:52 * Avan is aware, even when not looking directly at the threat.
21:53 <@LW_GM> ((No. Not for a surprise attack.))
21:53 < Chessa> Avan: Ratio: -6 RNT: 7 Player: -2 Enemy: -7
21:53 < Avan> .lonewolf 19 25
21:53 * Avan backs his horse up two steps in the time it takes the man to charge him, avoiding all but a grazing blow.
21:54 <@LW_GM> The blue energy on the spear aggravates Levin's wound ((Double damage))
21:54 <@LW_GM> ((And now standard combat, including Impale is a go.))
21:55 <@LW_GM> Levin suspects that the soldier may have been exaggerating his injuries.
21:55 * Avan twists around, ducking on his horse seat, and stabs the soldier in the back as he sails past.
21:55 < Chessa> Avan: Ratio: -6 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -9 (w/Bite of Fire)
21:55 < Avan> .lonewolf 19 25 9 ; w/Bite of Fire
21:56 * GrimBeard dismounts his horse and attempts to help his compatriots.
21:57 <@LW_GM> The fires of Ishir are extinguished as soon as they touch the solider (no extra damage).
21:57 <@LW_GM> ((Next.))
21:58 * Dust draws blade and looses shield, moving to engage. ((GB is next.))
21:58 * Avan would shout a warning, but at this range, is pretty sure all his allies saw that.
21:58 <@LW_GM> ((GB is first. Avan just cheats.))
21:58 < Avan> ((But of course.))
22:00 < GrimBeard> ((Can I shoot, or would everyone else be in the way?))
22:00 <@LW_GM> ((No point to shooting really at this range.))
22:00 <@Dust> ((If GB is attacking in melee, he gets a +2 CS for flanking.))
22:00 < Levin> ((Can't hit anyone else if you miss, in this game.))
22:01 < GrimBeard> ((Thought so))
22:01 < Levin> ((Does Green Purge apply?))
22:01 * GrimBeard advances on the hostile, preparing Bessie for some blunt force trauma to the soldiers face.
22:01 <@LW_GM> ((Green Purge does apply.))
22:02 < Levin> ((Excellent.))
22:03 < Avan> ((Roll it, GB))
22:04 < Chessa> GrimBeard: Ratio: 0 RNT: 1 Player: -4 Enemy: -4
22:04 < GrimBeard> .lonewolf 25 25
22:04 < Levin> ((Ouch.))
22:05 < Levin> ((Right. I go before Rhavi but after everyone else.))
22:05 <@LW_GM> At first it would seem that GrimBeard still managed to give as good as he got, but then the blue energy plays over GrimBeard ((double damage))
22:07 < Avan> ((So, Dust then Levin then Rhavi?))
22:07 < Levin> ((Yup.))
22:08 <@Dust> "Helghast. Ware! This creature will turn any mundane blade or tool."
22:08 < Chessa> Dust: Ratio: 0 RNT: 6 Player: -1 Enemy: -9 ((Dust engages with Ishir's blade, and mind force actually works! Also +4 from second flank.))
22:08 <@Dust> .lonewolf 25 25; (Dust engages with Ishir's blade, and mind force actually works! Also +4 from second flank.)
22:08 * Levin 's sword flicks out of his scabbard (and attempts) to strike the foe.
22:09 < Chessa> Levin: Ratio: -2 RNT: 1 Player: -5 Enemy: -3
22:09 < Levin> .lonewolf 23 25
22:09 <@Dust> ((….levin's sword isn't magic, is it?))
22:09 < Rhavi> ((Just the bow))
22:09 < Levin> ((Did you want me to back out and use my bow?))
22:09 < Levin> ((Cos that would've lost me the flanking bonus.))
22:09 < Levin> ((also I'm not sure if the system even supports that.))
22:09 <@LW_GM> ((I'll let you retcon it to use your bow.))
22:10 * Levin falls back, pulling his bow out and firing an arrow at the Helghast!
22:11 < Chessa> Rhavi: Ratio: -1 RNT: 3 Player: -4 Enemy: -5 (his silver scimitar flashes out toward the Helghast)
22:11 < Rhavi> .lonewolf 24 25; his silver scimitar flashes out toward the Helghast
22:11 <@LW_GM> Levin's arrow strikes true, as does Dust's blade. Already the soldier looks worse for wear.
22:11 < Rhavi> ((First round, no damage))
22:12 <@LW_GM> Rhavi's strike cleaves through the injured soldier. For a second the soldier stands, dead. Then he crumbles into small spiders that skitter away into the underbrush.
22:13 < Rhavi> "I am really beginning to hate spiders."
22:13 < Avan> "…spiders."
22:14 < Avan> "I do not suppose there is some…'pesticide', is the word? A poison most effective against spiders, specifically, that we could use."
22:14 * Dust closes his eyes, wary for another surprise attack.
22:14 <@LW_GM> Dust's sense of danger fades back down to the usual level.
22:15 < Levin> "None that I can prepare without stopping."
22:15 < Avan> "And we'd lose more time by stopping. Regardless, can we assume they know we were here just now?"
22:15 <@Dust> "We are, briefly, away from harm."
22:15 < Rhavi> "So if that was the first scout, how many troops will be coming?"
22:15 < Avan> "Too many to make staying here advisable."
22:16 < Levin> "Be on your guard, in any event. Let's move."
22:16 < Avan> "But you know their tactics better than I."
22:16 * Levin 's bow remains out, but lets Dust take point this time—he has viable melee strength in the event of an attack, whereas the herbwarden does not.
22:17 * Rhavi follows close behind Dust
22:17 <@Dust> "That was no scout." Dust crouches, scanning the undergrowth for traces of spiders. "That was an assassin, one of the rarest and most valued servants of Naar, save the dark lords." He rises, shaking his head. "And we did not win; it fled."
22:17 * GrimBeard keeps close to Rhavi.
22:18 <@Dust> "I suspect, Captain, what you felt last night was the helghast's mind force."
22:18 * Dust mounts up and rides.
22:18 < Rhavi> "Of course it did. It needed to see if we had been successful in our mission or not."
22:20 <@Dust> "It is good that we were. Otherwise, it could casually murder us all at its leisure."
22:22 < Rhavi> "And yet on we ride to face something that is even more powerful than the Helghast, which we did not beat, but is toying with us."
22:22 < Rhavi> "Is there anything in the way of a plan formulating in anyone's heads?"
22:22 <@Dust> "No. This is good. Helghasts are rare, valued creatures. They would never be risked without reason." Dust smiles. "The demon is worried."
22:23 < Avan> "Frontal assault, but a side path? Dodge most forces it would place between us and it."
22:23 < Avan> "And then attack before it can withdraw them."
22:24 < Avan> "Lop off the head of a snake, and the rest is a meal."
22:24 * Avan flashes a predatory grin.
22:25 <@Dust> "Presuming we can gather intelligence on its movements, and the movements of its agents."
22:25 * GrimBeard nods to Dust.
22:25 * Rhavi nods
22:25 < GrimBeard> "Aye, tha beastie should be worried. We're comin' fer it."
22:26 <@LW_GM> ((Avan, I will pay you five experience points if you decapitate and eat the Helghast.))
22:26 <@LW_GM> ((Five!))
22:28 < Rhavi> "Then let us ride faster."
22:28 <@Dust> "With all due haste, Captain."
22:29 < Avan> ((Unfortunately, the Helghast already self-decapitated.))
22:29 <@Dust> ((Its a shapeshifter. That barely even counts as a delay.))
22:29 < Avan> ((Also, what experience points in this system? :P))
22:29 <@LW_GM> ((The five I will give you.))
22:29 * Avan gets riding - slightly to the left of straight on.
22:31 <@LW_GM> After riding hard the shadows grow longer and the sun descends in the sky. You are hungry and must now eat a meal.
22:31 * Rhavi consumes a meal
22:31 * Levin consumes a meal.
22:32 <@Dust> ((Hunting? So we can get darklands taint from Cener deer?))
22:32 <@LW_GM> ((Are you also stopping and making camp?))
22:32 * GrimBeard consumes a meal.
22:32 < Avan> ((It's after dark. Are we?))
22:33 <@Dust> ((Never assault a demon when you're grumpy from lack of sleep and there's a psychic shapeshifting assassin after you.))
22:33 < Rhavi> ((I cede to the woodsy types))
22:33 * Avan splits a deer with Dust, if possible.
22:34 <@LW_GM> ((Avan, venison is always green and blue. It is perfectly normal.))
22:36 < Chessa> Levin: 1d10+3: 4 (4) (campsite location get!!)
22:36 < Levin> .roll 1d10+3; campsite location get!!
22:36 < Avan> ((Ironically, I was talking with someone else about eating blue flesh not 3 hours ago.))
22:36 < Levin> ((Well aren't you just a bucket of laughs at my expense tonight, Chessa.))
22:36 < Chessa> Avan: 1d10+3: 8 (8) (better campsite location get)
22:36 < Avan> .roll 1d10+3 ; better campsite location get
22:39 * Rhavi follows carefully in the darkening woods
22:45 <@LW_GM> Levin points out a small clearing near the road that has obviously been used as a campsite before, but Avan points out that being a known campsite it means that it would be easy to find them to attack at night. He instead hunts a short bit and finds a cave, slightly off the beaten path and far more defensible.
22:44 * Rhavi checks how deep the cave goes, making sure to look up often
22:45 <@Dust> ((Look down often as well.))
22:45 <@LW_GM> There are no tunnels in the cave leading deeper into the earth. It really is more of a hole in a hill than anything else.
22:45 < Levin> ((As well as to left and right.))
22:46 * Avan sets up a bit of camouflage for the cave.
22:46 * Levin sets up camp.
22:46 < Rhavi> "I would suggest that we forego a fire tonight."
22:46 <@Dust> "Agreed. Though I suspect we are as closely watched now as we were before."
22:47 < Rhavi> "No need to make ourselves better targets though. I'll take the first watch again."
22:47 < GrimBeard> "Ah sugges' we 'ave two of us awake at all times tonight. So wut happens to Rhavi isna repeated."
22:49 < Rhavi> "Good idea."
22:49 < Avan> "I'll be on last shift, then."
22:49 <@Dust> "As we get closer, the mental assaults will likely grow in strength. Take what rest you can."
22:50 * Rhavi nods and sets up to watch the night
22:50 * Avan sits down to meditate, perchance to have visions. And then to sleep.
22:51 <@LW_GM> *LOG END*

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