12 Aug 12

LW GM: At first, the earth is simply bulged upward, as if things below were pushing their way up rather than digging. A moment later proves that supposition true, as thin moldy white hands shoot out of the mounds. Less than a moment later the mounds explode, revealing skeletons of the long dead. They wear robes and civilian attire, clearly not warriors in life. As one, they shamble towards GrimBeard who still kneels atop the necromancer that raised them.
LW GM: A quick glace about reveals that, even including the workers and the necromancer, there are more dead things about than live ones. The necromancer has raised an army. Even those who have not trained in the psychic arts can feel the bitter malevolence of the dead in their souls. This, even more than the horror of the long dead emerging from the ground, causes the workers to break and run
LW GM: in every direction. Many are cut down as they invariably run too close to a slow to emerge skeleton. Gelmar and Dranan gape at the spectacle, but do not run.
GrimBeard glances around in disbelief, then back at the man he has pinned.
GrimBeard: "Undo it laddie. Before aye undo yoo."
LW GM: The pinned man smiles at GrimBeard with maniac serenity.
GrimBeard points his rifle at the man's face.
Rhavi: "What did you do?"
Dust: "Though this is not my area of expertise, it seems he brought forth an army of the dead using dark magic."
Rhavi: "And more importantly, how do you undo it?" Nods to Grim.
Rhavi: "Don't kill him. It would not help."
LW GM: "Oh my yes, I /could/ explain in detail how the fallen worshipers of the Shianti came to be cutting you down /as/ they are cutting you down."
Levin gets his bow out and is already doing his best to cut down the dead. Not that it's as easy as it looks.
Rhavi examines the man's amulet, punching him the face just for spite.
LW GM: The dust that was his amulet yields no clues to Rhavi about how to undo it's magic.
Rhavi pulls his short ugly knife and smiles at the man.
Rhavi: "I don't fear death, sorcerer. Let's see if you fear pain."
LW GM: "I fear neither pain, nor death, nor really much of anything. Let's see how much pain you can inflict when you're trying to hold your stomach in."
Avan looks around - are any of the living workers in trouble? If so, rescue them.
Avan: "Let us not forget the simplest way to survive."
Avan: "Do not be where the fighting is."
Avan moves swiftly, dodging ahead of the slow undead.
LW GM: The skeletons are coming closer. The workers, clearly the brains of this operation, have already fled, leaving only Dranan and Gelmar of the excavation crew left.
Rhavi delicately inserts the point of the dagger underneath the skin of the man's forehead, shifting it parallel to the bone so that the necromancer cannot ram his head into it. He begins to cut away the skin of the man's forehead
[OOC] Dust: Is Levin having any luck firing on the skeletons?
Rhavi: "Avan, why don't you grab those two idiots? This will only take a moment here."
GrimBeard: "Boss, ah think Avan might have a good idea. Think we should leave? We can always take the idiot with us."
Rhavi: "Oh we are…"
LW GM: Levin's shots only occasionally find their mark. Too often they simply slide between the ribs of his macabre targets.
Rhavi inserts his fingers into the fresh wound, hooking them on the flesh and standing, pulling the man up with him.
Avan grabs them, indeed, and tries to remove them from the scene.
Levin sighs, puts the bow away. "Foolish of me to expect arrows to do any good. GrimBeard, how about some explosive mayhem?"
Rhavi: "Let's go, Master Grim.." He starts pulls the necromancer along by his scalp.
GrimBeard smiles the smile of a dwarf about to do what he does best.
[OOC] LW GM: And I'm now invoking combat time. Range round for those who wish to attack. The Skeletons seem to be lacking in ranged attacks.
GrimBeard: "Boss, permission ta cover our get'way?"
Rhavi: "By all means cover our retreat though."
GrimBeard smiles that smile again.
[OOC] Dust: What's the CS of the skeletons?
GrimBeard: "On it!"
Rhavi does not bother wasting knives and beats a hasty retreat for the horses.
[OOC] LW GM: For the sake of my sanity, a uniform 23 CS for the skeletons.
GrimBeard is keeping up with the crowd, but also preparing a large explosion for the undead.
[OOC] Avan: Avan's grabbing two guys and pulling them out of combat, therefore he is not making attacks, yes?
[OOC] GrimBeard: See, I've grown as an individual, the want to make fun of that has lessened over the years.
[OOC] Rhavi: Nice to know that I have a positive effect on you
Levin dashes to his horse and mounts up.
Rhavi mounts wile holding the man and kicks his horse into motion. Either the necromancer will trot along or he will lose his scalp. Either one is fine with Rhavi.
[OOC] LW GM: GB it will take three rounds to set up that explosion. After that, the party will have a chance to evade the fight.
Rhavi: "Call them off, Sorcerer."
[OOC] Avan: Any resistance from the two dudes I'm pulling, or can I consider them away after the first round?
LW GM: "I apologize, but did you fail to see my talisman turn into dust?"
LW GM: "Truly your reputation exceeds you."
Rhavi shrugs and trots the man around so that he cannot escape. he watches GrimBeard's back
[OOC] LW GM: So no-one is doing ranged? Then the skeletons move into melee. Good news, Levin, they qualify for Green Purge
Levin 's sword is soon out and ready for action.
LW GM: The skeletons are slow, but there are many of them. You soon find yourselves surrounded.
Dust holds his sword and shield at the ready, looking to cover Levin and GrimBeard.
Rhavi uses the necromancer as a shield of sorts, aiming him where the skeletons strike, but not trying to get him killed…yet. strike
LW GM: You are surrounded by a squad, if the term applies to obvious, if deceased, civilians, of five skeletons. Each one moves to engage a different one of you.
LW GM: Dranan and Gelmar do not resist being dragged by Avan, though that is his action during the ranged round.
[OOC] Levin: Temporary halt while people get their shit together. /I/ am not making the first offensive move, because if I am it means people who are more likely to be dealing damage are waiting for shit.
[OOC] Avan: Alright, so Avan's clear to whack the skeletons? Or did he escape the battle?
[OOC] Dust: None of us are making the first offensive move. We attack in CS order. Their CS > Our CS. Unless Avan wants to use his disciplines.
[OOC] Dust: As he is engaged by one of the skeletons, he has not escaped the battle.
[OOC] LW GM: Assuming Avan doesn't jump the line, order is GrimBeard, Dust, Avan, Rhavi, Levin
[OOC] LW GM: Avan is surrounded, though he did get the two clear.
[OOC] LW GM: Avan is surrounded with you I mean
[OOC] GrimBeard: Is the big bom ready for my turn?
[OOC] LW GM: It will take you four turns
[OOC] Avan: Yeah, jumping. Since there was no ranged round, this is the "first round" of combat.
[OOC] LW GM: And yes, you can't attack while making your boom boom. Didn't Fiona teach you anything?
Avan rolled up Ratio: -4 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -10 (Serpent's Speed + Impale + Bite of Fire (double damage to enemy))
[OOC] Avan: I don't suppose the skeleton had 20 Endurance or less?
LW GM: The Skeleton Avan attacked Explodes into a rain of fiery shards.
[OOC] LW GM: It had forty or less.
Avan: "…and another way is to kill before they can strike."
[OOC] Avan: Remaining skeletons' turn, then.
Dust rolled up Ratio: -4 RNT: 2 Player: -5 Enemy: -3 (Fending off a skeleton.)
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -7 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -8 (no damage taken and strikes with the dagger in hand)
LW GM: Dust's repost is ill-timed and the skeleton rakes his arm deep with it's jagged fingers.
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: 7 RNT: 1 Player: -3 Enemy: -8 ((No damage taken and strikes with the necromancer in hand))
Levin rolled up Ratio: -8 RNT: 6 Player: -4 Enemy: -5 (Fendin' off a skelly.)
Rhavi brings the pummel of the dagger down hard onto one of the skulls of the skeletons, and whips the necromancer around into it as well, releasing his hold on the man's head
LW GM: Rhavi's dagger cuts deep into the skull of his opponent. As he tears the dagger out, a ragged gash is formed crossing the eye socket.
[OOC] Dust: And that was round 1?
[OOC] Avan: Looks like.
LW GM: Levin awkwardly jabs at his opponent, leaving him open to a crushing blow from it's fist.
[OOC] LW GM: Yes.
[OOC] Avan: I can only jump the line on round 1, so now it's normal order.
Dust rolled up Ratio: -4 RNT: 0 Player: -6 Enemy: -1 (Fending off a skeleton, round 2.)
Rhavi quickly wipes his bloody hand on his pants and draws his scimitar
Avan rolled up Ratio: -2 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -11 (Pouncing on Dust's skeleton w/Bite of Fire for double damage)
LW GM: Dust, still smarting from the previous attack, stumbles on the newly uneven ground and the skeleton takes advantage of that with another hit.
LW GM: The skeleton explodes into shards.
Avan: "And a third way is to free up your allies."
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -7 RNT: 0 Player: -8 Enemy: 0 ((Defending Grim if possible))
[OOC] Rhavi: or I can just die..thanks Chessa…
[OOC] LW GM: The Darklord Chessa laughs.
Levin rolled up Ratio: -8 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -8 (Grrr. More damage to the enemy and less to me, please.)
LW GM: Rhavi, embolden by his prior success, stabs at the skeleton. And the blade slips between his ribs, a mortal blow… if his opponent were mortal.
[OOC] Levin: …I'll be damned. Asking politely paid off, at least this time.
[OOC] LW GM: The Darklord Chessa screwed up.
[OOC] Dust: It was the growl. She thought it was sexy.
Dust rolled up Ratio: -4 RNT: 6 Player: -2 Enemy: -7 (Fending off a skeleton, the trilogy.)
[OOC] Rhavi: That is disturbing in all sorts of ways
[OOC] Levin: You have no idea.
[OOC] LW GM: Oh I think we do, actually.
[OOC] Levin: /You/ might, Ren & Shads & WC, but not Rhavi.
[OOC] LW GM: Dust, whose skeleton? Avan destroyed yours, the damn dirty killstealer.
[OOC] Avan: Levin's or Rhavi's?
[OOC] Dust: There were five skeletons, so Grim's.
[OOC] LW GM: And Grim's enters the fight.
Avan rolled up Ratio: -2 RNT: 3 Player: -4 Enemy: -5 (Pouncing on Dust's skeleton again - defend the boom maker! Bite of Fire for double damage again.)
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -7 RNT: 0 Player: -8 Enemy: 0
LW GM: And once again, Avan's opponent explodes into a cloud of shards.
Rhavi falls back
Rhavi: "Thrice damned undead!"
LW GM: The necromancer laughs.
[OOC] LW GM: Levin…
Levin rolled up Ratio: -8 RNT: 5 Player: -5 Enemy: -4 (Let's see if we can keep it up.)
[OOC] Levin: …No, we can't.
LW GM: Both Levin and Rhavi's opponents look the worst for wear, much like the Levin and Rhavi themselves.
[OOC] LW GM: New round, and Dust
Dust rolled up Ratio: -4 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -9 (Fending off a skeleton, round 4. Levin's.)
LW GM: Dust cleaves the skeleton in two from skull to hip.
Levin: "Thanks, Dust."
Dust nods.
[OOC] Avan: Is it down, or still a target?
Avan rolled up Ratio: -2 RNT: 5 Player: -2 Enemy: -7 (Who, me, killsteal? No, it's focus (Bite of) Firing!)
[OOC] LW GM: Rhavi's skeleton still lives… lived.
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -7 RNT: 0 Player: -8 Enemy: 0
[OOC] Rhavi: holy shit…that is a new record for me….
[OOC] LW GM: Rhavi, your skeleton is down so no damage from that roll.
[OOC] Rhavi: Oh nice…no single digits then.)
LW GM: GrimBeard completes his preparations.
Rhavi frowns as his weapon bounces off the skull
[OOC] GrimBeard: Check OOC for a question I have asked a couple times on that
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+5: 15 (15)
Levin looks around for any remaining skeletons.
[OOC] Dust: That'll do, dwarf.
[OOC] LW GM: And that's campaign. GB blew up the planet.
[OOC] GrimBeard: Judging by my roll, there aren't any!
[OOC] Rhavi: I can see the bones flying now..I have anew picture to do once I finish Dust's.
LW GM: GrimBeard waits until the precise moment when all the skeletons are in range, then ignites his bomb. There is an explosion. There is a brief pitter patter of bones landing. There is silence.
GrimBeard: "Ah love it when tha' happens!"
LW GM: The silence ends when the necromancer lets loose a howl of anguish.
LW GM: "You destroyed them!"
Dust: "Very astute."
Rhavi: "Now where were we..?"
Avan: "Getting out of here."
LW GM: The necromancer visibly pulls himself together and sighs, "it doesn't matter."
Levin: "Don't piss off the dwarf. He's got a short fuse."
Rhavi: "Ah..yes…"
Avan: "Are we arresting or just killing this man?"
LW GM: He gives GrimBeard a small salute. "We'll meet again to settle this."
Levin sheathes his sword and retrieves his arrows.
LW GM: The man turns and runs.
Rhavi suits actions to words to run the man down on horseback
[OOC] LW GM: Levin reaches for a bow, I'd run to.
Levin: "…Ah. I wouldn't try to run from someone on horseback."
Rhavi moves laterally to give everyone a clear shot who wants one
LW GM: Rhavi tries, but the man reaches the edge of the forest before Rhavi can get to him. The forest is too dense to ride a horse though unless it's on a path.
Avan takes the shot once Rhavi fails.
[OOC] Levin: Or you're a druid.
[OOC] LW GM: Even druids can't ask trees to move out of their horse's way. Not even if they ask politely.
[OOC] Levin: No, but it's the brush that's the real danger.
Rhavi: "He's fast…"
Avan rolled up 1d10-1: 7 (7)
LW GM: The man jerks, then falls forward as Avan's blow hits him in the head.
Rhavi smiles
Rhavi: "Nice shot, Avan!"
Avan runs up to retrieve his handbolt…and the body.
LW GM: Dranan and Gelmar emerge from wherever they were hiding.
LW GM: "What did you do?" , they ask.
Rhavi dismounts, holding his bloody side
Levin: "Let's see. Caught a necromancer, obliterated his undead army, caught him again…"
Levin pulls out a bottle of Laumspur. "Who's hurt worst?"
Rhavi looks around at the others
Avan: "Rhavi, I think."
[OOC] LW GM: Rhavi took some nasty hits.
Avan: "They didn't land a claw on me."
Rhavi: "Lucky you."
Levin nudges his horse over to Rhavi and hands him the potion, then. "Drink up."
Rhavi drains the potion
GrimBeard: "Thank ya all fer watchin' me back while I prepared our little surprise."
Rhavi: "It was a surprise worth waiting for"
[OOC] LW GM: And next level, if you roll max again, you get to throw up sparks that make the shape of a dragon if you want.
Rhavi checks the necromancer for signs of life
Rhavi: "On a side note gentlemen, the skeletons did a lot of the digging for you."
Levin looks around the edge of the forest for any Laumspur plants while the rest of the crew go about their business.
LW GM: Dranan looks like he is about to refute Rhavi's statement, but Gelmar elbows him in the ribs. "Our work is definitely easier without the skeletons here though." he says diplomatically.
LW GM: "And for that we have our noble dwarf friend to thank."
Dust helps Levin gather herbs. "How long will it take before people are ready to ride?"
Avan: "We're heading to Toran. We'll tell them what happened."
Rhavi: "Indeed we do. I imagine that I am fit enough to ride. It might be a bit painful for a bit though."
Avan: "I think we can be on our way now. The horses look okay."
LW GM: "We'll be heading back to Toran as well. We need a new crew now that we no longer have the undead 'to do our work for us.'"
Rhavi nods and hauls himself into the saddle.
Avan: "How fast can you be mounted up? Assuming you're coming with us."
LW GM: "Oh, we don't have any horses I'm afraid. The noise scared them too much. We'll use our sky ship."
Avan: "…"
Rhavi pauses
Avan: "We were heading to Toran to borrow a sky ship."
Rhavi: "Sky ship….you need a crew."
Levin: "…You wouldn't happen to have enough room for five more, would you?"
LW GM: Dranan looks at the blatantly obvious and self-proclaimed pirate.
GrimBeard: "Ugh, ahm nah lookin' forward ta bein' that high off of tha ground."
LW GM: "Why do you ask?"
Rhavi: "I just want to say that I was on one once. I have no intention to take your ship."
Levin: "We're on a mission for the King of Sommerlund. Any aid you could give us would be well-rewarded."
Dust: "This was not a unique event. We have found infiltrations by the Cener, wytches, and a demon. We need to get to the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star immediately."
LW GM: "Well, it's not like we're using the cargo hold to transport artifacts, I suppose. It won't be luxury, but we can get you to Toran."
Dust: "That will suffice."
Avan nods.
Rhavi nods…maybe a little too eagerly
LW GM: "Then give us some time to prep the ship, and we'll head out."
LW GM: "Follow us."
Dust follows them.
Levin does as requested.
Avan follows, on horseback.
Rhavi follows along
LW GM: The pair lead you to another smaller clearing. In it is what looks like a small ship attached to a balloon.
Rhavi: "Magnificent."
LW GM: "Well, it's small, but we like it."
Dust assists as needed in prepping the ship.
Rhavi: "What is her name?"
LW GM: The two go about making preparations for lift-off. Stoking the fire, making sure the balloon is fully inflated, checking the wind, and etcetera.
Rhavi steps on board, stroking the railing lovingly and helping with the preparations
GrimBeard helps wherever he can.
Avan examines it, seeing what needs to be done.
Levin is somewhat hesitant about leaving the horses to fend for themselves, but unless there's room enough for 'em he doesn't have much of a choice.
LW GM: "Her name is Sea Sky. Nautical design, you understand."
Rhavi: "Oh I do."
[OOC] LW GM: There is room for the horses, and the trip promises to be short enough that food shouldn't be an issue.
LW GM: After about twenty minutes, Gelmar declares that you are ready for lift off.
Avan looks around. He's never ridden the skies before.
LW GM: "Ah, I suppose now is the time to get off if you don't want to leave the ground behind."
GrimBeard stays on the ship, despite his better judgement.
Rhavi watches intently to see how they lift off
Levin already has the horses aboard and under his aegis, and he's not staying grounded.
LW GM: "And launch!"
LW GM: Like a normal cast off, Delmar undoes the line that leaves the ship anchored to the ground and ship shoots skyward.
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone make a roll and add your rank to see if you get skysick.
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+6: 8 (8)
Dust rolled up 1d10+5: 15 (15)
[OOC] LW GM: Skysickness takes one look at Dust and runs screaming into the forest.
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+5: 11 (11)
Levin rolled up 1d10+5: 14 (14)
[OOC] LW GM: <LW_GM> nudged Avan, but not too hard just in case.
Avan rolled up 1d10+5: 11 (11)
LW GM: The wind carries the scent of the forest. That and the lack of sea beneath the hull are the largest differences you find between sea-travel and sky-travel.
[OOC] Avan: Hasn't my roll gone through yet?
[OOC] Avan: There we go.
Rhavi is almost giddy with delight
[OOC] LW GM: Ain't lag wonderful?
Avan: "…you know…this has applications…"
Avan: "The speed of sea, over land."
Rhavi: "Oh so many applications…"
Levin: "I just hope we don't encounter a /flying/ obstacle…"
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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