12 Jun 12

LW GM: *** LOG START ***
LW GM: The small group of guardsmen leads you to the King's Keep without any more undue interfearance.
Levin bows to the King once he's the appropriate distance away.
Dust bows his head… but isn't sure he'll stand back up if he bends a knee, and so remains standing.
LW GM: The king rises from his throne and approaches the pair. He waves away his courtiers and guardsmen and leans in close. "I understand you have an important message for me?"
Dust nods. "There is a clutch of Cener druids massing in the woods on the river. We discovered them, and their pet spiders, while escorting the refugees into the capital."
Dust: "I suspect the druids wished to keep this knowledge secret, as they were almost certainly behind the ambush we encountered inside the city walls. Therefore, it is probably safe to conclude they have a temple in Sommerlund, nearby."
LW GM: The kings calls a sage over and demands a map. "Please indicate on the map where you encountered these druids?"
Levin: "My order will need to know as soon as possible, as well, but you are the closest local authority and thusly needed to be informed."
Dust indicates the point where the spiders hitched a ride, then the spot further down where the druids attacked. "Here, and here. Both sides of the river, and then," further down the river, indicating where the ships were "we were attacked here as well."
Dust: "My survival to pass this message to you can only be attributed to the fine heroes who aided me."
LW GM: The kings strokes his beard. "Right near the heart of the territory the spiders have clamed. I see. Yes I quite agree that the Herbwardens need to know about this. I will send a messenger to the enclave to let them know and ask for their advice on how to proceed."
LW GM: "And you say you were attacked within this very city? Did you take any of these assassins alive?"
Dust: "I believe we did. Levin?"
LW GM: The king rappidly writes a message for the Herbwardens and has a messenger send it with all due speed.
Levin nods, and waves to the guards, who soon bring in the overly-talkative guy. "This man was the leader of the gruop which assaulted us."
LW GM: The king nods and has the prisioner taken away, along with a comand to extract every sliver of information this man might have before this time tomrrow.
LW GM: The king turns back to the two of you. "I have heard that the Lords of the Kai heal quickly, and I can only imagine how fast you will heal with a Herbwarden at your side. Tell me, how soon do you feel that you could lead an expedtion to root out this incursion by the Cennar?"
Dust: "Less than six hours. However, we have lost track of our companions, as they tended to the refugees while we departed directly to alert you. It is possible that they have been ambushed as well, and may require healing. Perhaps, then, tomorrow?"
LW GM: The king summons another guard. "Please go to this lord's noble companions and invite them to rest here as my guests."
LW GM: The guard bows and heads out the door.
Dust bows his head. "Thank you, your majesty."
LW GM: "We will talk more tomorrow. I will have a regiment begin to prepare for the expedition. Good night sir lord and heal well please."
Levin bows again, then helps Dust head to their accommodations.
LW GM: A servant aproaches to lead you to your quarters. Levin and Dusts quarters are adjacent in case Dust needs aid in the night.
LW GM: *** LOG END ***

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