12 Jun 13

LW GM: After about a day's worth of recovery under the care of Levin and Dust ((Everyone restore 20 Endurance)) you notice your weapons have gone silent, no longer thrumming with the anticipation of battle. Even before you make your way to investigate the collapsed keep, you take that as a sign that the thing is dead.
GrimBeard: "Tha wuz somethin', wasn' it?"
Dust: "Yes."
Dust glances at the sword, now silent, then closes his eyes, examining with other senses. "It is very quiet."
Rhavi: "What was it?"
Dust: "If luck is with us, the demon."
Rhavi laughs without humor
Avan: "I thought to check the demon when I got my handbolt back - but when I found it, there was not even blood remaining."
Rhavi: "So where to next? Kalte?"
[OOC] Rhavi: That was with sarcasms
Avan: "Report to your king, hey?"
LW GM: What few remains of the demon you find have rapidly disintegrated into something very much like cob webs.
Avan points one out. "The demon is either dead, or fled so far it can no longer sustain the remains of its presence."
Rhavi: "And lose the advantage if this was not the demon we seek?"
Avan: "Either way, it is vanquished."
Avan: "I strongly suspect this is proof this was the demon we sought."
Avan: "But what say those more versed in the arcane?"
Dust rises. "I can sense nothing of the demon's presence. If it still remains in this world, it is beyond my ability to find it. So then, I say to Holmgard, to report, then I must travel to the monastery to consult with the elder kai."
Rhavi shrugs and assents
GrimBeard follows Rhavi's lead.
[OOC] LW GM: Is that consensus on heading back to the king?
[OOC] Rhavi: Sure
[OOC] Dust: At least until the spider thing arrives to tear our head off.
LW GM: The trip back to Holmgard is surprisingly uneventful. Pleasant even. No brigands, or spiders bigger than your horse, attack, and you feel, despite your aches and pains, better than you have in months. Calmer. More at peace.
LW GM: You are soon back at Holmgard.
Rhavi views the newfound sense of peace with suspicion. It is a feeling that he has seldom known. perhaps the four legged beast beneath him is plotting something?
Avan: "Levin, is it your guess that the druids what summoned the demon are no longer an immediate danger?"
[OOC] Dust: Certainly. I took animal kinship. Now all your horses are under my control. Rise up my four-legged minions! Rise and obey your master! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
[OOC] Avan: "An arm can be a leg. Arf."
[OOC] Rhavi: Dust, your inner Stefan is showing….again
[OOC] LW GM: I've been waiting for that for the entire campaign.
Levin: "The Cenerese responsible may be a threat in the future, but they are not now"
Dust: "The time to hunt for them is later, and should fall upon the shoulders of those who already patrol the country."
Avan nods, and returns to his writing. He has been slowly compiling a list of some sort as the group returned, after obtaining some abandoned paper and implements at the keep.
Rhavi glances at Avan's list
Avan: "Hmm. Rhavi, tell me of the rates for boat passage, if you would? Especially for long missions."
Rhavi: "To where?"
Avan: "Telchos."
Dust sends a runner to the king to announce their presence.
The list is a list of items, with numbers attached, in two columns.
Rhavi: "If I can manage a ship I will take you there myself. We can work out a deal since you are now a seasoned veteran of the seas."
Most of the items in the left column are mundane. Many of those in the right, Rhavi has never heard of.
Rhavi: "Avan the merchant? I never thought you would want that life."
Avan chuckles. "Perhaps not a life, but a single run, yes?"
Avan: "I need to get home somehow, and I have seen this land runs on coin."
Rhavi: "Yes it does. And on inflated prices."
LW GM: The runner returns, telling you that the king is most eager to hear your report.
Dust nods, indicating to the others that the time has come, then heads towards the palace.
Avan: "Indeed. But what inflation can there be, for things that were beyond price to begin with?"
Avan follows.
Rhavi: "You might be surprised."
Levin follows.
Rhavi spurs his horse on
LW GM: The guards recognize you on sight and you are immediately escorted to the King. He looks up from his papers as you enter. "Ah! I am relieved that you have all returned," he eyes your still healing wounds, "mostly unscathed. I take it then that you were successful?"
Avan: "It would appear so."
Dust: "As far as my training would permit me to detect. I will petition the monastery to send one more skilled than me to confirm… this is not an operation for which we may afford any doubts."
Avan: "We saw its remains crumble. Either it is dead or fled, or is hurt enough to expend some effort at hiding. But our weapons report no demon."
LW GM: "Word shall be sent at once. So what was this demon?"
Avan: "A…spider, of sorts."
Rhavi: "A monstrosity delved from the blackest depths of nightmare."
Dust: "They are both correct."
Levin: "And formerly a man, I think."
Levin: "Naar is not kind to his worshippers."
LW GM: "No. No he is not, as much as a thing like Naar can be called a 'he'. Still you have done a great service, not only to Sommerlund, but to all of Magnamund. You will be honored with a feast, of course, but I would grant each of you a boon for this service to the world."
Rhavi slowly smiles as images of coins dance behind his eyes
Levin: "Render whatever aid you may to any of my kin and I will consider my service amply repaid, Sir King."
Rhavi: "A ship. Fleet, but able to hold cargo."
Rhavi: "An airship…yes, that would do nicely."
GrimBeard imagines the largest stock of boom powder this side of the Dwarven lands..
Dust: "I am a noble of Sommerlund, here to serve my country as required. I need no more thanks than that." ((On the other hand, the monastery doesn't live on donations alone and my elder needs a new caddy…))
[OOC] LW GM: Boompowder is probably beyond the King's abilities, since from his POV there's only a limited supply and he can't just order more to be made.
GrimBeard realizes that is beyond the Kings abilities, and is saddened.
Avan nods. "I ask for a trade mission to my homeland, Telchos." He presents the scroll. "I have assembled two lists - one of goods you seem to have in abundance, one of goods I believe are scarce and of value here, with the rough prices you may find them for in my homeland."
[OOC] LW GM: "Very well, Sir Dust. I have assigned a page to carry your master's golf clubs around."
[OOC] Dust: Of course the kai play golf. /Of course/.
Avan: "Note the abundance of seeds and trees. I ask that I may accompany the mission, so that I may direct it to those who wish to reclaim the desert. …and complete my quest at the same time."
[OOC] LW GM: Well what else could you have possibly meant?
Rhavi: "I would be most honored to head this mission up, Your Majesty."
Rhavi: "Who better than the expendable privateer?"
LW GM: "Demon slayers are never expendable, Captain. Still… Avan your request piques my interest. Very well then. An expedition to Telchos it shall be."
Avan: "Thank you, your majesty. I shall endeavor to make sure it is beneficial to both our lands."
LW GM: "Levin, any and all aid that we can render your people shall be given immediately."
Levin: "I, ah, meant more with an eye to the long-term. I believe the Kai might benefit from Herbalish education, for instance. In any event, I plan to return to Bautar and suggest a permanent station be established here, since my educational period has largely been complete."
LW GM: "I see. I shall confer with your grandmaster to see what may be accomplished."
Levin nods. "My thanks, Sir King."
LW GM: "Captain, your request is the most difficult, as The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star never sell their air ships. They do however accept commissions for their construction. It will take at least a year, but you will have your airship."
Avan looks to Rhavi. "Telchos and back, maybe twice, and by then your airship shall be done and enough funds generated to pay for it?"
Rhavi: "Many thanks, Your Majesty. Might I have the pleasure of command for the mission to Telchos?"
Rhavi: "That and more, my friend. That and more."
LW GM: "If it is acceptable to Avan, then you shall lead the expedition, Captain."
Rhavi looks to Avan with a grin
[OOC] LW GM: Say no Avan, for the sake of the world, say no.
[OOC] Rhavi: say yes Avan, for the sake of your spleen, say yes
Avan: "It is acceptable."
[OOC] Avan: Muuuwa. Ha. Haaa.
[OOC] LW GM: You value your spleen over the world? Avan, I am shocked. And by shocked I mean not shocked at all.
GrimBeard: "Yer majesty. I am but a humble dwarven man. I would like sum money ta live on and ta send home ta my Dwarven brothers. If'n tha isna possible, maybe open up more trade wit' ma people?"
Rhavi: "I look forward to traveling again. I have been in this part of the world for far too long."
Avan looks to the dwarf. "Ah? I thought you'd wish to keep traveling with Rhavi."
Rhavi: "Ah, Master Grim, or shall I call you Business partner now? The things we can do with trade!"
GrimBeard: "Ah wuz thinkin' somethin along those lines. Ah would like ta hang around wit ya a bit longer, if'n tha is OK, boss."
Levin: "Ah. You might issue a pardon in Port Bax due to…unfortunate circumstances we were forced to deal with largely by fleeing."
Rhavi: "I would not have it any other way, GrimBeard."
LW GM: The king's mouth quirks slightly at GrimBeard's desire. "Your request… was not unanticipated. Very well. Is 1000 Gold Crowns a suitable sum?"
[OOC] Rhavi: You could get double!
[OOC] Rhavi: Seriously, just say thank you but look a little disappointed.
GrimBeard beams a big, Dwarven smile upon hearing the number.
GrimBeard: "A thousand fer me and a thousand fer my people? Yer majesty, yer generosity knows no bounds."
LW GM: The King's eyebrow quirks at that. "Of course. A thousand crowns for you and a thousand for your people. How could anyone think I meant anything else?"
Rhavi: "Your Majesty, is there still one of the Brotherhood present in the palace?"
[OOC] Rhavi: present
[OOC] LW GM: Of the Crystal Star?
[OOC] Rhavi: yes
LW GM: "No. Apparently there was an attack on their guildhall in Toril, and he returned to help."
Rhavi: "Ah."
Dust: "When?"
Dust: "And has there been word from the Brothers since?"
LW GM: "Several weeks ago. And yes there has been word since."
Dust nods. That theory, at least, lacks evidence.
Avan: "Hmm…actually, your majesty, if I may request one small, additional boon: half an arm's weight of good steel, and the use of a forge."
Avan loosens his handbolt…which promptly falls apart.
Avan: "As you see, I must make some repairs."
LW GM: "Certainly, Mister Avan."
Avan does not point out that a handbolt of good Sommerlund steel would be quite superior to the thing he has been lugging around.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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