12 Sept 12

LW GM: The decore of The Undaunted, while not especially fancy, is comfortable. The food on the other hand, can only be described as exotic. Captain Sornath plies you with wines from countries you've only heard of, and the ships cook is most certainly not serving you sea bisket. Conversation is light dinner fare until after desert, then Sornath turns to Rhavi and asks, "So… who is on your trail?"
Rhavi: "An intriguing question, Captain. Suffice to say that we are uncertain at this time, but traveling via the Undaunted will help to throw them off."
Avan: "In more ways than one."
Avan: "If the magic holds true."
Rhavi: "Is that a problem for you?"
Levin: "Let us just say that it is unsavoury sorts who would rather we didn't complete our mission."
Sornath: "Not really. The Dauntless can outrun just about anything on land, sea or air. I was mostly confirming that I wouldn't get turned away from one of my trade ports for harboring and aiding fugitives."
Rhavi: "Quite the opposite, I can assure you." He sips the wine, rolling it in his mouth. " In fact, you may be providing a great service to the Sommerlands. It is, of course, too early to tell."
Sornath: "Now that sounds ominious. It sounds like you're planning a coup."
Avan: "Now, if you have a trade port in the Doomlands, *that* you might get turned away from."
Rhavi: "No we are not."
Avan: "If they even knew we were here. Hopefully they will never."
Levin: "Only if throwing sand in the eyes of Cenerese qualifies as a 'coup'."
Sornath: "The Cener? Haven't those disease merchants been crushed yet? I would have thought Sir Dust and Sir Levin's orders would have made them an unpleasant memory by now."
Avan: "They are unpleasant, and they are remembered. Alas, they yet live."
Rhavi leans back
Levin: "Mmm. They are, unfortunately, rather like roaches: they keep coming back."
Sornath: "Hrm… pity."
> "Still, I do not mean to doubt your word, but would the Cener risk comming to Toril? Or even Sommerlund?"
Dust: "If they felt a need, yes."
Sornath: "Quite true, but what is the need they are feeling, if I may be so bold as to ask?"
Avan: "If they were to learn of our objective."
Levin: "Speak not of 'need', but rather of 'obedience', and they obey the whims of their dark masters."
Rhavi: "And perhaps that is all that we should say on that subject, Avan."
Rhavi: "They are like the diseases that they manufacture. They spread until they are purged."
Avan nods.
Levin: "More than that, no disease can ever be truly purged without tireless effort from all people."
Rhavi: "Just so, Levin. Which is why speed is of utmost importance on this mission."
Rhavi: "Speaking o fwhich…how many stops do you intend to make along the way?"
Sornath: "Well, I can not in good conscience move up our launch date. The port authority would be less than pleased if I did that and would most likely begin an investigation into my activities, which I don't think would be in anyone's best interests."
Rhavi smiles knowingly
Rhavi: "Indeed not. Tomorrow morning is fine."
Sornath: "Very well then. You are all welcome to sleep in your quarters for the journey tonight to ensure that you are all here for launch."
Avan: "'Tis best to leave in the morning anyway, is it not?"
Avan: "Rather than seeking anchor not far from port."
Rhavi: "We have someone stopping by in the morning to deliver something. Other than that we are prepared to leave at any time."
Sornath: "It requires very special circumstances for me to risk flying at night. /Very/ special."
Avan looks around. "How do you handle the nights? Drift in the sky?"
Sornath: "I try to plan my routes so that I am always in a safe harbor by nightfall, one of the reasons that we are launching at first light is so that we have time to reach one. It hasn't been necessary in a long time for me not to be in such a harbor by sundown, however if is necessary we can land in any open field or meadow."
Rhavi: "And is she sea-worthy as well?"
Sornath: "I would like to say 'yes', but it hasn't been an issue for a number of years, so I have not bothered inspect it and see."
Avan: "Given the amount of sea we'll be traveling over, it may now be an issue."
Avan: "Can we help you inspect the ship before bed?"
Rhavi: "I am certain that there is no need for that, Avan. We wouldn't even know what to look for."
Sornath: "Well, I am certain captain Rhavi would know what to look for, but no it should not be necessary. There are sufficient small islands to rest at."
Avan: "That's one less thing to worry about."
GrimBeard: "Ifn ya change yer mind, Ah may nah know much abou ships, but ah'm a fast learner, so just give me somethin ta do an ah'll do it."
Sornath: "I shall keep that in the forefront of my mind, Master Grimbeard."
Levin: "Alternatively, let him handle the guns." . "
[OOC] Levin: -."
Rhavi: "And outfitting the ship for cannon…"
Avan: "And anything to do with explosives."
GrimBeard smiles.
Avan: "…come to think of it, how does an airship deal with recoil? There's not the sea to brace against."
Sornath: "With great care."
Sornath: "Gentlemen, this has been a very pleasant evening and it has been an honor to meet you all, but if I am to cast off at first light, I at least will need my sleep. Good night to you all. Mister Telmar will show you to your quarters." With that Sornath makes his way to bed.
Avan rises, still thinking.
Rhavi: "Good night, Captain Sornath. Thank you for the wonderful meal."
Avan: "Grimbeard, how much recoil *would* a large cannon have? Enough to overcome the winds?"
Avan walks with him to their quarters, the conversation trailing off.
[OOC] LW GM: You were hungry, and you ate a meal :P
GrimBeard thinks for a moment.
Rhavi glances over the ship one last time. This is so different from the sea, yet so familiar.
Rhavi heads to his hammock below decks
Levin nods, heads to his quarters and gets 'em arranged to his taste. Mostly that consists of setting up his shipboard emergency stores for quick retrieval.
Dust takes the time to explore the ship before heading to his quarters.
GrimBeard: "Yup. Assumin there be winds when it was fired."
LW GM: Dust is unsurprised to find that the majority of the space is taken up by the cargo hold. There are several locked doors, including the room where the engine that makes the ship an 'air'-ship is housed.
LW GM: Everyone beds down for the night, and for the first time since your encounter with the wytch, your dreams are unhaunted.
LW GM: Your unhaunted dreams are interupted by the clanging of a bell. The gray pre-dawn is visible from your quarters.
[OOC] Rhavi: Yay!
Avan is up! Pre-dawn wakes are nothing new to a son of the desert.
Dust rises, setting his gear in order before moving out to find his assigned tasks.
Rhavi swings down from the hammock and heads up to the deck looking for Dust.
Rhavi: "Dust! Do you have a moment? Perhaps you could meet the Brotherhood representative, or at least make sure everything is on schedule?"
Levin 's up even before the first chime, tending to his morning chores. Which mostly consist of ensuring his herbs haven't shifted overnight..
[OOC] Dust: Is the brotherhood rep here yet?
Dust nods to Rhavi.
Rhavi: "Thank you."
[OOC] LW GM: You haven't seen him.
GrimBeard is up after Levin, perusing the ship and seeing if he can see ways to make improvements on the explosive weapons, cannons, etc.
LW GM: Sornath is already hard at work, calculating wind speed and direction. Apparently a breeze is not just a breeze, but the culmination of many currents in the air, not unlike currents in the water.
Dust goes looking for the Brotherhood rep, heading off-ship if necessary. (If heading off ship, pauses to let the captain know where he's going).
Avan is perusing the ship to figure out how it all works.
Rhavi takes notes form the captain about air ship travel, working to figure out how those currents intertwine.
Levin soon makes his way to sickbay with a secondary set of emergency supplies.
LW GM: After confirming that no one on the ship has seen him, Dust consults the captain and heads-off ship to find the missing brotherhood courier.
Rhavi: "Avan! Go with Dust please!"
[OOC] LW GM: Dust, give me a half-rank roll.
[OOC] LW GM: Avan as well.
[OOC] LW GM: If he's going with Dust, that is.
Avan: "Aye!"
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 9 (9)
Avan rolled up 1d10+2: 3 (3)
[OOC] LW GM: Avan finds… air!
[OOC] Dust: And Dust doesn't? Next action: gasping for breath.
[OOC] Avan: He was looking at an airship. So that's the medium it floats through!
LW GM: It doesn't take long for Dust, with the indispensible aid of Avan, to find the courier. The man is slumped in an alley, dying. On his face, you can see purple splotches, and huge boils. His saliva has taken on a pale green color.
Avan: "…in HERE?!?"
Avan: "Is this city not supposed to be a place of security?"
[OOC] LW GM: Now now, he might just have the sniffles.
Avan: "Is there a medic around here?"
Dust: "/Sommerlund/ is a place of security, though that reputation means little at this point."
[OOC] Rhavi: On the ship…
Avan looks around. Is there a medic around? Or is the herbwarden the best option?
Dust kneels down to examine the man ((Healing)).
Avan also looks around to see if the presumed assassin is waiting to ambush any healers.
LW GM: Avan does not see anyone lurking about. Ignoring the courier and youselves, the alley is deserted.
Avan: "Let's get him to the ship."
Avan moves to pick the man up, once he is stable enough for that.
Dust examines him quickly, looking for visible wounds.
LW GM: Dust tsks. While his abilities to staunch wounds and bloodloss are the hightest ranked in his class, he can do little against what is obviously a disease.
Dust: "Impressive. The Cener are here." ((Anything on the sixth sense?))
LW GM: Dust does not sense anything immenent. Apparently the danger has already struck. Fortunately, this implies that the courier is not infectious.
Avan: "Shall we get him to the ship?"
Dust nods. "Take him. I must speak with the guildmaster. Can you handle him alone?" Dust nods towards the courier.
Avan: "If you are safe alone?"
Avan shows his concern.
Dust shrugs. "None of us are safe right now."
Avan: "As you wish." And Avan is off.
Dust takes off towards the Brotherhood, slipping quickly and quietly through the streets (Hunting/Camouflage).
Avan: "LEVIN! GET YOUR HERBS," Avan yells as he runs aboard.
Levin grabs herbs and runs.
Rhavi grabs a rigging rope and swings down without hesitation to help Avan with the body
Avan gets the patient to Levin by the most expedient path that does not involve permanent or hard to repair damage to the ship.
Rhavi: "What happened to Du..this isn't Dust! Where is he? What happened?"
Avan: "Dust went to see the Guildmaster."
Avan: "He sent me to make sure this man lives."
Levin assesses the toxin or disease, then prepares the proper anodyne.
[OOC] LW GM: Sorry, Rhavi, I'm going to need a spot obvious check. You can add your rank. :P
Avan: "This is our courier. Minus the amulets, it would seem."
Levin rolled up 1d10+5: 13 (13) (Healing Hands)
[OOC] Dust: I don't think we ever checked, actually. He might still have them… good going, Levin, you purged all the bacteria and now he'll never drink milk again.
LW GM: The disease… is not a disease. It is infact a poison.
Rhavi: "Then if Levin has him, we should make haste to Dust."
LW GM: Or to be precice, several poisons.
Rhavi: "Poison? An inside job then by a member of the Brotherhood?"
LW GM: Apparently administered via a puncture wound on the courier's left shoulder blade.
[OOC] Levin: I need to know the DC to deduct the appropriate WP.
Avan: "After you, Rhavi. Grimbeard, stay here just in case?"
Levin: "Hmm… Several poisons delivered via a puncture wound…" Upon identifying the toxins, the anodyne is quickly assembled and delivered.
GrimBeard nods.
[OOC] LW GM: Five. It's not in common use anymore, but at one time it was quite common among certain assassins.
Rhavi heads topside
[OOC] Levin: Do I know which assassins?
[OOC] LW GM: Drakkarim
Rhavi: "Captain Sornath, there is an emergency. We have to travel to the Guild but we will return as quickly as we can."
Levin: "Oh, and if any of you are familiar with the Drakkarim, it is their preferred poisons which were used here."
Avan shakes his head. "I've heard of them, but in legend only. They inhabit regions I was warned to steer clear of, so I did."
LW GM: Dust arrives at the Brotherhood tower.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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