13 Feb 13

LW GM: It is evident up close, that the earliest you are likely to leave is the morning. Like you the small crew of The Wavebreaker, the courier ship you have convinced/emotionally blackmailed into taking you on board, are dead on their feet. A call to the city watch helps move the wounded crew to a local hospice where they will be cared for, and the crew appreciates the severance pay. You get yourselves settled in and try to get some desperately needed sleep.
[OOC] LW GM: You are hungry and must now eat a meal.
LW GM: Dawn comes too soon as the sunlight falls into your eyes from portholes. Resignedly, you make ready to head toward Holmguard.
[OOC] Avan: Those of us w/meal powers can use them now?
Rhavi buys a meal to conserve rations
Levin consumes a ration.
[OOC] LW GM: Not this time. The storm has made it just about impossible to fish.
[OOC] Avan: Who said anything about fishing?
[OOC] Avan: There is a town here.
[OOC] Rhavi: And where exactly are we? An inn, an empty door frame? What is this costing us?
[OOC] LW GM: Yes. And there is a 'no hunting in town borders' ordinance to.
[OOC] Avan: Aww.
[OOC] Rhavi: I hunt the house special
Avan consumes a ration.
Dust eats a meal. ((Presumably, GB starves?))
GrimBeard eats a meal.
[OOC] LW GM: You were staying on the courier ship. A decent meal if you didn't have any in your backpack would cost 3 crowns.
[OOC] Rhavi: Did we end up giving up the crowns we had gained from Avan?
[OOC] LW GM: You gave up your crowns, no one else chipped in for the severance fund.
[OOC] Rhavi: k
Rhavi visibly chafes at the delay
Avan: "All hands aboard? Shall we be off?"
Avan looks around to make sure everyone is present.
Rhavi nods curtly
LW GM: The crew of the courier is only three men. In fact, you suspect that a single person, though well-trained, could crew this ship. It does not take long for the courier to embark back onto the river. Once you have embarked, Captain Lorands calls you all into his cabin. "I think it's past time for you to tell me what is going on."
Rhavi: "I'll turn this over to you, Dust."
Avan does likewise by his silence.
Levin: "Cenerese druids've drawn upon one of the dark gods. We were dispatched to retrieve holy weapons so that we might lay the god to rest once more…and destroy that coven."
Levin: "Now, we return so that we may lay the dark god to rest."
LW GM: Captain Lorands give Levin a skeptical look. "Are you to tell me that the Cenar are active in Sommerlund?"
Dust: "They are."
LW GM: Captain Lorands gases at Dust steadily. "Well then" , he says after a time, "and did you retrieve these holy weapons?"
Avan: "We did."
LW GM: "So… you are using this ship to smuggle these weapons back to Sommerlund?"
Levin: "Of course not. Why ever would we completely fail to inform your king of our doings? Surely you don't think we don't trust him?"
Rhavi: "We have nothing to hide" The automatic reply of every ship captain rolls form his lips.
[OOC] Rhavi: from
Captain Lorands: "So, may I see these holy weapons?"
Avan gently brandishes his handbolt.
Rhavi: "No."
Avan: "You may see this one."
Rhavi sighs and resists the urge to facepalm
Avan: "But not touch."
LW GM: Captain Lorands give Avan an incredulous look. "You are saying you found a holy Telchoi weapon in Durenor?"
Levin: "I suspect that the holy weapons simply form what is deemed appropriate by Kai & Ishir."
Avan: "Not the complete weapon. I brought the rest of it."
Captain Lorands: "Oh? Then which part of this is the holy weapon part?"
Avan: "There was a critical part, adaptable to weapons of this region. But my friend here has a point."
Avan: "The oils."
Rhavi: "You seem very interested, Captain."
Levin: "I mean…I got a magical bowstring."
Captain Lorands: "I am very interested in any cargo that might want a dark god to sink a ship under my command."
Rhavi: "Just as we are very interested in keeping these weapons as undetected as possible to reach their wyrd."
Captain Lorands: "And how exactly are you keeping them hidden away from a god? By having them openly displayed on your belt?"
Levin: "They obscure themselves from the dark gods, actually. What use is a weapon versus darkness which the dark gods can detect?"
Avan: "Only if they can react in time."
Captain Lorands: "And yet I am given to understand the weapons of the darklords emanate a chilling aura of evil. That may just be legend though, but it does implies that good can detect evil. So it really is better to assume the reverse is also true."
Rhavi shrugs
Rhavi: "Would it make a difference?"
Captain Lorands: "Knowing you are being tracked will make a world of difference once tracking becomes combat. Helps stave off ambushes."
Dust: "If I lay my hands upon a weapon of darkness, I would know. Perhaps even were it only near. My master, I suspect, could sense a dark weapon if it was merely in the same town. Others, even sorcerers such as the Crystal Star or Dessi, would require their magic to sense such a weapon. We are, as of yet, several hundred miles from our journey's end."
Rhavi: "This ship is not equipped for combat. Speed is our ally now."
Captain Lorands: "That is quite possibly the only true thing you have said since you came on board my ship."
[OOC] LW GM: +many many <Captain Lorands> as needed.
Captain Lorands: "I've noticed that."
Rhavi merely smiles faintly
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone make a roll. Rhavi add half-rank, everyone else just deals with Chessa's generosity.
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+3: 6 (6)
Avan rolled up 1d10-1: 9 (9)
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10-1: 4 (4)
Dust rolled up 1d10-1: 1 (1)
[OOC] LW GM: Levin?
Levin rolled up 1d10-1: 4 (4)
LW GM rolled up 1d10+3: 7 (7) (Lorands)
LW GM: The river suddenly becomes turbulent without any warning. Everyone falls to the floor save for Lorands, Rhavi and Avan. Rhavi knows that this is not natural.
Levin pulls himself upright once more.
Avan: "…so. Speed. Can we outrun this?"
Avan stands up and heads outside.
Rhavi: "Not likely. This is something else. Let's get topside"
Captain Lorands: "We don't know what 'this' is."
Rhavi: "It's not natural."
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone going topside?
[OOC] Levin: yup.
Rhavi heads to the deck
Dust ascends.
LW GM: Once on the deck, you see following you a column of clear water that occasionally falls. This falling is what created the turbulence you felt below decks. You hear a kind of keening coming from the column as it comes closer and tries to strike the ship.
[OOC] Rhavi: Any idea what his is?
GrimBeard follows Rhavi once he pulls himself off of the floor.
[OOC] LW GM: I got a theory.
Avan: "I say again, can we outrun this?"
Levin draws an arrow and looses it at…whatever the hell that is. He's aiming for what is presumably the center of mass.
[OOC] GrimBeard: That its a demon? A dancing demon? No, something isn't right here…
Rhavi: "We are already moving at the best speed the wind provides. Sweeps?"
Captain Lorands: "That's a water elemental! I am beginning to reconsider my assessment of your story!"
Captain Lorands: "Herbwarden, they are vulnerable to poisons. Do you have any available?"
Rhavi: "Reconsider later. Row now."
Avan: "How do they do with fire?"
Captain Lorands: "They can not be harmed by mortal fire or weapons. I hope you were telling me the truth about your holy weapons."
Rhavi: "How mad do you want to make it? We are surrounded by water."
Levin unstoppers that vial he'd acquired from the assassin's camp and applies its toxin to an arrowtip and fires /that/ at the elemental.
Captain Lorands: "If it is already trying to sink us, I fail to see how getting it any madder will matter."
[OOC] LW GM: Combat time. CS 19
Rhavi: "That is a fair assessment. Get us closer to the shallows since we have not hit open water yet."
[OOC] LW GM: That means Avan's using his cheating cheater power to jump the line.
LW GM: The elemental loops over the ship. It is well within melee range.
LW GM: (*looms))
Avan does indeed melee! Not risking his handbolt on that thing.
[OOC] Levin: wait.
[OOC] Avan: Waiting
[OOC] Levin: ranged round first so I can get the pre-combat shots off. please?
[OOC] LW GM: Sure.
[OOC] LW GM: Range round.
Levin rolled up Ratio: -6 RNT: 3 Player: -5 Enemy: -3 (ranged, no damage to Levin.)
[OOC] Levin: multiplied by 2, I guess, for the toxin I put on that arrowhead?
[OOC] LW GM: No, I roll that damage separately.
[OOC] Levin: aww.
LW GM rolled up 1d10+1: 11 (11) (Assassin toxin)
[OOC] Levin: yay!
[OOC] Avan: "Aww" is not the word I'd use for that roll
Avan rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -12 (and now to melee, with some Bite of Fire)
Dust frowns. "Captain Lorands! Have you angered any sorcerers?
Captain Lorands: "I think 'have you?' is a better question. You said the Cener were involved?"
Rhavi wonders why he has not heard the retort of Bessie's thunder
[OOC] LW GM: GrimBeard?
[OOC] LW GM: Why has Rhavi not heard the retort of Bessie's thunder?
Dust: "My knowledge of sorcery is… less than complete. But from my studies, I do not recall the Cener using Left Hand Magic."
Rhavi: "Very few sorcerer's know our whereabouts."
LW GM: "They do not. Or at least they did not. But I am quite sure they know people who can."
GrimBeard rolled up Ratio: 5 RNT: 0 Player: -4 Enemy: -6 (Grim takes aim with Bessie and fires.)
LW GM: The ball from GrimBeard's musket flashes silver as it strikes the column of water.
[OOC] LW GM: Dust, I believe is next
Dust focuses his will, piercing the heart of the water elemental as his holy blade sweeps downward.
Dust rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 6 Player: -1 Enemy: -10
[OOC] Rhavi: starting melee now, right?
[OOC] Dust: Yeah, melee.
[OOC] Dust: No one can hurt it with ranged cept Levin and Grim.
[OOC] Rhavi: So avan is up
[OOC] Dust: Avan attacked first. Rhavi is up.
LW GM: A deep thrust from Dust strikes home, and with an anguished cry, the pillar of water collapses.
[OOC] Dust: No one is up because it is down.
Rhavi gets wet as his blade sweeps through empty air
Dust glances at his blade; this is one of the rare times he has not needed to wipe it clean of an enemy's blood.
LW GM: Captain Lorands returns from making sure the ship stayed afloat during the combat. "So… I believe you said something about a returning dark god?"
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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