13 Jun 12

Rhavi: Rhavi leans against the railing on the small balcony outside of the apartments he is occupying. The sea beckons to him, it's endless blue a beautiful contrast to the city below.
Dust stretches, his arm still tender, skin tight from the rapid mending. Still, his arm is serviceable and that's all that matter. He collects his gear and heads to the gathering point, flagging a messenger to send his thanks to the king.
Levin 's collected his own gear, and is waiting at the gathering point by the time Dust arrives.
LW GM: The door to each of your appartments opens and a servant comes in. "The King requests your presence at breakfast."
Avan is just finishing up morning meditations.
Rhavi nods and follows the servant
Levin follows the servant on to the actual gathering place, then.
Avan finishes robing - the servants here mended his armor overnight; he inspects it with a critical eye, but it is good - then heads to the meal hall, winding up just following Rhavi.
Dust goes to breakfast. Its a kingly summons, what can you do?
Rhavi: "Was the coast all that you thought it would be?"
LW GM: The servants lead each of you, not to a grand banquet hall, but to what looks like a briefing room. Maps cover the walls and table and every other surface except for one clear table, at which the King sits.
Rhavi bows deeply upon entering
King: "Ah, good morning to you all. I trust you slept well?"
Levin: "I did, yes."
Rhavi: "Good morning, Majesty."
Dust: "Indeed, your Majesty."
Grimbeard: "Aye your Majesty."
Avan nods. "I did."
King: "Excellent. I have to confess I had an ulterior motive in asking you to join me for breakfast."
[OOC] Dust: Sorry, Kai forbids me from giving autographs.
[OOC] LW GM: "Aw… please? For the royalty? I mean the kids?"
Rhavi grunts
[OOC] Avan: You have a quill to give autographs with? Surely that takes as much room in your backpack as an entire meal! Why is it not listed?
[OOC] Dust: Special item. I keep it in plot.
Avan looks over the maps, trying not to appear disrespectful.
King: "Lord Dust Fox and Master Levin informed me of your encouter on the river. While the spiders are a known and longtime menace, this is the first time the Cenar have been sighted in this area, and far closer to the capital that I personally feel comfortable with."
LW GM: The maps are of a sort that you have not seen before. It looks largely like a standard map, except for the circles that seem to represent how high up the land is.
[OOC] Dust: Is this mostly a recap for those not at the extra, or does he have an additional request besides 'exterminate Cenner'?
Rhavi studies the maps with interest
LW GM: The King notices Avan and Rhavi noticing the maps. "Those maps were provided by The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. I'm told they used their airships to chart the land far more precicely than has ever been done before."
[OOC] LW GM: This scene is mostly a recap. Given how late we started, we'll see if we have other scenes.
Rhavi: "It would have interesting applications out at sea as well, Majesty."
King: "Now. Lord Dust Fox and Master Levin has volinteered to lead a scouting party to get more intelligence on the deployment of the Cenar invasion force. I was wondering if you planned on joining them?"
Avan: "Ah! My apologies, your highness. I have…" He puts a finger near the map on Telchos, then traces his route here. "…come a long way to be here. By the way, my thanks to your guards for allowing me to complete my pilgramage to your coast before bringing me inside."
Avan bows. "It would be the least I could do, to repay their assistance on this most recent leg of my journey."
Rhavi drums his fingers on the table, considering
Grimbeard looks to Rhavi.
Avan glances at Rhavi, then bows to the king again. "Your highness, if this mission is for pay, might I ask a copy of these maps as my payment? It would be of more use to me than coin."
Grimbeard: "If'n yur goin, ahma goin. Ah might go meself. Kinda wan' some payback!"
Rhavi: "I can see no gain for my crew except for pain and death. I would willingly go, but I would ask for a King's Ship and crew that has cannon if possible."
King: "I believe that can be arranged, Sir Avan."
Rhavi: He nods "My crew can remain here with the Albatross then except for a few who are indispensable."
[OOC] Dust: Like Grimmy?
[OOC] Rhavi: And Steve!
Avan: "Thank you, your highness."
LW GM: The king turns to Rhavi. "This is not going to be a naval scouting trip I am afraid. It would be too difficult to get in and out by river, and I'm certain that after encountering you that the river will be watched. This will have to be a land expedition."
King: "The Gods of the Cenar often demand live sacrifices from their Druids. I would be quite surprised if the Cenar do not have any slaves or prisioners at their main camp."
Rhavi: "Ah. I see. I am still willing to go, if for no other reason than to spare the villagers the grisly fate that awaits them."
King: "That said, and I say this with grave regret, the information has to be top priority. Save as many lives as you can, but the information /must/ be retrieved."
Avan: "Understood. If need be, your forces can attack once they know what they face, and thus save any who yet remain, yes?"
King: "Exactly. We must know where they are, how many they are, and what additional forces they have mustered from the beasts of the forest. Beyond that we need to know where any prisioners or slaves are being held and how."
Rhavi: "Do we have some protection against their fell magic?"
Avan: "And we are to report the information here, or is there a closer staging point that the army will be gathering at?"
King: "There is a fort with a modest garison about mid way between here and where Lord Dust reported encounering the Cenar. That will be where the army will be gathering."
Avan nods, then checks the map again. "…ah, here. Alright."
Rhavi: 'Sire, may I suggest sending troops farther down river as well? Once you have the necessary information you can come at them from both sides. "
Avan: "They would have to fight through the river. And as he said, the river shall be watched."
Avan: "Perhaps around, but we know not how wide their encampment is."
Rhavi: "Not down teh river, but here, " he points to a place on the map that circles around where they encountered the Crenar.
Avan: "Spearing an antlion's den from both sides may work, but so does rolling a boulder into it."
Rhavi: "True." He shrugs, " I am no land tactician. When do we leave?"
Dust: "Before we can determine how to stamp out the infestation, we must discover how far it spreads. For now, keeping the Knights between the threat and the capital is most important. Once we've uncovered the extent of the danger, we can act with alacrity."
Dust: "Levin, these druids dabble in plaguecraft, do they not? How much support would we need from your fellows, should they be cooking up disease?"
Avan: "Too bad we do not have a way to warn any…knights, was it? That may be on the far side, and may be able to organize there."
Avan: "Dust, your map has this much detail, hey? Do the druids keep to the wooded areas?"
Dust: "I suspect that they would, as that would provide both concealment and plentiful herbs to work their craft. However, my experience with them is limited, and I defer to Levin's expertise."
Grimbeard continues to listen, not really having mush to add to the conversation as a hired gun.
[OOC] Grimbeard: much
Rhavi: "Do they die the same as any man? or is there some dark magic that keeps them alive?"
LW GM: The king looks like he is about to answer that question, but then defers to Levin.
Levin: "To my knowledge, standard weaponry should be sufficient for taking them down. However, they may have acquired control over beasts which require magical weaponry."
Rhavi: "is there magical weaponry available for loan or for sal from your armoury, Majesty?"
Avan: "I can confirm that. On my way here, I passed close to their capital. I had to slay one to prevent him from alerting others to my presence. I was avised to steer clear of them, and I see that the advice was wise."
LW GM: The king sighs and shakes his head. "Weapons of magic are too rare and valueable to be used in this situation, I'm afraid."
Avan holds up his shiel-fa arm. "They die to ordinary steel. With luck and prudence, we may suffice with what we have."
King: "Remember, this is a scouting mission. You are not to engage the Cenar if at all possible."
Rhavi: "Of cours, Your Majesty. We simply know how our luck runs." He grins fiercely.
Dust nods. "We will avoid contact with the enemy as much as we can… however, they found /us/, last time."
King: "That's true. That likely means that the river was being watched prior to your arrival. That has… implications."
Levin: "Even one magical weapon would be useful, in the right hands."
Avan: "Other people are the most dangerous foe, for they will crumble your plans just by going about their business."
Rhavi: "Or in the wrong ones if we fail."
LW GM: The king gives Levin a grim smile. "One magic weapon is all we have, and it must be held in reserve for the inevitable attack from the Darklands."
Levin: "Ah. That…would indeed be problematic."
Avan claps Levin on the shoulder. "Come, now. If our luck is as Rhavi says, we might find magic weapons in the hands of our enemies. Then we simply need to take them. That's all."
Rhavi: "I like the way that you think, Avan."
Levin: "True enough. And I have especial expertise with our dread foes, as well."
Avan smiles and shrugs. "The world has many gifts, for those who train themselves to look for them."
Rhavi: "Then you are our leader in this expedition, for more reasons than one."
LW GM: The King looks at Dust Fox for a moment, but does not say anything.
Levin: "As you wish. In that case…" He sketches an overland route with his finger. It's not the most direct, but it gives plenty of scope for penetration from several angles.
Levin: "…I think that would be our best route, but I would be happy to defer to Dust's expertise should my thinking be in error."
Dust examines the path Levin chose. ((Tracking check?))
[OOC] LW GM: Sure.
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 6 (6)
Levin: "Also, I spent a good portion of the night meditating on my order's teachings. I should be able to counter any moves they make with the weather, as well as give ourselves an advantage, however temporary, should we need it."
Rhavi: "Let us pray to Ishir that we do not need it and all goes smoothly."
LW GM: The route Levin ploted out for you is probably what you would have chosen. Largely flat, but with pleanty of cover.
Dust nods. "I agree with Levin. That is the course we should take."
Rhavi: "How long will that route take gentlemen?"
[OOC] Dust: How long will that route take, GM?
[OOC] LW GM: About three days to get to the fort (which is pretty direct route) and four after to get to the area where the Cenar were.
[OOC] Rhavi: Took us three on a baot how many on land?
[OOC] LW GM: The '3 days' estimate is via horseback. The four days is through thick forest where horses can't be used.
[OOC] Rhavi: k
Levin: "About a week, in total. Three to the fort on horseback, then four on foot thruogh the bush."
Rhavi: "If we dispatch the Albatross before we leave, it will give the druids something to watch other than us. If the crew would make it through."
Levin: "I would not recommend it without skilled warriors such as ourselves."
Rhavi: "Upon reflection, I completely agree. It's too dangerous for them."
Rhavi: "Shall we leave today or on the morrow?"
Avan: "Today. It is not yet noon."
Dust: "Then, if there is nothing else, your majesty, we shall take our leave."
King: "Yes I believe that will be all. You may go gentlemen. I look forward to your report with… if not eagerness then at least concern."
Rhavi bows and departs
Avan does likewise.
Grimbeard bows and leaves.
Levin bows and departs.
Dust: "We will return as soon as we can, your majesty." Departs, with a bow.
[OOC] LW GM: And as that's scene end, and we only have ~10 minutes left in session…
LW GM: *** LOG END ***

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