14 Apr 13

LW GM: Without even a chance to draw breath after the battle to tend to your wounds, you find yourselves caught in a current heading directly towards Shipwreck Point. Rhavi's experienced eye tells him you have less than a minute before impact. ((Everyone make a roll. Rhavi add half your rank. You will need a total of fifty to break out of the current, but your total from prior rounds will still count towards the goal.))
Avan rolled up 1d10-1: 0 (0)
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+3: 12 (12)
Avan has very little nautical experience. Sometimes it shows. This is one of those times.
Levin rolled up 1d10-1: 0 (0)
Dust rolled up 1d10-1: 9 (9)
[OOC] Dust: That… is average, then?
LW GM rolled up 1d10-1: 9 (9) (GrimBeard's roll.)
LW GM: Under Rhavi's guidance you manage to get the ship so it is not pointed directly at Shipwreck point, but you are still drifting towards it. ((Current total: 30. Round 2))
[OOC] Dust: Does turn order matter?
[OOC] LW GM: No.
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+3: 5 (5)
Avan rolled up 1d10-1: 2 (2)
Levin rolled up 1d10-1: 9 (9)
Dust rolled up 1d10-1: 6 (6)
Avan learns the ropes (literally) eventually, but still has a ways to go.
[OOC] Avan: And that's > 50.
[OOC] LW GM: GrimBeard, your roll (not that it's needed..)
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10-1: 9 (9)
LW GM: With heroic effort you manage to turn The Dauntless aside, narrowly missing the reefs of Shipwreck point. Free of the deadly eastern current, you resume course towards Holmgard and tend to your wounds.
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone except for Avan takes -2 damage from the continuing poisoning they took last fight.
Rhavi steers the ship, carefully watching for any other obstacles.
Levin *now* gets to doing the antivenin research.
Avan gets on the ship's wheel. "I'll keep her steady, you get that poison taken care of."
LW GM: The sky is clear and the wind is at your backs. So long as you avoid that current you should be good for now at least. You see no sign of that Arachnid Meresquid though. And you know it was still alive when it let go of your ship.
Rhavi: "Ah…if it's all the same I'll stick around with you just in case. Levin certainly does not need my help."
LW GM: Levin's ministrations put an end to the venom's ravaging of your bodies. ((No more endurance loss every round! Until, ya know, next time it happens.))
Avan just focuses on getting the ship away from the known danger: that current.
Avan: "As you wish."
Dust goes back into his healing trance.
Avan meditates on the steering and Ishir, letting the goddess's blessing mend his injuries as his mind focuses on the temporarily simple task of keeping the ship on course.
Rhavi would love to let Ishir's blessings shine on him, but does not trust Avan's steering.
GrimBeard accepts the aid and continues with his duties once that is completed.
Levin moves on to healing the aftereffects…
[OOC] GrimBeard: Doe Snot 2: The Return of Doe Snot
[OOC] GrimBeard: Doe Snot 2: Judgement Day
[OOC] GrimBeard: Doe Snot 2: The Secret of the Ooze
[OOC] GrimBeard: Doe Snot 2: Doe Snot United
LW GM: As the sun kisses the horizon, you enter The Holmgulf. You are less than two hours away from Holmgard. You can see the normal maritime traffic coming in and out of Holmgard's docks.
Rhavi: "Now comes the fun part…"
[OOC] LW GM: Enough time has passed for you to restore your Endurance Points back to the maximum.
Avan: "Oh?" Avan releases the wheel for Rhavi to take, now that piloting is about to be non-simple.
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone make a half-rank roll.
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+3: 8 (8)
Dust rolled up 1d10+3: 9 (9)
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 11 (11)
Levin rolled up 1d10+3: 6 (6)
[OOC] LW GM: Avan?
Avan rolled up 1d10+3: 6 (6)
[OOC] Avan: Have I mentioned how much I hate lag?
LW GM: GrimBeard and Dust notice a navy ship of Holmgard change it's course and start sailing towards you. You have a few minutes before it makes contact.
Dust indicates the ship in question. "We have been noticed."
[OOC] LW GM: Better lag than disconnects.
[OOC] Avan: This is true.
Rhavi: "Exactly. Now we have a few things to figure out gents. Either the King sent us and is going to dispose of us for the weapons or he is genuine, Which do you think more likely?"
[OOC] LW GM: Actually, in both cases, he is genuinely the king. Just saying.
Avan: "He is the king. Does betrayal when your kingdom is obviously at risk happen often here?"
[OOC] LW GM: Avan has a point. This is Magnamund, not Final Fantasy.
Rhavi: "Sending expendable troops on a secret mission happens all the time. When they come back they are either given medals or disposed of. Our luck runs counter to medals being pinned on our chests."
Dust: "It is neither practical nor efficient. However, we are sailing in a ship of Durenor."
Avan looks around for a bit… "Oh, the flag. Do we have time and materials to change the flag?"
Levin: "I would expect that, given Durenor is still technically an ally of Sommerlund, we'd at least be given a chance to be heard."
Rhavi: "That is the next point. I imagine we will be brought in for questioning. Just keep the seal handy so we can avoid unnecessary trouble."
Rhavi shrugs
Rhavi: "Alright then. Stay course and wait for them to hail us."
Avan resumes control of the wheel, then.
LW GM: The navy cutter gets within shouting range, "Ahoy Dauntless. Welcome back to Holmgard, Captain Lorands. We will escort you to the dock and then we can finish up our business."
[OOC] Dust: Yay, we're smugglers!
[OOC] LW GM: Mayyybeee…
[OOC] LW GM: Anyone going to say anything?
[OOC] Dust: We have a captain for a reason.
Rhavi: "Ahoy Waveslicer! We headed in now."
[OOC] Rhavi: we are the Wavebreaker by the by
Avan makes to follow the escort as best he can.
Rhavi waves Avan back and takes the helm
LW GM: The soldier who hailed you starts at Rhavi's appearance, but shrugs and motions for you to follow. With a naval escort you are given priority and are docked within the hour. As you moor The Dauntless you see the same soldier from before walk to the ship.
Rhavi: "You learn quickly, Avan, well done."
GrimBeard stands watch for anything out of the ordinary, if such a thing exists anymore.
[OOC] LW GM: GrimBeard! They're giving away free beer at the tavern!
Avan stands by, watching Rhavi steer.
Avan: "Thank you."
Rhavi tosses the Wavebreaker's mooring line to the man
Avan: "Shall we be off once we're moored?"
Rhavi: "Debarking would be best, aye."
LW GM: The man takes the mooring line with a puzzled look on his face, but he help moor the ship before he calls out to Rhavi, "Where is my friend Captain Lorands?" His voice is innocent, but Rhavi notes that his hand is drifting towards his sword hilt.
Rhavi: "Back in Port Bax unfortunately."
Rhavi: "We met with reavers on the river…the mission we have is of such importance though that we had to continue on."
[OOC] Dust: Isn't Lorands dead?
[OOC] Rhavi: Yes, his body is in Port Bax
[OOC] LW GM: Yes. Barring necromancy.
[OOC] Dust: Just reconfirming.
soldier: "What? Is he all right? Tell me everything man!"
Levin: "Let's see… The captain was unfortunately killed in action and his crew-mates were wounded in the same action, thereby necessitating hospice care in Port Bax. Consequently, we had no choice but to take the helm ourselves if we wished to complete our mission for the King. Your king, in point of fact."
Rhavi: "Ah, no, he is not alright."
LW GM: The soldier closes his eyes for a moment, his face a mask of pain and grief. "I see," he says after he brings himself back together and looks at Rhavi with a piercing gaze. "You claim to be on a mission for the king? My king I presume?"
Dust: "Our King. And it is imperative that we see him at once to plan our tactics."
Rhavi: "I do. But don't take my word for it." He gestures to Dust. "Take his."
Levin: "Yes, please do take the Kai Lord's word for it."
GrimBeard takes a position near Rhavi in case someone recognizes him.
soldier: "Then other business can wait." He makes a gesture and you are suddenly flanked on both sides by navy sailors. "I will take you to my father immediately." He then strides towards the castle, not actually looking to see if you are following.
Rhavi follows along.
Levin makes haste, following the route taken against a mental map of the place, imperfect as said map is.
Avan follows, saying nothing.
Dust arches a brow, but follows along…
[OOC] LW GM: I read that as a bow, which would have had implications.
GrimBeard follows alongside Rhavi.
Rhavi keeps an eye on the roof tops and all escape routes.
LW GM: Memories come rushing back of the first time you took this path, and what happened soon after. The soldier… the prince… leads you briskly to the palace and to the throne room. The king looks up from a map of the region with many small pins in it as you enter. He blinks and gasps when he recognizes you. "Welcome back to Holmgard. I hope your mission met with success?"
Rhavi: "Successful enough, Majesty."
Dust: "The first phase, while not without hiccups, is complete. We are ready to proceed to the second phase."
Levin: "We have secured…artifacts. The box from whence they came appears to produce artifacts to order, rather than keeping a stock selection, however. For instance, I got a bowstring."
Dust: "Your Majesty, is there news from the front?"
LW GM: The king, though obviously pleased to hear of your success, still looks grim. "I'm afraid we have not had as much success as you have had. The villages nearest to where you encountered the demon are deserted. The villagers simply standing up and walking into the forest as one, leaving behind work, livestock, even infants. Once more, the forest is truly infested with spiders. 'Normal'
LW GM: spiders as well as huge ones, and arguably the normal spiders are more dangerous. "
Levin: "Have they turned bright colours?"
LW GM: The king reacts slightly to Levin's odd question, "Why yes, the spiders do seem to be bright green. Normally I think of spiders as brown usually."
Rhavi: "We have encountered them."
Levin: "We encountered similar on our way back. Poisonous blighters. I did manage to formulate an antivenin however."
Dust: "Curious. I am now rather tired of spiders."
LW GM: The king is heartened to hear about Levin's success developing an anti-venom. "We must have you teach the apothecaries how to produce it tomorrow."
Dust: "Has there been any response from the Brothers of the Crystal Star?"
LW GM: "But now I would like very much to see these weapons. You say they were created on the spot? Fascinating."
LW GM: The king shakes his head, "The Brotherhood has had no success scrying into the forest mystically. I'm told three brothers lost their lives trying."
Rhavi unbuckles his scimitar and holds it out for inspection
LW GM: The hope on the King's face wilts slightly as he can see nothing more than an ordinary sword in Rhavi's hands. He still waves back the guards who sprang to attack Rhavi for drawing a sword in the King's presence.
Avan does likewise with his handbolt, making sure to hold it so the light glints off the oil. "Not all the enhancements are easy to discern, your majesty."
[OOC] Rhavi: I did not. I unbuckled it. For that very reason.
GrimBeard [resent Bessie, butt side first, and motions to the scope.
Levin: "It's my general experience that artifacts intended to be used don't look all that different from ordinary items; they just tend to be of superior quality."
[OOC] GrimBeard: presents Bessie
LW GM: The king can not hide his disappointment. "Yes well, so long as they do their job I suppose." He returns Rhavi's scimitar and straightens. "You will proceed into the forest tomorrow morning after we have restocked and reequipped you. Tonight however, we want you to sleep well. For we believe you will need all the sleep you can get for what is to come."
[OOC] LW GM: Gain one rank.
Avan returns his handbolt to its mount and bows.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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