17 May 12

21:20 < LW_GM> * LOG START *
21:21 < LW_GM> The Spider is not as large as you have heard they are. It is still questionable whether or not it could even fit the cabin the five of you had just vacated.
21:22 * Avan leaps at the spider, handbolt spearing through the air in front of him, its head in turn red-hot with the promise of death.
21:22 <@Dust> ((Awww, its a wee bitty baby…))
21:22 * Rhavi hacks at the web with his short ugly knife uttering a steady stream of swearing, the likes of which can only be learned on the high seas
21:23 < Chessa> Avan: Ratio: -11 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -6 (Serpent's Speed + Impale + Bite of Fire)
21:23 < Avan> .lonewolf 17 30 9 ; Serpent's Speed + Impale + Bite of Fire
21:23 * Levin 's shortsword is already out, but he approaches the spider more cautiously than Avan.
21:25 < LW_GM> The spider shrieks in pain, a surprisingly and disquietingly human sound, as Avan's strike bits deep.
21:26 < LW_GM> The spider bites at Avan, but misses.
21:26 * Grimbeard readies his gun and salvages whatever powder he can.
21:27 < LW_GM> The spider turned away from the rest of the group to track Avan ((+2 CS to Grimmy)).
21:32 < Chessa> Grimbeard: Ratio: -6 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -8
21:32 < Grimbeard> .lonewolf 24 30
21:35 < LW_GM> The spider is gravely wounded, but still standing. Shakely, but standing. It turns to flee with it's cocooned dinner.
21:35 <@Dust> ((Does it look like said dinner is still living?))
21:35 < LW_GM> ((Everyone ranged gets one more attack before it gets out of line of sight.))
21:35 < Rhavi> "Get back here you squid legged Ishir damned beast!
21:35 < Rhavi> "
21:35 < LW_GM> ((It's hard to say.))
21:36 < Avan> ((Only had one ranged weapon ammo.))
21:36 <@Dust> ((And its currently sticking out of the fleeing spider, so we should definitely kill it.))
21:36 < LW_GM> ((And GB didn't say he was rappidly reloading.))
21:37 < Avan> ((Which means Dust is it.))
21:37 < LW_GM> The spider is climbing over the railing. If anyone can take a shot, this is the time.
21:38 * Grimbeard quickly sees if he can reload in time before the spider gets out of site.
21:39 < Chessa> Grimbeard: 1d10+4: 11 (11)
21:39 < Grimbeard> .roll 1d10+4
21:39 <@Dust> ((Looks like he can shoot.))
21:40 < Avan> ((Shoot it! Shoot it!))
21:40 * Grimbeard scavenges up his poweder, and takes aim at the spider when ready.
21:40 < LW_GM> The powder is in, the shot is loaded and you are ready to fire… if the powder is still good…
21:40 < Chessa> LW_GM: 1d10-1: 8 (8)
21:40 < LW_GM> .roll 1d10-1
21:40 < Chessa> Grimbeard: Ratio: -6 RNT: 6 Player: -3 Enemy: -6
21:40 < Grimbeard> .lonewolf 24 30
21:41 <@Dust> ((Another 18 damage, and no damage to grim. How's the spider doing?))
21:42 < LW_GM> If this had been a melee, Grimbeard would have left himself wide open. Fortunately the spider doesn't seem to have a bow he can use. The shot knocks him off the railing and you hear a loud splash, and then a second splash as the spider's capture also hits the water.
21:42 * Avan heads for the railing.
21:43 * Rhavi desperately tries to cut himself free again
21:43 * Avan ties his rope to the railing and swings on down, hoping the spider is dead and the sailors can be rescued.
21:43 * Levin sheathes his sword and runs over to the railing to provide any assistance he can.
21:44 < Grimbeard> "Ahm afraid it's up to you laddies! Dwarves sink before they swim!"
21:44 < LW_GM> Rhavi manages to extract himself from the spider's webbing.
21:44 * Grimbeard looks to see if he can help another way, like freeing anyone in the web.
21:44 < LW_GM> ((Avan, roll with a +7 bonus (+5 level, +2 Levin).))
21:45 < Chessa> Avan: 1d10+6: 12 (12)
21:45 < Avan> .roll 1d10+6
21:45 * Rhavi sprints to the railing, leaping onto it with the grace of a seasoned sailor. He searches for his first mate's cocooned body in the river.
21:47 < LW_GM> Avan repels down the side of the ship and spots one of the cocoons. He manages to snag it and Levin helps haul him up.
21:47 < Avan> "Well, that's one. See the other?"
21:47 < Rhavi> ((Do I see another cocoon or the spider?))
21:49 < LW_GM> The spider is easy to spot. It's floating on down stream, dragging something that is almost certainly the other cocooned sailer.
21:49 * Dust takes in the state of the deck, looking for any survivors.
21:50 * Avan swims for it. It's got the other sailor. IT'S GOT HIS HANDBOLT.
21:50 < Avan> ((Priorities, yo.))
21:50 * Levin gets out the rope ladder.
21:50 < LW_GM> Dust can not find any survivers other than the group. He does see several burns that smell of acid on the deck of the ship though. Apparently a group of spiders came to your ship, and you barely noticed.
21:50 < LW_GM> ((Avan, straight roll))
21:51 < Chessa> Avan: 1d10-1: 5 (5)
21:51 < Avan> .roll 1d10-1
21:51 * Rhavi sprints along the railing, leapingup to grab a boom. As the boom swings forward he uses the momentum to catapult himself into the air and toward the spider
21:51 * Dust clears away the remaining webbing.
21:51 * Grimbeard prepares his gun again.
21:52 < LW_GM> Unfortunately the Spider is too far downstream for a simple vault to take you to him. Avan manages to catch up to the spider and can see the cocoon thrashing.
21:53 * Rhavi hits the water and begins to swim after Avan and the spider
21:53 < LW_GM> ((Grimbeard, straight roll.))
21:56 * Grimbeard takes aim on the web.
21:56 < Chessa> Grimbeard: 1d10-1: 6 (6)
21:56 < Grimbeard> .roll 1d10-1
21:56 * Avan pulls out his handbolt and, with no one else immediately present, uses it to cut away the cocoon.
21:57 < LW_GM> Grimbeard sights the thread and draws aim. He is about to fire when he notices moveing lights on the shore. He looks again, and yes there are definitely lights moving on the shores of both sides of the river.
21:58 <@Dust> ((Is Dust noting the lights as well?))
21:58 < LW_GM> ((I'll say yes, but GB saw them first, just 'cause he was actually looking for something.))
21:59 * Grimbeard will take his shot and then look more closely at the lights.
21:59 < LW_GM> Avan manages to peel away the webbing from the sailor. He seems to be convulsing, thrashing about and if you're not careful he could very easily drown you both. Rhavi manages to catch up to the pair.
22:00 * Dust pauses in clearing away the webs, eyes narrowing to sight over the bow at the lights. ((It was morning, yes? How dark is it out here to need lights?))
22:00 < LW_GM> With a loud *crack* and a slightly softer *snap* the thread is severed. The spider drifts off downstream.
22:01 < LW_GM> However, the lights seem to have noticed the noise and are now heading in the boat's general direction.
22:01 * Grimbeard takes a closer look at the lights.
22:01 < LW_GM> ((It's actually late afternoon, and very heavily overcast.))
22:02 < LW_GM> The lights seem to be fire, specifically lanterns or torches. This /probably/ means people, though it's not entirely impossible it's more spiders.
22:03 * Rhavi helps Avan to begin hauling the sailor toward the ship
22:03 < Rhavi> "Get his other side!"
22:03 * Avan does so, taking the lead of the person far more experienced with water.
22:03 <@Dust> ((How far out are Rhavi and Avan? Levin and Grim are still on the ship?))
22:03 * Grimbeard keeps watching the lights.
22:03 < LW_GM> ((Not far. Probably within range of a coil of rope.))
22:04 < Levin> ((Levin's still on the ship, presently keeping an eye on the rope ladder he lowered.))
22:04 < Avan> ((Or the aforementioned unrolled rope ladder?))
22:04 < Avan> "…do we tie him to the rope and have them haul him aboard?"
22:04 < LW_GM> ((the ladder isnt' really long enough to be cast out to you.))
22:05 < Avan> ((There is also Avan's coil of rope, still tied to the railing.))
22:05 < Avan> ((Is that long enough?))
22:05 < Rhavi> "Aye! He needs the servcies of the medic immediately."
22:05 < LW_GM> ((Yep.))
22:06 < LW_GM> ((Probably anyway.))
22:06 < Avan> "Heeey up there! I left some rope on the railing! Toss it out here, we've got a sailor who needs the medic, or at least to be out of the water!"
22:07 <@Dust> ((Anything noteworthy happening with the lights?))
22:07 * Levin gets to doing that immediately.
22:08 * Grimbeard approaches Levin.
22:08 < Grimbeard> "We are nah alone, lad."
22:08 * Grimbeard motions to the lights.
22:08 < Grimbeard> "They've noticed us, and are on tha way."
22:08 < LW_GM> ((The lights are definitely moving towards you. Or more probably, the loud noises only a dwarf can make.))
22:10 <@Dust> ((How badly undercrewed is the ship now?))
22:10 < Levin> "Is that because they can see us or because of your musket?"
22:11 * Rhavi lashes the sailor securely and tugs at the rope
22:11 < Rhavi> "Haul him up!"
22:11 < LW_GM> ((Not /that/ badly. You could theoretically pilot the ship youself. It would just be very *very* difficult.))
22:11 * Levin starts a-hauling, and enlists the dwarf's capable aid.
22:11 < Rhavi> ((If they only took those five above decks, we are still able to operate. the others were below decks with the cargo.))
22:11 * Grimbeard assists in hauling him up.
22:12 < Rhavi> ((Se we would essentially ahve a skeleton crew fo 12))
22:12 * Avan gets to the rope ladder and climbs up, making sure Rhavi is right behind him.
22:13 * Grimbeard once both are up, he motions to the lights.
22:13 * Rhavi climbs
22:13 < LW_GM> You get the waterloged, poisoned, sailor up on the deck.
22:13 < Grimbeard> "Laddies, we have company."
22:14 <@Dust> "Captain, we need to be under way." He nods towards the lights. "They are… not friendly."
22:14 < Rhavi> "What is that? Some fell river spirit?"
22:14 * Levin ignores Grimbeard completely in favour of working on the poor sailor.
22:14 < Grimbeard> "I havna the foggiest."
22:14 <@Dust> "That would be so nice. But unlikely."
22:14 * Rhavi nods and begins to shout orders, rallying the crew from below decks.
22:15 < Levin> ((Invoking Healing Hands.))
22:15 < Rhavi> "We run the risk of foundering on these thrice damned rocks in the unnatural blackness around us."
22:15 < LW_GM> Some of the lights are now close enough for you to view the people carrying them. They are not spiders. They walk like men, but have the heads of animals. They wear robes, and appear to be carring short slender sticks, in addition to the obvious lanterns and torches.
22:15 < Rhavi> "Be ready to fight if we are boarded."
22:15 < Avan> "Is talking to them a risk?"
22:16 < Chessa> Levin: 1d10-1: 8 (8) (Healing Hands)
22:16 < Levin> .roll 1d10-1; Healing Hands
22:16 < Levin> ((I need to know the Difficulty so I can deduct the relevant WP.))
22:16 <@Dust> "Getting close enough to talk to them is a risk."
22:16 < LW_GM> One of the closer figures aims his (you're pretty sure he's a guy) stick at your boat. A golden beam of light launches out of the end of the stick, burning a nice hole in the railing less than an inch from Grimbeard's head.
22:17 * Avan brings his rope back aboard.
22:17 * Grimbeard steps back, annoyed.
22:17 < Avan> "…we need to be underway."
22:17 * Levin looks up at /that/. Does he recognize the robes?
22:17 * Dust glances at the hole. "So, weigh anchor?"
22:17 < Grimbeard> "Ahk, if that's how ya wanna play, lets play!"
22:17 < LW_GM> ((Levin: 5 wp))
22:17 < Rhavi> "I'm working on it! Haul the damned anchor already! Full sails, don't hold anything back!"
22:17 * Grimbeard prepares his gun again.
22:18 < LW_GM> ((Levin, make a roll and add your level.))
22:18 < Rhavi> "Somebody get the freed men on the sweeps! We needs more speed."
22:18 * Avan hauls anchor!
22:19 < Chessa> Levin: 1d10+4: 7 (7)
22:19 < Levin> .roll 1d10+4
22:20 < LW_GM> Levin doesn't recognise the robes, they're just dirty old robes, but he does recognize the animal masks, and more importantly the golden beam that shot by one of the figures.
22:20 < Avan> "Hey captain, if we don't go too fast, can we use the forward sweeps to feel out the rocks?"
22:21 < Levin> ((So…what are they? :P))
22:21 < Levin> "Uh. Those are Cenerese Druids. Kill them."
22:21 < Levin> "Do not let even one survive if at all possible."
22:22 < Grimbeard> "I will try ma best lad!"
22:22 <@Dust> "You're very confident in our abilities." ((How many druids are there?))
22:22 < Rhavi> "Not really, no. By the time the sweeps hit they will just splinter the sweeps. The hull is as reinforced as we could make it. We need to trust the ship now."
22:22 < Levin> "You know how Herbwardens such as myself aim to preserve life? Cenerese Ruids would rather erase it from Magnamund."
22:22 < LW_GM> Levin just gave everyone quite a tall order. There are at least ten lights, and presumably as many druids, on /each/ side of the river.
22:23 <@Dust> "Poor odds. Though we may fare well if all are as poor a shot as the first one."
22:24 < Rhavi> "Don't bet on it. If they hit the ship in the right places we are quite literally sunk."
22:24 < LW_GM> ((The druid fired from outside musket range and came within an inch of the dwarf's head. Not a bad shot at all I would think.))
22:24 < Avan> "Shouldn't they have started there?"
22:24 < Levin> "They were aiming more to kill us rather than sink the ship."
22:25 < Avan> "Let us away, and report them to those who can return in enough numbers to take them out."
22:25 < Rhavi> "It's really the same damned thing you know." Steers to port.
22:25 < Levin> "Directly, I mean."
22:25 < Rhavi> "Yes, Let us away…if you can call the winds up and get the rocks to move now woul dbe the time."
22:26 < LW_GM> ((So you are pulling anchor and moving out?))
22:26 < Avan> ((Yep))
22:26 <@Dust> ((I had hoped we had done that a bit ago.))
22:26 * Levin finishes up with the sailor. "Anyone have a spare bow?"
22:26 < LW_GM> ((Rhavi, make a roll and add your level.))
22:27 < Rhavi> (9We did do that awhile ago))
22:27 < Avan> ((-9 +( ))
22:27 < Chessa> Rhavi: 1d10 +4: 4 (4), 4 (4)
22:27 < Rhavi> .roll 1d10 +4
22:27 < Avan> ((So, 8 total))
22:27 < Rhavi> ((Seriously Chessa……))
22:27 <@Dust> ((Is there a storehouse of arrows on the ship? Or cannons?))
22:27 < Levin> ((Protip: no spaces when using .roll.))
22:28 < Rhavi> ((I have a dwarf, so no cannon. Arrows I could make a case for))
22:28 < Levin> ((You want spaces, you use .math and also forego the ability to use # and ,))
22:28 < Rhavi> ((thanks))
22:29 < LW_GM> Rhavi manages to avoid any rocks, sandbars, or other obstacles. Quite impressive given that it's near twilight conditions.
22:30 < LW_GM> After about ten miles down the river you're reasonably certain that you have lost the plague druids.
22:31 * Dust glances around, noting the area and marking it on his map, for when he returns to the monastery.
22:31 < Levin> "I think the Cenerese would adequately explain the upstream villagers' concerns about this river all by themselves."
22:32 * Rhavi orders the sails tacked, but keeps the sweeps rowing at a steady pace
22:32 <@Dust> "Quite. Curious that they have penetrated this far in without being noticed."
22:32 < Rhavi> "Tell us about them. What can they do?"
22:32 * Levin relates all that he knows of Cenerese from the lore he learned in his classwork.
22:33 < LW_GM> Grimbeard perfroms certain tests known only to his kind, and finds disheartening news. Of the remaining he has left to him, he only trusts five to fire at all, and of those five only two to fire properly.
22:33 * Grimbeard is very saddened by this find.
22:34 < LW_GM> ((But he's keeping it to himself apparently.))
22:34 < Avan> "Well. One more thing to report."
22:35 < Avan> "Are the rivers usually this dangerous?"
22:35 < Grimbeard> "Ahk, this is bad."
22:35 < Rhavi> "Not usually, no."
22:35 < Rhavi> "What is it, Grimbeard?"
22:37 * Dust takes a glance at the dwarf's tools spread before him. "Ruined powder? Hmm."
22:38 < Grimbeard> "Only two shots left. Mebbe five if ahm lucky. I need to restock my powder."
22:39 <@Dust> "Any major port should have boom powder. Captain, how long til we reach our destination?"
22:41 < LW_GM> Night has fallen, though you can barely tell with the cloud cover.
22:42 < Rhavi> "Two days at best. if we get another storm or have more delays it could be longer."
22:43 < Avan> "Hmm. Hey Levin, these druids - are these the same Cenerese of Ruel? I passed within sight of the place on my journey."
22:43 < Avan> "I'm…*fairly* certain they didn't follow me all the way here."
22:44 < LW_GM> ((You shouldn't have stolen the thirteen treasures of Ruel.))
22:44 < Avan> ((I was trying to get an animal mascot and a wise sorceress companion?))
22:45 < Rhavi> "If they can control the weather we are in for a long trip. Why would they be following us in the first place? Do they contract out to the darklords?"
22:46 < Levin> "Yes, unless they traveled all the way here from Kaum."
22:46 < LW_GM> ((The Cenar certainly can control the weather. However they tend to view the Darklords, when they're feeling charitable as rivals, and when they're not as upstart punks.))
22:47 <@Dust> "They are wicked analogs to the Elder Magi and the Herbalish. Though I have heard of hidden temples in Sommerlund, it seemed too fanciful to believe."
22:47 < Rhavi> "So we double back and slit their throats as they sleep."
22:47 < Levin> "And…they might. Certainly they /have/ been corrupted by the Lords of Decay and the God of Pestilence."
22:47 < Avan> "We double back with an army at our back."
22:48 < Avan> "If we go alone, and we fail, how many more will die? The locals know enough to warn people away."
22:48 < LW_GM> ((Several if you can manage it.))
22:48 < Levin> "I'm going to have to send word to the rest of my order, as well."
22:48 * Rhavi grunts
22:48 <@Dust> "As long as we are transporting innocents, we do nothing of the sort. Informing the Knights is enough, for now."
22:49 < Rhavi> "Are they responsible for the spiders?"
22:49 <@Dust> "Likely."
22:49 < Levin> "I would not be surprised."
22:50 < LW_GM> ((They have licenses they pay to the loca spider-warden.))
22:50 < Avan> "Weather control. Animal masks. Can they control beasts as well?"
22:50 * Rhavi steers the helm in silence
22:51 <@Dust> "It isn't hard to influence animals, if one chooses to study such arts."
22:51 <@Dust> "And whatever native talents they may have is bolstered by their dark magic."
22:51 < Levin> "They're druids. /I'm/ a druid. Pretty much anything they can do, so can I, with the right tools and mindset."
22:52 < Grimbeard> "Well, there's nuthin we kin do about em now. If we didn't have hurt on board I would feel different. I say we report this to the proper authorities an be dun with it, at least for now."
22:53 < LW_GM> ((Now that you're a ways from the druid, now might be a good time to weigh anchor as it is night and overcast.))
22:53 < Rhavi> "When we have safely delivered our passengers I will return."
22:53 <@Dust> "Agreed. Given that you are inordinately skilled, Captain, how dangerous would it be to press on through the night?"
22:53 < LW_GM> ((Otherwise, I'm going to have Rhavi start making rolls at pretty hefty penalties.))
22:53 < Rhavi> "How long can you tread water?"
22:54 < Avan> "…let's find a good spot to weigh anchor."
22:54 <@Dust> "We'll need to keep a watch then."
22:54 <@Dust> "If I am right, and there is a nearby temple, they will be… displeased that we escaped."
22:55 < Levin> "I will be tending to my patients below, now that we are mostly out of danger." He heads below.
22:55 < Rhavi> "We will disembark at that outcropping there. "He points to a small section of the bank that dips in closer to the shore.
22:55 < LW_GM> ((Sure they might be slightly miffed, but it's not like a Cennar /has/ a good mood.))
22:56 < Rhavi> "Stretch your lages, do your business, but everyone sleeps on board tonight. Triple watch duty."
22:56 < Rhavi> ((legs))
22:56 < LW_GM> ((I thoguht you were stealing Grimbeard's accent for a second.))
22:57 < Grimbeard> ((Nevah!!!!!))
22:57 * Rhavi gives the order to drop anchor
22:57 * Dust settles in for a long night keeping watch.
22:57 < Avan> "I'll take third shift."
22:57 * Rhavi paces the deck, the gry hound appearing at his heels
22:57 * Avan heads below to get some sleep already.
22:57 < LW_GM> * LOG END *

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