2 Sept 12

The Dreams the characters had before the session started.

LW GM: You are awake. In a bed. At the Crystal Swan. The sun peeks through the window and you suddenly realize that you are hungry and must now eat a meal. Still, you think you can stave off your hunger long enough to get to the common area and order a breakfast.
Levin heads into the commons for his breakfast, musing quietly to himself.
Rhavi jerks awake, the rumbling of thunder in the dream fading to the more mundane rumble in his belly. Good hting that breakfast comes with the room.
Avan does as Levin, remembering that the price they paid last night includes breakfast.
Rhavi heads down to the common room,
Levin: "Mornin'. Ominous dream this morning?"
GrimBeard awakens with a snort. Pulling himself together, he heads to the common room.
Dust rises and completes his packing before moving into the common area for breaking the fast.
LW GM: The fare is humble, porridge with honey, but it smells delicious, and you already paid for it.
Avan: "Indeed."
GrimBeard: "Ya could say tha' laddie."
Avan: "Shall we compare?"
Rhavi smiles grimly
Rhavi: "A mirror calm sea on the deck of the //Albatross// with a voice below decks whispering Kalte..Kalte…"
Levin: "Cliff near a forest. Encounter with a corruption of Cenerese druids, with the wind suggesting I turn 'round."
Dust settles in at the table, listening as he eats his porridge (hey, there's honey in it; compared to the monastery, this is decadence).
GrimBeard: "Me in a classroom full o' wee little kiddies. I 'ave a candle, and am touchin it to their heads. The skin disappears an spiders come ou' an wanna eat me."
Levin: "…I think that trumps the rest of ours."
Rhavi: "That depends…the storm was getting ready to start in mine. Which echos something very ominous that our prospective captain said last evening about there being an ill turn of events and coincidence."
Avan: "A graveyard in a garden. A bandanged man walked down a path to a sarcophagus. He pushed its lid weakly - too weakly for it to move."
Dust: "Another reference to Kalte. Interesting. Levin, did you recognize the cliff? Grimbeard, the classroom, Avan, the garden?"
Avan headshakes. "It had two stone trees I was hiding in the shadow of. The tombs were not very orderly. That matches no place I can recall from my waking travels."
Levin ponders on that one a bit. /Does/ he?
GrimBeard: "Nah. It was definitely a classroom of Bor, but I didna recognize tha room itself, no."
Avan …considers, and once breakfast is downed, leafs through his book to see if he can identify the plants he saw in the dream - and where they are known to grow.
Dust: "What about any of the children, Grimbeard? Or, perhaps, the candle?"
Rhavi: "And what about you, Dust? Any dreams?"
Dust: "I always dream."
[OOC] LW GM: @Levin You recognize it as the same place as the prior dream, but it's nowhere you've ever been waking.
GrimBeard: "Nuthin looked specifically familiar."
Rhavi: He grunts, "Fine, be cryptic"
Levin: "Same place as the dream before, but not one I've been to awake."
[OOC] LW GM: Okay!
Rhavi: "If you gents will excuse me, I have to go book us passage to Duernor while he rest of you take care of our business here."
Avan: "This Brotherhood, does it have people skilled in interpreting such prophecies?"
Avan continues to leaf through his book.
[OOC] LW GM: 'Skilled' is a strong term. There are people in the brotherhood who claim to be able to… but…
[OOC] Avan: Avan knows this not.
[OOC] LW GM: But now the others can clue you in as you asked aloud.
[OOC] Dust: Any handy Kloon sages in the area? I took 'sense kloon sage'. Really.
[OOC] Avan: Indeed.
[OOC] Rhavi: Like Rhavi has any idea.
Rhavi sticks around to hear the answer to the question
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 6 (6)
Dust: "The mages have a wide area of expertise, but I do not know if dreams is one of them."
Avan: "Hmm."
[OOC] Avan: Roll to recognize the plants in the book, or…?
[OOC] LW GM: ? What plants? Or are you just doing your homework?
[OOC] Avan: The plants in the garden in his dream.
Rhavi heads out toward the skydocks
[OOC] Avan: Gardens have plants, right?
[OOC] Avan: Or was this a rock garden?
[OOC] LW GM: Ah.
LW GM: Avan can not seem to find the plants in the book. But it's only for local plants anyway. It's possible the garden is somewhere more exotic.
Avan puts the book away. "Well, wherever it was, assuming the dream is accurate, the garden was not around here."
Dust finishes his meal and rises. "Time to meet with the mage guild. Grimbeard, the alchemist should be open now." Dust heads to the door, then turns back. "My knowledge of the Telchoi, of dwarves, of the Herbwardens is limited. Are dreams like these common for you?"
[OOC] LW GM: No they are not.
GrimBeard: "Nah this often."
GrimBeard: "Wan I should come wit ya Dust? Strength in numbers an all tha rot."
Levin: "Not that I'm aware of, no."
Avan: "Nay."
[OOC] Dust: I think Rhavi has left by now? Otherwise, the same question was posed to him.
Avan: "We have our own skilled in prophecies…" Avan stands. "…but I was never one of them."
[OOC] Rhavi: Yes I did
Dust nods at the answers. "Tch. It narrows the field, at least." Then, to Grimbeard: "If you like."
GrimBeard nods and gets up to accompany Dust.
Avan: "Ah, you're going together? I thought you had separate destinations."
Avan: "I was about to ask Levin which of you which of us shall guard."
Dust: "They are close enough together, and it seems unwise for any to travel alone under these circumstances. You could join with us, as you like."
Avan: "Rhavi is going alone."
Avan: "Hmm."
Avan: "…I shall track and guard him." Avan nods, and then is gone.
Rhavi wanders through the town keeping a wary eye out for prospective ambushes
Dust nods. "Yes. That one is impetuous. Levin, shall you join us? The word of an Herbwarden can do nothing but help convince the Brotherhood to aid us."
LW GM: Rhavi, shadowed by Avan, makes his way to the north side of the skydock. It is simple to pick out Sornath from the crowd.
[OOC] LW GM: Where is the other party going first?
Levin: "Guess I'll be going with you two, then."
[OOC] Rhavi: have I noticed my tail?
[OOC] LW GM: I don't feel like having you two roll off, so I'm going to fiat 'no'.
Rhavi: "Permission to board, Captain!?"
Dust turns and leaves, heading towards the Magician's Guild.
LW GM: Sornath looks down and yells "Granted. Welcome aboard Captain Rhavi! Where is your dwarven pugilist?"
[OOC] Dust: Did Levin have anyplace he wanted to go?
[OOC] Levin: Not really.
Rhavi: "Making things explode I would wager!" He climbs the ladder. "I hope that your morning has gone well. I see Telmac has recovered nicely."
LW GM: The tower is a much different place during the day. Busier as well. It would seem The Brotherhood is open for business.
LW GM: "Oh your friend was quite gentle with him. Nothing worse than bruises. My day has indeed been well. I hope you have found yours so as well…"
Dust studies the tower briefly. Is the door open, or is there someone outside to speak with?
Rhavi: "Overall, yes. Do you have a few minutes to discuss what we spoke about last night?"
LW GM: "I do. I do indeed. And due to your friend's display last night, I am prepared to offer a discount over my normal rates. Though I must know how large your party will be."
Rhavi: "There will be five of us, and we can help with ship duties and watches to discount that rate even further."
LW GM: The door to the tower is open and a man, dressed very similarly to Dranar, is sitting at a desk.
LW GM: Sornath purses his lip and mutters to himself, "Five." Then in a normal voice, "Yes I believe I can accommodate your party. And if you are willing to take on duties, and you as an experienced captain, I am prepared to waive the fee entirely."
Dust walks up to the man at the desk. "I am Dust Fox, a Kai Lord on a mission for the king. I must speak with your guildmaster on a matter of the greatest urgency."
Rhavi: "Done and done." He holds his hand out.
LW GM: The man starts when Dust mentions the Kai. "I..I..I will see if he is available." He then rushes off, leaving you alone.
[OOC] LW GM: Do you wish to search his desk for loose change?
Dust waits.
[OOC] Dust: That wouldn't really be a 'kai lord' thing to do. Grimbeard, Levin, search his desk for loose change.
[OOC] Levin: Wouldn't be an Herbwardenly thing to do, either.
LW GM: Sornath clasps Rhavi's hand and seals the agreement. "Excellent. We set sail tomorrow at first light. I look forward to sailing with you, Captain."
[OOC] Rhavi: It's on you Grim
GrimBeard also waits.
[OOC] LW GM: Grimbeard looks up from the desk. "What?"
Rhavi: "As we do with you. We will board tonight to ensure that we do not hold you up."
Rhavi: "May I have a quick tour of the ship, Captain?"
Avan is behind Sornath. "Indeed."
LW GM: The man returns hurridly. "The Guildmaster will see you now. Please follow me." He then heads up a winding stair.
Levin follows Dust following the man.
GrimBeard follows also.
LW GM: The man leads you through a set of double doors where the guildmaster awaits. "A Kai Lord? What can the brotherhood do for the Kai Order?"
[OOC] LW GM: GB just didn't want witnesses when he ransacked the desk.
Rhavi nods to Avan "Customarily you should ask permission to board, Avan…"
Sornath: "Of course. But shouldn't we wait for the rest of your comrades?"
Rhavi: "Oh, I don't think that they would mind."
Dust bows. "Thank you for seeing us on such short notice. There is a demon loose in southern Sommerlund, summoned by an infestation of Cener Druids. While the southern garrisons distract it, the king has dispatch us," indicating Grimbeard and Levin, "and two others to acquire weapons capable of defeating this demon. Our visit here is twofold: first, to warn the brotherhood to be on guard against…
Dust …further threats, and second, to make use of your wisdom in searching out information on these weapons. We know little more than that they are located in Durenor. "
LW GM: "Very well. Please follow me the pair of you." He then leads you on a tour of his impressive Sky Vessel. It is obviously more suited to carrying cargo than to accommodate passengers. Still, at least it /is/ meant to carry some passengers, unlike Delmar's sky ship.
Dust: "And then, there is one other matter, though it pales in comparison to the rest of our mission."
Avan: "Ahh, I shall make a note of that."
Avan takes extensive mental notes on the ship, in particular how it works.
Rhavi looks around with a practiced eye, noting all of the places that cargo of the illegitimate kind could be stashed (Golden Eye)
Rhavi makes careful note of how the ship works as well.
LW GM: The Guildmaster raises his eyebrow. "Weapons capable of defeating a demon that reside in Durenor? And that is all you know? Surely you must at least have names for these weapons."
[OOC] Dust: Did we?
[OOC] Rhavi: I don't think so, no
[OOC] LW GM: You did. The Weapons of Ishir
[OOC] Rhavi: Or that, yeah.
[OOC] Dust: Didn't see anything in the log. Hmm.
Dust: "They are known as the Weapons of Ishir."
[OOC] LW GM: "They have been kept together in Hammerdal, locked away from the forces of the Darklands who would destroy them. Here." he removes one of his rings and hands it to Dust. "With this seal, you will be allowed to take the Weapons of Ishir and defend Sommerlund from Naar's most recent incursion."
[OOC] LW GM: And yes, I misspelled Ishir. Many times.
Rhavi ohhs and ahhs at the appropriate places on the ship.
LW GM: "Ah, the Weapons of Ishir. And tell me, how did you come to know of these weapons? It is not exactly common knowledge. In fact, we of the brotherhood have worked hard to keep it from being common knowledge."
Avan hos and has, his appreciation of the timber taking on an analytic timbre.
LW GM: Sornath concludes the tour with an invitation for all of you to join him for dinner on his ship.
Rhavi: "Thank you Captain, we will certainly do that."
Dust: "As I said, this mission comes from our king."
LW GM: "And I would never impune the integrity of the Kai Order, but I must point out, that anyone can put on a green cloak."
Avan bows his concurrence with Rhavi.
Rhavi: "Let's go find the others, Avan."
[OOC] Dust: Is he asking for proof that Dust is a kai lord?
[OOC] LW GM: Not exactly. He's asking for proof that you're working for the king. Proving your a Kai Lord would qualify as The Kai do not lie casually.
[OOC] LW GM: Though there is another way to prove you're working for the king…
Levin: "The ring we were given, Dust." He nods to the senior mage. "I am an Herbwarden of Bautar."
Dust nods. "That is true. The king did say that this would be necessary to retrieve the Weapons if Ishir." Dust withdraws the King's Seal from an inner pocket, holding it in his hand for the Guildmaster to see.
[OOC] Dust: …the guildmaster's going to be a Helghast, isn't he?
LW GM: The guildmaster bows to Levin. "It is always a pleasure to work with our allies in Bautar."
[OOC] Levin: I'd have detected it if he were.
Levin bows back. "The pleasure is mine, guildmaster."
[OOC] Dust: So should Dust, but this mission hasn't exactly been fraught with sunshine and cotton candy.
Avan follows Rhavi off the ship - then wordlessly takes the lead once off, heading right for the tower.
LW GM: The guildmaster leans in to examine the ring, but does not reach for it or touch it. "I see. Yes the ring is genuine. I apologize for my suspicions, but you alarmed me that you knew the weapons of Ishir were in Durenor. That fact is… was… one of our most carefully guarded secrets."
Rhavi follows along
Dust replaces the ring inside his pocket. "I understand. I would not normally be so direct, Guildmaster. However, our journey has already taken several days, and every passing moment is bought by the lives of good men."
LW GM: "As much as I want to tell you the legend of The Weapons of Ishir, as you say time is pressing. Very well, the weapons are indeed in Durenor as the King told you. Specifically they are in Hammerdal, guarded by a member of our order. Go to Hammerdal and find Kanden. Show him the ring and he will show you the way to the Weapons. Even with Kanden's aid, getting the weapons will be no easy
LW GM: task I think. As for what the weapons do… I have never layed eyes on them. I am sorry, but I truly have no idea what they even look like. "
LW GM: Rhavi and Avan enter the tower and see a man, slightly out of breath, sitting at a desk in a lobby.
Rhavi: "Ah, there's the man we need to speak to. The Kai Lord, which way did he go?"
LW GM: The man goggles at Rhavi. "Ah… the Kai Lord is meeting the Guildmaster. I'm sure they are very busy."
Rhavi he smiles, making the serpent tattoo writhe
Rhavi: "Which. Way."
Avan looks to Rhavi. "Think he'll make time for us?"
Dust nods. "Whether it is easy or not, it needs must be done. You have been of enormous help, Guildmaster. There is one other thing, in comparison, merely a trifle. What do you know about the Kazim Stones?"
LW GM: The man looks like he's going to resist, but then he shrugs the shrug of a man pushing a problem above his paygrade. "He is upstairs, at the end of the hall."
Rhavi: "Thank you." Heads that way.
Avan does as well.
Rhavi knocks politely
LW GM: "The Kazim Stones? Very little I'm afraid. The Kai are quite vehement when it comes to destroying any they encounter, which makes studying them quite difficult as you can imagine. Still, those who carry it but do not succumb to it's power have the strangest dreams…"
LW GM: The guldmaster looks up at the knock. "Who is it?"
Rhavi cracks the door open
Rhavi: "When you are done, gents, we're out here."
Rhavi closes the door again
LW GM: "Ah."
Dust: "They are with us. Guildmaster, would you like to have such a stone to study?"
Avan stands around outside. "So that is an office?"
LW GM: The Guildmaster blinks at Dust. "Very much so, but you are certain to have your hands quite full to overflowing obtaining the Weapons of Ishir and defeating the demon to go out in search of a Kazim Stone as well. Still… I thank you for the offer."
Rhavi: "it is, yes."
Dust opens his backpack, taking out the wrapped bundle. "We have had, it seems, a rather interesting journey already. And this happened to place itself in our path."
Avan: "Hmm. For some reason I pictured it as being more like that throne room."
[OOC] Levin: Rescued a necromancer from it, IIRC, right?
[OOC] Dust: No, this was before that, with the Shadakine Wytch.
Rhavi: "Oh no. Most offices are quite smaller than that. You're not wrong with your analogy though."
Dust: "Much evil has already infiltrated Sommerlund. Where in the past we would destroy the tools of our enemies, it may be necessary to study them now. They know our secrets already. It is time we learned theirs."
LW GM: The Guildmaster gapes openly at the stone before a look of deep concern crosses his face. "You mean to tell me that on the way here from Holmgard, you stumbled across a Kazim Stone?"
Dust: "Yes."
LW GM: "That. That is dire news indeed."
Levin: "And rescued a wytch from it. Or vice-versa."
Dust: "It was one of what seemed an endless set of distractions."
GrimBeard: "Dangerous bit there, laddie. Be cautious. Fer yer own sake."
Avan frowns. "A…miniature throne room? That would defeat the point, would it not?"
Rhavi: "A place of doing business that is official. More of the point of an office."
LW GM: "Then while we can still pray that the location of the Weapons of Ishir remains a secret, I am afraid we can say that your mission to recover them… is not."
LW GM: ***LOG END***
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