22 Aug 12

LW GM: The flight was, as Rhavi took every opportunity to mention, magnificent. The whole of the forest was spread out beneath you. Dranan and Gelmar tell you that the winds were with you and you made good time. The sun is just setting as you descend into Toran, into what appears to be a dock for Skyships.
LW GM: Dranan suggests that it is rather late to attempt to commission a Skyship and Gelmar suggests several inns where you could spend the night, The Crystal Swan in particular boasts a clientele that consists primarly of Skyship crew and captains, he is given to understand.
Rhavi eyes up the skyships at dock for the fastest bird…
Avan: "Sounds like our best bet. Dust, you're best to handle negotiations, aye?"
Levin: "I'll be along shortly; need to stock more herbs. Meet you there for supper?"
Rhavi: "I will go with Levin, if that is alright. I want to look around a bit more."
Levin nods agreeably to Rhavi.
Avan: "…we should split into at most two groups. No one go alone. Grim, are you with them or Dust?"
Avan: "I admit to a preference to look around with Levin and Rhavi, if that is alright, but only if that does not leave Dust unguarded."
Rhavi: "If Master Grim is with him he is anything but unguarded, and in the safest hands I know."
Avan: "If, yes. Grim?"
GrimBeard: "Aye, ah'll go with Dust, if'n that is alrigh with you, Boss."
Rhavi waves him on
GrimBeard nods.
[OOC] LW GM: So the groups are Avan+Rhavi+Levin, and GB+Dust yes?
[OOC] Rhavi: Yes
[OOC] LW GM: All right. I'll go with the larger group until Dust returns then.
Rhavi continues to look at the Skyships as the the trio walks around the docks.
LW GM: Despite the late hour and your unfamiliarity with this city, you have little problem finding a clean herbshop in the marketplace. A plump cheeked woman approaches Levin, "Can I help you sir?"
Levin: "Yes, ma'am; I'd like to buy some herbs. I'm afraid my stocks are running a bit low due to my recent adventures."
Rhavi looks around while Levin buys his herbs
Levin makes his selections, shrewdly and with a /very/ practiced eye.
LW GM: The Crystal Swan has what appears to be a swan cut from a diamond painted over it's door as it's sign. The inside is smokey with a bar at the far side of the room. It's not an especially crowded night, there are plenty of empty seats.
LW GM: The plump cheeked proprieter arches an eyebrow at Levin's obvious expertice and soon finds herself talking shop with him while bringing him her wares.
Dust takes the opportunity to scout the city and locate the Magician's Guild, to facilitate speaking with them in the morning. Also to locate any probable areas of ambush, given how this mission has gone from start til now…
Avan lends Levin's and the shopkeeper's discussion an ear, trying to osmoise knowledge.
Levin: "…and if you have a good book on herblore, or know where I might find one, I think my companion here would be quite interested."
Rhavi: "Ah, both of us, I think."
Levin: "…Companions. I stand corrected."
LW GM: The magician's guild is incredibly easy to find. The center of the city is dominated by the huge tower that is both the tallest structure in the city and the home of the mage guild. Dust's senses, both mundane and supernatural, can find no hint of danger or malice, at least not directed at him and Grimbeard.
Dust examines the layout of the Guild. Are there candles burning in windows, or other signs that suggest people are still working?
LW GM: The woman purses her lips in thought, "I have a couple of tomes that I can part with. They're not the most adavanced treasties on herbology you understand, but should at least be enough to get them started. I could part with them for 3 crowns each."
GrimBeard is looking for two things. A pub to whet his whistle, and a place to restock on boom powder.
Rhavi: "Or I could go to a book keeper and find the same tomes for two, I would wager."
[OOC] LW GM: Is Grimbeard leaving his bodyguard post to search for bombpowder?
[OOC] LW GM: and a pub?
GrimBeard is waiting for Dusts business to be settled of course.
Levin lets Rhavi handle that particular negotiation.
Avan: "We can share a tome."
Rhavi: "So which would it be, Mistress Herbwarden? Four crowns for the both of them?"
LW GM: The woman throws her hands up, "you are certainly welcome to try, however I rather doubt it. Also I am keeping the store open after closing time in respect to a fellow herber. And I doubt any book stores are open now."
LW GM: "Three crowns. Each."
Rhavi: "How desperate are you to have this tonight, Avan?"
Avan shrugs. "Not. But I know not what the value is."
Rhavi looks to Levin
Rhavi: "Are they worth three crowns each?"
[OOC] LW GM: Avan clearly needs it so he can sleep, so pretty desperate.
[OOC] Avan: :P
Avan: "I have seen books for cheap, and books for expensive."
LW GM: The woman gives Rhavi a thin smile. "They are worth five at least."
Rhavi shrugs
Rhavi: "I'll have my friend's advice all the same."
Levin: "Permit me to examine them, please; I am an Herbalish druid-if I cannot estimate their value, I will pay the going rate plus 10% on these herbs."
LW GM: The woman hands Levin two books, which he recognizes as basic, but competent, herbology texts. Five crowns is frankly quite low. He has seen them for ten each. The woman must need to move some stock.
Levin whistles. "These are /well/ worth it, Rhavi and Avan. I would imagine she needs the room if she's willing to let them go for three crowns each."
Rhavi without another word he takes out three crowns and hands them over
Avan does likewise.
Rhavi: "Thank you for the wonderful deal, Mistress Herbwarden."
LW GM: The lower flores of the tower are dark, however there are many windows on the upper flores that have lights. It is said that the Brotherhood never sleeps, though they do close for business it seams.
LW GM: The woman takes the crowns with a wordless nod and hands over the books.
Dust nods, and turns to Grim. "Tomorrow then. Are there any supplies you need, or should we return to the inn?"
Avan examines the two books. Which one seems more his speed?
GrimBeard 's eyes light up.
GrimBeard: "Ah was hopin' to find some boom powda, and then hit a pub. Interested?"
Levin accepts the books and, eyeing Avan and Rhavi, distributes them according to some internal calculation. He then settles the bill with the herbalist, not bothering to dicker overmuch over the herbs-she's a rare woman, that.
LW GM: One book has glorious full color pictures of various plants, some of which you have already seen in Sommerlund. The other has much smaller black and white pictures and much more text. How well can Avan read will probably answer the question.
Dust: "Indeed. That powder, and your skills with it, have proven invaluable."
GrimBeard smiles.
GrimBeard: "Thank ya laddie."
Avan is probably given the former. Reading skill aside, color can be VITALLY important in identifying these things - and his language home is further from here. Either way, he gets to comparing the pictures to what he has seen in his travels.
LW GM: A short wandering of the marketplace finds few shops still remain open. Most of those that are, are of the Pub persuasion, but Dust and Grimbeard find an alchemist supply shop that should have the ingredients he needs. It is closed, but you not it's location for tomorrow.
Rhavi puts the book away for later perusal
[OOC] LW GM: Both of the books are backpack items
Avan has the book stowed by the time they leave.
GrimBeard: "Sooo….pub?"
Levin secrets his herbs about his person according to some inner heirarchy. "Well, now. Let's be off. Much thanks again, ma'am, and I shall certainly recommend you to my fellow Herbwardens."
[OOC] Dust: Was there a bar and/or booze available at the Crystal Swan?
Rhavi: "Now, off to meet the others. I imagine that a sailors bar will be the same whether they be air riders or sea…"
Levin: "Smells might be different, mind."
Avan: "Knowing Grimbeard, which pub is he likely to seek out?"
Rhavi: "The one that what's his name told us about."
[OOC] LW GM: Yes, there was a bar at the Crystal Swan
[OOC] Avan: Only the one?
[OOC] LW GM: What do you mean?
[OOC] Avan: Only one bar?
Dust rests his hand on Grimbeard's shoulder. "I think what you're seeking can be found at our Inn. Gelmar suggested the Crystal Swan. Best to sleep tonight - or drink, as preferred - and be about our business all the earlier."
[OOC] LW GM: Yes.
[OOC] Levin: Sure. It's mounted just in front of the door so everyone's subjected to a bad bar joke. :P
Avan: "Right, let's go." Avan seeks it out.
GrimBeard: "Aye. Don wanna wake up late agin. Leaned my lesson on tha I did."
LW GM: By a strange contrivan.. I mean coincidence, you all meet up just ouside the Crystal Swan.
Avan: "Hello there! Did you find what you sought?"
GrimBeard: "Couldna find an open store fer boom powda, but ah'll check back in the mornin'. How about you all?"
Rhavi: "After a fashion, yes."
Avan: "Got a deal on some books, so we can learn about the herbs around here."
Dust nods. "Neither the Guild nor the alchemist's were receiving visitor's so late. I'll speak with the Brothers in the morning, while the Captain secures us sky-ship passage to Durenor?"
Avan: "Sounds like a plan. Shall we get a room and dinner?"
Levin nods.
Rhavi: "I will do what I can. I know that some of these birds are faster than others, an dnow it's just a matter of finding the right captain."
Rhavi: "Let's see how the other half live." He opens the door to the Inn.
LW GM: You are hungry and must now eat, or at least order, a meal.
Rhavi motions to the server for a plate of whatever is on the spit
Dust steps inside, taking a moment to survey the crowd before claiming a table.
Levin orders the house special and a round of small beer for the party.
Avan checks the prices. Do they have a menu, or just one dish for all?
Rhavi follows Dust to the tab;e of choice, careful to take a seat so that he can case..er..watch..the room
GrimBeard orders a large plate of things that used to be animals.
Avan balances more between that and vegetables.
LW GM: There is a menu written on slate with chalk. There is a faily wide variety of options, but they mostly boil down to the options in the book (which was posted OOC).
Rhavi settles for a smaller meal, but enough to satisfy him. ((Common Meal))
Avan picks one of the options flavored with what the book said was a tasty local herb.
[OOC] Avan: Sounds like it's Common Meals all around.
Dust orders a simple meal, some meat, some cheese, some bread, some wine. And requests a room as well, something quiet. ((Common meal, Common room, 4 GC))
Avan inquires if there is a suite available - say, 5 rooms for less than 10 crowns.
Avan: "That…is the term, yes?"
Rhavi also asks about a place to sleep in the back. The noise won't bother him in the least as long as it's warm.
LW GM: The innkeep purses his lips. "If you want a bulk rate, I can give you five non-posh rooms for 13 crowns. These rooms will include a breakfast."
Rhavi pauses in his negotiations
[OOC] Rhavi: Non posh would be common or poor?
Avan looks to the party.
Levin: "That sounds reasonable." He tosses in his share.
Rhavi nods and does the same
GrimBeard: "Gimme a flat place to sleep an I can sleep anywhere. Doesna bother me a bit."
Rhavi: "I would suggest that you join us, Master Grim.. your boomsticks would be safe from idle hands."
Avan nods. "Dust, how about you?"
Dust shakes his head. "A single for me. We have seen… many unusual sights, and I will need to meditate on these matters."
Avan: "They're five singles."
Avan: "The deal only makes sense if all five of us are in."
[OOC] Dust: Yes, I must have swapped the two lines. That works.
LW GM: A man shoves Grimbeard. "What's the matter shorty? Our rooms not good enough for ya." He looks like a dockworker and reeks of alcohol.
Avan goes over the numbers again - wait, 12 or 16 if they were to separately? Eh, better deal if they are all in.
GrimBeard turns to face him.
Rhavi looks on in amusement, looking at the man's friends, trying to spot the weakest link among them (Golden Eye)
LW GM: The man leers down at him, "You have something you want to say little man?" Behind the dockworker you see some others of his ilk moving closer, presumably to back him up.
GrimBeard: "Ah got no beef with ya or yer rooms stranger. How bouts I buy ya a drink?"
[OOC] Rhavi: Is he drawing a crowd of watchers too?
LW GM: The man's face splits into a wide an unpleasant grin, "Why sure. Drinks, " he empties his tankard over Grimbeard's head, "are on you." He the lets loose a braying laugh.
Rhavi: "Two crowns on the dwarf, who is in?" Begins to circulate the crowd
Levin quietly heads to a far corner so he can dissociate himself from the ensuing fight.
GrimBeard throws his head back and guffaws a mighty dwarven bellow.
[OOC] LW GM: The other patrons look as though this is a common enough event. Though some slip out the door, and doubtlessly on their tab.
Rhavi discreetly ushers the dock hand's friends back as he takes bets, This is between the two of them.
GrimBeard: "Ah see ya want a tussle. No gettin out of it on my end. But I warn ya, we dwarves don' go down easy-like!"
Avan pays the innkeep, gets the room keys, and heads upstairs with the last of his dinner.
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 6 (6)
LW GM: "We'll see little man."
[OOC] LW GM: At the moment, this is one on one. Anyone else joining in?
Dust narrows his eyes. "Be wary, Grim. That man is not drunk."
Rhavi scans the room to see who relaly started this fight by sending the dock hand in
GrimBeard nods, realizing the possible implication to that.
Dust rises, crossing the room towards Levin to offer the druid some cover in the inevitable event this spirals out of control.
Rhavi watches for the ones who seem a little too blase about the fight, or over eager…((Golden Eye))
[OOC] LW GM: Also the man is apparently unarmed, will GB be?
Avan is upstairs…and immediately secures the room in the suite with the best view out the front, so he can see anyone trying to set something up outside.
[OOC] GrimBeard: Yes, until he becomes noticeably armed.
[OOC] GrimBeard: What is his CS?
[OOC] LW GM: 15, so 11 unarmed
Rhavi wanders toward the well dressed man
Rhavi: "Good evenin', sir."
GrimBeard rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 4 Player: -2 Enemy: -8
LW GM: The man nods at Rhavi, and moves asside what looks like a ledger for Rhavi to sit at his table. "Your friend seems feisty. Small, but fierce."
LW GM: The Dockworker brings down a hammerblow onto the top of Grimbeard's head, which he mostly manages to duck. Grimbeard responds with an uppercut to the fork.
Rhavi: He smiles, making the serpent tattoo on his cheek writhe. "He is. Mind telling me why you are setting gargantuan against him?" he sits down, watching the fight with the man and glancing at the ledger.
Rhavi winces appreciatively at Grim's tactics
LW GM: "You wound me sirrah. I do not set Telmar against anyone I do not have to, and I have no grevance with your dwarven friend. Telmar does this wholy of his own accord."
LW GM: The man extends a hand to Rhavi, "My name is Sornath, and I captain The Undaunted. Telmar is my first mate."
Rhavi: "Yes yes, but if his own accord is to gain payment from someone, or some other service..blah blah blah…" He shakes Sornath's hand. " Rhavi, Captain of the Albatross, though she is far away. Now, why the dwarf?"
LW GM: The man Grimbeard is fighting, who is apparently named Telmar, nods at Grimbeard's strike but still seems game for another go.
LW GM: Sornath looks at Rhavi increduously. "You can not be serious. The Dwarves of Bor are, pound for pound, probably the deadliest fighters of the mortal races, and Telmar has been waiting… well ever since I met him, for a chance to fight one."
LW GM: "Personally I don't think he's right in the head, but he is a good first mate."
[OOC] LW GM: And Go
Rhavi: "Ah, I can understand that. His brother was just as fierce, but meaner…buy you a drink, Captain? Wash down the entertainment with it, though you might need another first mate come morning…"
GrimBeard rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -14
[OOC] Dust: …ow
GrimBeard is attempting to take out one of his legs, knocking him to the ground.
[OOC] Rhavi: ^
LW GM: The man waives Rhavi's concern asside, "Well, that is why we have /second/ mates after all, but I am not worried. I rather doubt your friend will murder someone in a bar brawl."
[OOC] Avan: And the dwarf proves his dwarfiness!
Rhavi: "No, of course not. Especially since I didn't pay him to, and we still need to find passage to Druenor."
LW GM: Telmar aimed a kick at Grimbeard's head but Grimbeard block it on his arm and then wraps thar arm around the leg, twisting it and forcing Telmar to the ground or loose the leg. Sill Telmar kicks his leg loose and scrambles to his feet, though he is looking the worse for wear.
[OOC] LW GM: Go.
GrimBeard rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 1 Player: -4 Enemy: -5
GrimBeard is attempting a gut shot to knock the wind out of him.
Rhavi: "Happen to be headed that way, or know someone who is, Captain?"
LW GM: Telmar throws a wild haymaker at Grimberd's head, which Grimbeard ducks, but it is a feint as Telmar's foot finds /Grimbeard's/ fork. Staggering, Grimbeard still manages a blow that drives Telmar to his knees. Telmar waves his hands in a universal 'I surrender'.
LW GM: "Not bad." Telmar gasps out.
Rhavi claps and laughs "Nicely done, Master Grim!"
GrimBeard raises his hands above his head in a victory type pose.
Levin: "I see our dwarf has done himself proud."
LW GM: Sornath applauds softly before eyeing Rhavi carefully. "That… is a facinating coincidence, captain. Yes, we are heading to Druenor. How /very/ interesting."
Dust: "As expected."
Rhavi: "Call it fate then," he takes a drink "seems to good to be true, I know, but we really are just interested in getting there as quickly as possible after we speak with some associates here. When do you take to the skies?"
GrimBeard offers to help his worthy opponent up to his feet, if he is still on the ground at all.
LW GM: "Two days from now, which if you are swift should be enough time to talk with your associates. I do not mean to sound suspicious, but strange things have been happening lately. Very strange /coincidences/."
Levin: "Let's go congratulate him, then. And finish our meals and turn in. In that order, preferably."
Dust , having finished his meal already, offers Grimbeard and the others a nod before heading to his room for the night.
Rhavi: "To us too. It's a strange world that we live in. We can help crew the ship and take watches for a reduction in our fare. Any place in the hold is fine, but we are people who respect our privacy, you understand."
Levin drains his mug of small beer, then goes to congratulate GrimBeard on an excellent fight.
Avan greets the party at the door, having finished his meal in more quiet than even Dust found, and gets to reading before turning in for the night.
Rhavi salutes Dust withhis mug
GrimBeard greets his friends and finishes his ale and meal and gets ready to turn in for the night.
LW GM: "Yes, it's a funny old world. But the funny seems to be taking on a decidely deadly tone lately. Gallows humor, even."
Rhavi: "Indeed. We are also," he motions to Grim and Telmar, "good in a fight."
Rhavi: "We will be at your disposal, help with the ship, and all of this in exchange for passage."
LW GM looks over at the bar. "It would seem that your friends are turning in, and I shall do so as well. My ship is morred on the north side of the Skydock. I will see you tomorrow to negotiate a fee for the trip. And good night, sirrah."
LW GM: With that Sornath takes his leave of Rhavi and goes up to his room.
Rhavi: "Until then, Captain."
Rhavi finishes his drink and turns in as well
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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