24 Oct 12 Deleted Scenes

<Sornath> "However", he continues, "as neither of you are actually members of the crew, your contributions were not factored into that calcuation. So you may go and investigate should you wish without worrying that you are leaving The Dauntless undefended. What say you?"
<GM's_Notes> Yes: reunite the party
<GM's_Notes> No: Hellghast

<LW_GM> It's a stone, like any other. Isn't it?
[22:01] <Dust> Then why do the leaves never fall here, or the snow? Why is it always blood? I tell you there is one vampire left in the world, and as long as it dwells in this forest we'll find no plot to hunt here.
[22:01] <LW_GM> I'm going to turn around, bother some other character.
[22:02] <Dust> Stay where you are, poor beast! This is no session for you! Stay here, where you can keep your pillars standing and your corpses dead. For you are the last.

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