25 Jul 12

The Dreams the characters had before the session started.

LW GM: You all jolt awake seemingly at the same time, even those of you who should have been on watch. The sun is just finding it's way over the horizon.
Avan: "…"
Avan: "Did anyone else just have a dream?"
Rhavi: "…Yes."
[OOC] LW GM: In answer to the question at least one person asked, you are all still where you went to sleep.
Avan: "A dream where people were covered in unraveling bandages?"
GrimBeard: "Aye. Pretty vivid, mine was."
GrimBeard squints.
Avan: "…this was no coincidence."
Rhavi: "Not that, no. Something else though. Does KALTE mean anything to anyone?"
GrimBeard: "No, mine was a wee bit different than tha'"
Avan sighs. "But it is not a familiar omen to me."
Levin: "Mine was a fog-filled valley, with the wind whispering to me to not go to Kalte."
Levin: "Kalte would seem to be a city or nation or region."
GrimBeard: "I was in ma homeland, scoutin' a mine fer stuff ta create boom powda wit'. Me torch was runnin' low, an I was out o' torches. I lit me beard on fire and saw odd shadows flickerin' on tha wall, and then ah woke up."
Rhavi: "Has anyone heard of it?"
[OOC] LW GM: Everyone make a roll. No bonuses
Avan: "I…think I heard of it being an icy land?"
Avan rolled up 1d10-1: 2 (2)
Avan: "Nowhere I've been to, though."
Rhavi rolled up 1d10-1: 0 (0)
Avan: "Somewhere further north than even I was quested to go."
[OOC] Rhavi: Hi Chessa. Nice to see you too.
Levin rolled up 1d10-1: 3 (3)
Dust rolled up 1d10-1: 1 (1)
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10-1: 0 (0)
[OOC] GrimBeard: Chessa LUVS me.
[OOC] Levin: Nah, Chessa hates everyone tonight.
[OOC] LW GM: Gotta say, Chessa's being pretty egalitarian with her aggro tonight. Might want to keep that in mind next encounter. Fights tend to go south when the highest you can roll is a 3.
Avan: "Hey Dust, would it be on your map somewhere?"
LW GM: After a bit of discussing and remembering, you manage to piece together that Kalte is a frozen wasteland to the north populated by ferocious beast and barbarians.
[OOC] LW GM: That's the collective 'you'.
[OOC] Dust: Also the place Levin's bow came from.
Avan: "So what about Kalte?"
Rhavi shrugs
Rhavi: "My dream did not say anything. It was just a word scratched into the deck of the Albatross and a pile of sand."
Avan shrugs. "The shores of Kalte. Obvious enough, but not what the connection was."
Dust: "Hmmm."
Avan: "Hmm. Dust, Levin, what were your dreams? Mine was back in Holmgard. Everyone was covered in bandages. I caught one unraveling from a man, but woke before I saw what was underneath."
GrimBeard: "Was jus about to ask tha same thing. Was everyone else's dream about Kalte? Mine wasna'"
Avan: "Mine was in Holmgard, no mention of Kalte."
Dust: "There was a dream, but it had no reference to Kalte. Nothing unusual, as far as dreams go, just the mind hallucinating under relaxation."
Levin: "I already stated what my dream was, Avan."
Dust: "Did we have reason or plans to head towards Kalte?"
Avan: "No."
Rhavi: "No. But now I wonder why something is sending us messages about it."
Dust: "Then we should experience no difficulty in avoiding it."
GrimBeard: "Premonition mebbe? Wit a couple o' you havin tha same dream, I doubt it was a coincidence."
Levin: "Let's move on and just keep this portent in mind."
Rhavi: "Are we sure that the witch was dead?"
Dust: "Avan? Are you certain the wytch is dead?"
Rhavi nods and mounts up
Avan: "Aye."
GrimBeard nods and gets ready to leave
Dust finishes morning preparations and mounts up.
Avan: "So far as I can be, with the usual warnings about illusions."
Avan is quickly ready to leave.
Dust: "The dreams may have nothing to do with the place. People or other denizens, perhaps."
Rhavi: "How do you mean?"
Avan: "Shall we be on our way?"
Levin mounts up as well.
Rhavi spurs his mount to a walk, keeping the conversation with Dust going
Dust: "Levin's bow. Crafted from the rib of a creature from Kalte. Left here by a traveler who could not pay a debt."
Avan: "Dreaming of what we are from others, then?"
Rhavi: "So it could be the residue of the creature?"
Dust: "It could be almost anything. Probably not coincidence."
Rhavi: "I am a pirate. I am not allowed to believe in coincidences."
Avan coincidentally-but-not rides along.
LW GM: Hours go by and you are nearing the edge of Fryelund Forest and you see some activity up ahead. A group of workers seem to be excavating buildings. No one here remembers a city or fortress being here, not even in legends.
Levin: "…More illusion?"
GrimBeard: "Dunno…boss?"
LW GM: There are about twenty or so villagers doing the grunt work with a couple of well dressed men who practically scream 'academics' at you overseeing.
Rhavi studies the excavators
Avan studies the academics.
Levin studies the land.
LW GM: Avan is reminded of the wise men of his homeland. Not the ones that did magic, but the ones who knew which grasses when boiled release a sap that help staunch bloodloss and speed healing.
Rhavi: "Does anyone have any idea what we are looking at besides the obvious? I see peasants digging and a few welld ressed men."
LW GM: Levin sees much disturbed earth. The site is at least thirty feet deep.
Avan: "We could ask them?"
Dust pauses. "I do not think so. Those seem to be the robes of the Magician's Guild of Toran."
Avan: "That is a bad thing?"
Levin: "The issue, I think, is that, so far as I know, there is no city or fortress here, even as told in legend."
Dust: "They are the Brother's of the Crystal Star. Though, I agree with Levin, I cannot think why there would be ruins here."
Avan: "Is that not who we sought?"
Rhavi: "Then they are not digging for ruins, but for something lost. Treasure perhaps."
Dust: "It is, though it seems unlikely that they will have the scrolls and maps they would need to answer the question we have. Those tend to stay in libraries."
Rhavi: "But they may have knowledge of who to speak to when we get there, and thus hasten our process."
Rhavi: "But I am not a land-dweller. I will follow your respective leads."
GrimBeard: "Right with ya on tha' one boss."
Dust dismounts, pulling his cloak around him, walking towards whichever person seems in charge.
Avan stays mounted, just in case.
LW GM: It is hard to say which of the well dressed gentlemen is in charge or if it's an equal partnership. Regardless, they are in an animated discussion and are looking back and forth between the dig site and a parchment one of them is holding.
[OOC] Dust: Can Dust see anything of the parchment before making the universal throat clearing sound that speaks 'pay attention' in every known language?
LW GM: The weathered parchment depicts an illustration of a city state. It's not labeled and you have never seen it before, however, some of the landmarks around the site seem to match up.
LW GM: Or at least they seem to to your untrained eyes.
Dust coughs once to catch their obviously rapt attention. "What is going on here?"
LW GM: As one, the two men jump when you clear your throat. They whirl around and, seeing that you're not a ravening monster about to tear them limb from limb, start lobbing questions at you. "Who are you? What are you doing here? Why are you here?"
Rhavi stays back and lets Dust handle this one.
[OOC] LW GM: Rhavi can't hear it when landlubbers talk.
GrimBeard follows Rhavi's lead, but also is ready to raise his gun at a moments notice.
Avan is doing his own thing! Riding to the beat of his own drummer! Which just happens to come out to exactly the same thing Rhavi is doing. Avan is an individual in his conformism!
Levin 's still at a distance, watching the scene as a whole just in case.
Dust: "I am Dust Fox, monk of the Kai Monastery. What business are you engaged in?"
LW GM: "Ah sir lord. We are Dranan and Gelmar. We are excavating the lost city-state of Iravon." They pause to allow you an opportunity to gasp in astonishment and are visibly disappointed that you don't.
Dust glances back at the others with an arched brow, seeing if the name means anything to them.
Rhavi: "The place that was buried after a giant farted toward it?"
LW GM: "No, I suppose you wouldn't have heard of it. It's… not well documented. It's… obscure. It's really only mentioned once in a child's nursery rhyme. But we're pretty sure it's real, and it's here. Think of it! A lost city of the Shianti!"
LW GM: "Who knows what lore it contains!"
Avan dismounts and walks up, trying to get a look at that parchment.
Rhavi looks around at the site of a once supposedly great city.
LW GM: Avan sees an illustration of a glorious city.
LW GM: Rhavi sees the ruins of what might possibly have been a glorious city.
Rhavi: "They just upped and left? How odd."
Dust rubs his forehead. Sure, Sommerlund is a great country, but what's with this mass exodus from the south-west?
Avan: "So if it's only mentioned in the rhyme, how did you come across that map?"
Dust: "How… discreet were you with this potential discovery of untold wonders and lore?"
[OOC] LW GM: When Kai and Ishir tell you to GTFO, you ask 'How far?'
LW GM: The two scholars turn to Avan as if noticing him for the first time. "It… was an illustration… in a children's book."
LW GM: "Discreet? What do you mean? We needed funding for the dig if nothing else…"
LW GM: The workers steal occasional glances at you and their bosses, but largely ignore you and carry on with their work.
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 9 (9)
LW GM: Dust rubs his temple as he feels a stab of malice. Someone here is not as unconcerned about the group as they are pretending. You are certain it's not coming from Dranan or Gelmar.
Dust narrows his gaze, eyes sweeping the area for the source of the… discontent.
LW GM: "Should we have been more cautious you think? Surely no one is going to try to do anything to damage the city when we find it. And this information belongs to everyone."
Avan: "This close to the Darklands? They'd love to sneak someone into your crew and wreck the city."
Rhavi: "Or take the treasures."
Dust: "It seems they are already here…"
LW GM: Dust can not isolate the feeling beyond confirming that neither Dranan nor Gelmar are the source of the hate.
LW GM: "What? Someone from the darkland is here? Where?!"
GrimBeard readies his gun.
Dust holds up a hand. "Calm. Be calm. And use your senses. Do not the Brothers have sorcery to detect the presence of evil?" ((Insert: "We didn't take that spell" here.))
LW GM: Dranan looks embarrassed while Gelmar scratches the back of his head. "We're… not exactly member of the Crystal Star. We're more like… lay people. We help the Crystal Star investigate history and other things while the Brotherhood concentrate on more magical matters…"
Avan: "Is there a Brother nearby?"
[OOC] Avan: Insert: "We didn't take any spells".
Dust lets out a slow sigh. "Ah. Then, do you have any suspicions about any of your crew?"
LW GM: "Torin is less than two days ride from her… no. No there isn't."
LW GM: "The crew? No none at all. I mean, we don't actually know any of them, but I'm certain the Brotherhood wouldn't have assigned them to us if there was any question of their integrity."
Avan: "…and how do you know the Brotherhood assigned them, rather than an agent just claiming to have been assigned?"
LW GM: "That… is an interesting philosophical point."
Rhavi scans the crew members looking for signs of a mutineer. ((if Golden Eye applies…))
[OOC] LW GM: You know what? I'm suppose to let these diciplines apply extremely broadly, go ahead and make a straight roll.
Rhavi rolled up 1d10 -1: 4 (4), -1 (-1)
Rhavi rolled up 1d10-1: 7 (7)
[OOC] Rhavi: Sorry
LW GM: Rhavi looks over the villagers as they work. Most of them seem fine, but there is one who takes the care to conceal an amulet around his neck everytime it pop out from under his shirt. It's not an especially valuable looking piece, and you would know, but he always looks around suspiciously and fearfully whenever it pops out.
Rhavi lets his eyes keep roving and then leans over to Grimbeard to whisper
Rhavi: "The man over there with the dusty blonde hair is hiding an amulet under his shirt and is not who he appears to be."
Rhavi: "Be ready to fire if things go badly."
Rhavi dismounts and walks around scanning the ground with apparent interest, moving slowly closer to the man.
GrimBeard Nods, but does not move his head towards the man, but readies his gun, not aiming yet, though.
GrimBeard dismounts as well so as not to get bucked off of his horse in case firing occurs.
[OOC] Rhavi: What does this man have in his hands?
LW GM: Now that Rhavi is paying attention, he notices that the fellow is stealing more glances at the part than the rest of the workgroup. And that he is moving away as Rhavi gets closer. At least until another worker drops a boulder onto the man's foot. He then stops stealing glances at the party and is instead wholly involved in yelling at the worker.
Avan is just standing around, handbolt in its usual carrying position, aware and not generally restrained. In other words, he's ready to kill a man, or several, the moment it is necessary.
Rhavi rushes the man, springing onto him to bear him to the ground
LW GM: The man gestures wildly with the spade in his hand as he curses the clumsy worker and creates a rather fancyful and impossible lineage for him.
GrimBeard takes aim to cover the boss.
LW GM: The man collapses to the ground with a grunt, with Rhavi pinning him.
Rhavi: "Let's see what we have here, shall we?" Rhavi carefully removes the amulet from the man's shirt, letting it still hang about his neck.
LW GM: "What is this?! First this oaf son of a giak nearly crushes my foot, and now you want to finish the job?"
GrimBeard approaches.
GrimBeard: "Son, ya will wanna do wut tha man tells ya."
Avan melts into the crowd of laborers, by now no doubt pausing their work to stare at the scene.
LW GM: The amulet seems to be a small tree root.
GrimBeard levels the gun at the mans head.
Rhavi: "Levin! Any idea what this is?"
Levin nudges his horse close to the scene, and examines the amulet thoroughly.
[OOC] LW GM: Levin, make a half-rank roll.
Levin rolled up 1d10+2: 6 (6)
LW GM: Levin shakes his head. He can tell that it is mystic, and darkly so, but he can not tell anything more than that.
Levin: "Magical, certainly. Dark magic, at that. As to its identity, I cannot say."
Rhavi: "So we have a Darklands spy?"
Levin: "We could have a Darklands spy, yes. Dust?"
Rhavi: "Son, do you know what we do with spies?" He grins, showing his canines.
Avan: "…"
Dust: "From somewhere, certainly."
Avan: "Spy, maybe not, but that talisman…"
Avan: "Ask 'im where he got it."
Rhavi: "You heard the man. Where did you get it?"
LW GM: The man slumps in Rhavi's grasp at Levin's words. Then he begins to chuckle. "Spy? I, a spy? Well… I suppose I am. Personally, I prefer to think of myself as… the opening shot. Bora'vargor nexvio'renah ba rabtove." The amulet flashes then turns to ash in Levin's hands. As the dust falls to the earth, it begins to shake.
Rhavi: "I bloody hate this type of thing!" He slugs the man in the face. repeatedly.
LW GM: The man smiles almost cheerfully. "Well. I suppose at this point you can kill me, and die. Or you can run, and live a bit longer. I've done my part, so I really don't care which."
GrimBeard shoves the gun against his stomach.
LW GM: The man doubles over. "Kill me and die it seems." He grunts.
GrimBeard: "Take ya a long time ta die this way, laddie. Now why don' you be helpful an tell us wha' it is you jus did?"
LW GM: Shapes are beginning to pull themselves up from the earth.
LW GM: ***LOG END***
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