27 Feb 13

LW GM: Ripples are still spreading out from the now deceased Water Elemental and the wave breaker has dropped anchor and taken an hour to examine the damage. ((This hour can be used by Levin to heal any lingering damage if he likes)). Soon however the first mate, Jorothers, declares her riverworthy and the expedition continues on.
LW GM: Now that he is not being occupied in evading an elemental or repairing his ship, you have Captain Lorands' full attention. "So," he repeats, "Tell me about this 'dark god' again."
Levin does indeed use that hour for that purpose, if there are any injuries.
Avan: "Rhavi? You know best the points he'll care about."
Rhavi grunts "How do you figure?"
[OOC] LW GM: When it's about Dark Gods, Rhavi, you are totally the go-to guy.
Avan gestures meaningfully to the ship.
Avan: "Profession."
Rhavi: "I do not know much about dark gods, but I do know a bit about the darkspawn. Enough to not want to say anything more about it to you or your crew. You are in danger, Captain, and I still wish I had stolen your ship."
Captain Lorands: "And why is that?"
Rhavi: "It would be much safer for you and your crew."
Avan hmms. "I can see the wisdom in that."
Avan: "The last man we fully briefed, may his soul find peace."
Levin: "Same for the ones we even partially briefed, for that matter."
Rhavi: "And the souls of my lost crew and ship."
Captain Lorands: "Spoken like a man who has never lost a king's ship. Though I must admit, I can't imagine how much worse it would be to have a ship stolen rather than sunk."
Levin: "At least with it stolen you'd not face the dangers it faces."
Avan: "He's never commanded a king's ship, to lose it. He's done close enough."
Captain Lorands: "So, what is this demon then?"
Rhavi: "Evil and bad for business. Isn't that enough?"
[OOC] LW GM: Spoken like a false Ferengi.
Captain Lorands: "No. Not really."
Captain Lorands: "What can it do? What has it done? What does it look like?"
Levin: "We'll be able to tell you those things when we arrive. We weren't exactly looking behind us when we fled for our lives the first time."
Captain Lorands: "So you have seen the demon then?"
Dust sighs. "Captain, I may be able to show you what a demon is like, but it will not be pleasant. Do you want to know?"
Rhavi: "It has killed countless people, started an invasion, and caused more suffering than a pirate with a full ship of cannon and a bad temper. It looks like darkness incarnate, and we do not know the extent of its power."
LW GM: Captain Lorands steels himself. "Yes. It is my duty to know."
Captain Lorands: "Proceed Master Dust."
Dust rolled up 1d10+3: 11 (11) ((He said I could))
[OOC] Dust: ….ow.
[OOC] Rhavi: poor guy
Dust places his hand on the Captain's shoulder.
[OOC] Dust: Okay, so, Dust may have liquidated his brain. If so… Rhavi, new ship!
[OOC] LW GM: Do you want to describe the psychic assault… I mean information-sharing, or should I just have him react?
[OOC] Rhavi: Remember that Dust stopped me from hurting him before…just so he could have the pleasure of making his head explode I guess.
[OOC] Dust: Have him react.
LW GM: For a moment he stands stock still, his face ashen. Then his lips part and a silent wordless scream erupts before he shakes himself out of Dust's grip. He hunches almost doubled over, breathing heavily before he manages to find his composure again. He unsteadily draws himself up and swallows twice before he manages to get out, "I see. Yes, this thing must not be allowed to exist a
d longer. "
Rhavi leans in to whisper " I bet you wish you had believed me now…."
Dust lowers his hand. "I apologize for that. But nothing about a demon can be conveyed in mere words."
Captain Lorands: "No. No. This was the right thing to do. I had a duty to understand the… magnitude of the threat that we now face."
Captain Lorands: "I will do everything I can to get you and your cargo to Sommerlund as quickly as possible"
Dust nods. "Thank you, Captain."
LW GM: "Captain!" calls Jorothers, "there is a ship approaching from the rear!"
Rhavi moves to the rear of the ship with the Captain
Levin finishes up his brew. Which of the crew's the most injured?
LW GM: And there is. An old dilapidated river barge is in sight behind the Wavebreaker. ((Half rank rolls all around.))
Rhavi rolled up 1d10+3: 10 (10)
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 9 (9)
[OOC] LW GM: The crew of the Wavebreaker is uninjured.
GrimBeard follows Rhavi to investigate the ship.
Avan rolled up 1d10+3: 12 (12)
Dust rolled up 1d10+3: 12 (12)
Avan looks to the rear without going to the rear.
Levin rolled up 1d10+3: 11 (11)
[OOC] Levin: I meant of the five of us. :p
[OOC] LW GM: I'm willing to say Levin gets you all in fighting trim and heals you all to full.
[OOC] Levin: Works for me.
[OOC] LW GM: Damn, what you been feeding Chessa boy? I ain't never seen her so happy.
[OOC] Rhavi: We have not entered combat yet
[OOC] LW GM: Touch.
Levin passes vials of the not-vile concoction to the other four; it invigorates and restores them.
Rhavi quaffs the vial of "stuff"
LW GM: It is still bright afternoon, so it is hard to be sure, but the barge seems to be glowing a soft green glow. It is also gaining on you which, as Rhavi and Lorands are both quick to point out, should not be possible.
LW GM: Additionally, you can see no crew on the deck of the barge.
Rhavi: "We know that glow."
Avan: "Open fire?"
Levin sighs. "Take it down."
Rhavi: "Any bows? We need to burn it."
Captain Lorands: "Why? What is so special about that barge?"
Levin: "It's unnatural. Green glow, no crew."
Levin pulls his bow out. "GrimBeard? Can you fashion a bomb-arrow for me?"
GrimBeard: "An a ship like tha should na be gainin on a fas ship like this one, should it?"
Rhavi: "Do you see the green glow? The Cener, or worse, control that barge and I would lay odds that they crew is beyond pain and well beyond death."
GrimBeard ponders.
Levin pulls an arrow out and hands it over to the dwarf.
Avan: "And how is it sailing with no crew abovedeck?"
Captain Lorands: "I do not know."
Captain Lorands: "More demon trickery then?"
Rhavi: "Exactly"
Levin: "Incendiary bomb-arrow, specifically. I want to see if it burns."
Avan nods. "It matches well the profile of our enemies, and not at all the profile of innocents."
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 7 (7)
LW GM: GrimBeard manages to cobble together a small bomb that attaches neatly to Levin's arrow. Though GrimBeard is quick to point out that it would be useless against something so large as the barge.
Rhavi: "Someone start firing some arrows and aiming at that ship."
Levin shrugs and fires it anyway. Let's see if it ignites the ship…
Levin rolled up 1d10+3: 4 (4)
[OOC] Levin: Nah, it just blows up in the water. Or sinks. Or does pretty much anything /except/ affect the ship.
Dust: "Arrows alone will not harm a ship of wood. Cannons, perhaps, but arrows would hardly hamper sails, and I do not think this ship needs sails."
Rhavi: "Not the arrows…//fire// the arrows. Get the coal pot."
LW GM: The barge is now close enough that everyone can clearly see that the barge's deck is deserted. Additionally, the sails are little more than strips of canvas and you think you see mold on them.
Dust: "Burning arrows alone are not enough… have we lamp oil?"
LW GM: Jorothers hauls the coal pot to you.
Rhavi pulls the lamp form his pack
Rhavi: "We do."
Levin: "Or just throw coals on it. I /think/ I have some clay jars… Could put some boom powder in there, a hot coal separated from it by a gap…"
Levin: "…Would that work, GrimBeard?"
Rhavi: "master grim, what is the best way to sink that ship with what we have?"
[OOC] LW GM: Master Grim, make a half rank roll to see if you can correctly answer Rhavi's question.
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 8 (8)
LW GM: With no crew on the deck of the ship, throwing a bomb on the deck would have minimal impact. Instead, what you need is an explosion either at or right below the riverline.
GrimBeard: "Bes way is probly a splosion at or righ below the riverline. Tha' outta do jus nicely."
Avan: "So how do we get a bomb there? On another arrow?"
Avan: "Or one of us on a rope, towed?"
Rhavi: "Captain…do you have an empty whiskey cask?"
Avan: "Whiskey? At a time like this?"
Rhavi: "Rum would work too."
Levin: "We need a vessel that will float. Whiskey cask'd do that, certainly."
Avan: "Oh, okay!"
Levin: "…He /did/ say 'empty', Avan."
GrimBeard perks up.
GrimBeard: "Ah kin help with tha emptyin par'!"
Levin facepalms.
LW GM: Jorothers manages to find an empty cask that once held water.
Avan: "…"
[OOC] LW GM: Water. Honest.
Rhavi: "How long, Master grim?"
[OOC] LW GM: Five minutes.
GrimBeard: "Five minutes er so. Also, this'n will take tha las of me boom powda. So don't go expectin' me to do this agin if'n this doesna work."
Dust: "Then it will need to work."
Rhavi: "Be ready to cover him, lads."
Levin pulls another arrow out, nocks it.
GrimBeard begins preparations to make the sort of depth charge that doesn't sink.
Dust places a hand on Grim's shoulder. "Focus on creating the best explosion. I will ensure the bomb is where it needs to be."
[OOC] LW GM: Given all the rolls I've had you do already related to this bomb, and that I don't want to burn through *all* of Chessa's good will tonight, I'm just going to fiat and say the bomb gets made without blowing your arm off.
[OOC] GrimBeard: Sweet
LW GM: GrimBeard seals the lid back on the newly made bomb. It's one of his better works, he must admit.
Rhavi keeps watching the ship
GrimBeard: "Dust? It's ready."
Dust raises up the vessel, directing it under the water and towards the ship. ((Movement of the Mind))
[OOC] Dust: Any roll required?
Rhavi: "Put it near the prow."
Rhavi: "But not directly in front of it."
[OOC] LW GM: Yes. This is at the limits of your weight allowance. Half-rank though.
Dust rolled up 1d10+3: 11 (11)
[OOC] LW GM: Whatever chessa's drinking, I'll take two.
[OOC] Levin: Nah. She's just out of Hatorade.
[OOC] Levin: Won't be able to buy her more 'til Friday, so take what you can get.
LW GM: This is one of the heaviest things Dust has ever tried to lift with his mind, and moving it much farther than he is normally comfortable working at. Still, the cask moves. It dips once in the air and Dust sees spots before his eyes but he regains control and places it where he wishes it to be. There is something wet on your left ear. Blood?
[OOC] LW GM: No damage. Just standard psychic exertion fluff.
Rhavi steadies Dust with a hand to his shoulder
Dust exhales slowly, steadying the casket, then detaches himself. "It will be what it will be."
Levin pulls a small roll of linen out of his belt pouch and tosses it to Dust. "Cut yourself some linen; ear's bleeding."
Avan: "Alright. GrimBeard, is that a good spot? If so, let's blow it."
LW GM: The barge is barring down on the bomb as it bobs in The Wavebreaker's wake.
GrimBeard waits until it is at "the sweet spot" .
Dust slashes off a strip before tossing the roll back, pressing the linen to his ear until the flow stops.
Rhavi breathes a silent prayer to Ishir that this works
LW GM: The barge is less than a foot away from the bomb. Now is the time.
Avan echoes Rhavi's prayer.
GrimBeard readies and aims Bessy.
Rhavi: "Avan, Grim, fire now."
Rhavi: "Both of you."
[OOC] LW GM: This is a non-combat roll, so just use half-rank.
GrimBeard fires.
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 5 (5)
[OOC] GrimBeard: Chessa, baby, why you gotta make me hit you?"
[OOC] LW GM: Fortunately, GrimBeard has ACCURACY…
[OOC] GrimBeard: facepalm, that means i can re-roll, right?
[OOC] LW GM: Just so.
GrimBeard rolled up 1d10+3: 4 (4)
[OOC] GrimBeard: Chessa, baby, why you gotta make me hit you?"
[OOC] LW GM: I KNEW that was going to happen.
[OOC] Rhavi: C'mon Avan…
Avan looks around - he's not using his handbolt on that. Ah, spare piece of wood, that'll hold the Bite of Fire well enough. HURLS it.
Avan rolled up 1d10+3: 12 (12)
[OOC] Rhavi: very nice…she favors the taller men
[OOC] Avan: I keep seeing Avan as the second-shortest in the party.
[OOC] Rhavi: But he is a man, where Grim is a dwarf
LW GM: Despite his experience in Rhavi's service, it is unnatural how the deck of a ship throws off a dwarf's aim. GrimBeard's shot misses the bomb and lodges in the hull of the barge, doing negligible damage. Avan's throw however, embeds itself in the bomb and less than a half-heartbeat later, the flames reach the powder and there is a terrific explosion.
GrimBeard nods to Avan.
Avan: "Like sliding down a sand dune."
LW GM: The barge continues forward, but… at a downward angle. As it comes closer to The Wavebreaker, the waterline rises until the barge is submerged out of sight.
GrimBeard: "Thank ye laddie. Still nah used ta shootin' on a ship."
Avan: "Wetter, though."
Avan nods.
Rhavi looks for traces of green glow beneath the waves
Dust watches for signs of the ship rising from its watery grave.
Levin puts his arrow back. "Nice shot, Avan."
LW GM: Rhavi can not see anything below the wake of The Wavebreaker.
Avan: "Please do a look around, just in case this was a distraction." Avan begins the same.
GrimBeard looks around as well.
LW GM: No one can see anything else incoming and Dust's mind, though strained by it's recent exertions, can not detect any danger.
Dust lets the tension slip from his shoulders. "We are safe, for the moment. …probably."
Rhavi: "How long until open water?"
GrimBeard keeps watch for a while. Just to be safe.
Rhavi: "Any areas between here and there to replenish Master Grim's powder? I feel that we will need it."
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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