30 May 12

LW GM: *** LOG START ***
LW GM: The river is flowing smoothly, still swift from the earlier storm, but not dangerously so. Rhavi is breaking in the new crew. What are the rest of you doing on a sunny, calm day?
[OOC] LW GM: Technically I am puppetmastering Rhavi, but I honestly can't imagine him doing anything else at this point.
[OOC] Rhavi: I am good with it
Levin 's staying on top of any injuries or illnesses persisting from the passengers' enslavement.
Avan is reviewing what he's been picking up - and getting the hang of life on ship. Out at sea is, he understands, more dangerous, and one must be prepared to survive. Surely that was the point of his quest.
Dust spends time in relaxed contemplation of the future, and the inevitable catastrophes it holds.
LW GM: Levin finds several instances of disease. Nothing fatal, even if untreated, but endemic of being kept in such close quarters like an unwashed unvenilated hold. Malnutrition is also widespread.
[OOC] LW GM: Dust is metagaming. Got it.
[OOC] Levin: Such is the nature of a Kai Lord. :P
Levin treats the ills he can and writes reports on the ones he can't (yet).
LW GM: The river has many tributaries and branches, several of them new since the storm. Up head you can see a ship enter the main stream and stop in the middle of the river, without enough clearance on either side to allow you to pass.
Avan: "Hooo! There's a ship in the way! Do we weigh anchor?"
[OOC] LW GM: Rhavi, when you get back roll with a +5 bonus
Grimbeard is processing and making his boom powder in whatever the best part of the ship that is.
LW GM: Grimbeard is far enough along in his mixing that he judges he has enough ready for three shots, if say… giant spiders were to jump down from the trees onto the ship. Just as an example.
[OOC] Grimbeard: And there was much rejoicing
Rhavi rolled up 1d10 5: 2 (2), 5 (5)
[OOC] Avan: 7 total.
[OOC] Avan: Actually 6, with the -1 to adjust to 0-9 range.
Rhavi: "Steven, run up the flag. The one with the serpent on it. Let's see if these people recognize us."
LW GM: You recognize the ship's flag as belonging to the Red Buccaneers, a rather more ruthless sect of your own honored buccaneers. You also recall that they are fond of pincer and flanking attacks.
LW GM: And yep, looking back you see a second ship also entering the stream behind you.
Rhavi: "Ah, lovely, I was beginning to think that this would be too fair a fight…"
LW GM: Fortunately they aren't known to use cannons. They much prefer to board the ships, kill everyone onboard, and then loot and pillage.
Avan: "Do you recognize them?"
Rhavi: "Master Grimbeard, shoot their look out in the crows nest. Dust, Avan, give the ones coming up behind us enough of a show to make them pause. These are the Red Buccaneers, lads, and it is time to let them know not to trifle with the Sea Serpent!"
LW GM: Your newer crew members are in a panic. They'd been fishermen all their lives and have probably never seen the business end of a sword upclose before, and aren't apreciating the experience now.
Rhavi: "Levin, get every able bodied person onto the sweeps and at my mark row as though the Dark Ones were right behind us. We'll ram them and founder them in the river if they don't move."
Grimbeard: "Aye, Cap'n!"
Rhavi: "Levin, take this useless lot with you!" He shoves one of the fishermen. 'Get below and await orders. "
Avan steps up next to Dust. "What do we want to show them?"
Grimbeard prepares his gun with fresh boom powder, and fires.
LW GM: A small boarding party just swang over onto the Sea Serpent. Five in total.
Levin eyerolls, and does what he can to get the crew in gear.
LW GM: They are armed with cutlasses, but not wearing any armor.
Avan: "…would 'the corpses of those five' do?"
Dust rises from his meditation, turning towards those who just boarded. "A show." The shield slips from his back, the sword from its scabbard. "It should be entertaining."
[OOC] LW GM: Grimbeard. Roll a d10-1
Avan: "Right." Avan snap-leaps, turning midair from examining the ship behind them to impaling his handbolt through one unfortunate boarder.
Rhavi grins fiercely and draws his weapons. With a bloodcurdling cry he leaps forward toward teh fiev men, whirling adn dodging, engaging four of them before they even have time to get their feet under them
[OOC] LW GM: Avan, roll combat. CS 18
Grimbeard rolled up 1d10-1: 3 (3)
Rhavi: "Come on me buckos! Give me a challeneg at least!" He whirls and leaps, dancinga cross the deck.
LW GM: One of the crewmen bumps Grimbeard's arm, knocking his aim off. The ball draws a line of blood on the side of the lookout's face, but he is still quite alive for all of that.
Avan rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -11
Grimbeard: "AHK! Watch it laddie!"
Grimbeard prepares to fire again.
Grimbeard rapid reloads.
[OOC] Avan: Bite of Fire + Impale + Serpent's Speed = 22 damage to enemy
[OOC] LW GM: Chessa still seems to be in 'Who me? I'm not Chessa' mode.
[OOC] Avan: No, that was auto-9ed.
LW GM: The pirate drops to one knee, a grevious wound in his side, but he is still alive and struggling back to his feet.
[OOC] LW GM: Ah.
Grimbeard rolled up 1d10+4: 12 (12)
LW GM: Grimbeard reloads his gun in record time. His father would be proud.
Grimbeard: "A'right. Les try this agin."
[OOC] Grimbeard: Sniper's Eye is being used
Grimbeard shoots the lookout as previously instructed.
[OOC] LW GM: Sniper's Eye should always be used unless I stole your guns… again. No need to announce it each time, just note in parens on your character sheet like how Dust did it.
Grimbeard rolled up 1d10+4: 11 (11)
LW GM: There was a boom. There was a headshot.
LW GM: The lifeless body of the once and former lookout tumbles out of the crow's nest.
LW GM: The pirates moved into melee range, and pair off with the crew who is not cowering below decks.
Dust slips forward, cutting two buccaneers from the pack with a series of quick feints.
Dust rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 9 Player: 0 Enemy: -14
LW GM: Dust's lightning fast strike nearly sever's the pirate's sword hand from his arm. He manages to switch his sword to his other hand and is pressing forward. A quick glance at his back during a turn lets you see whip marks. Clearly the source of the pirate's courage.
[OOC] Avan: *severs
Dust rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -11 (Dust can't deal damage.)
LW GM: The pirate tries to cut at Dust's blind side, but Dust manages to beat his blade out of line.
Avan rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -10
Avan follows up the handbolt with a whip - a lash of fire, though it tires him ever so slightly.
[OOC] LW GM: I repeat what I said about Chessa being in denial about her true nature.
[OOC] Dust: Kinda seems that way, yeah…
Avan flays the pirate's wound. Incapacitated, dead, it makes no difference: the enemy ceases being a threat to the party.
LW GM: The pirate sinks to the deck of the ship and does not rise.
Avan recovers his handbolt from the corpse and GLARES at the remaining enemies.
Rhavi laughs and whirls into the fray
Rhavi: "I am the Sea Serpent! I killed the Red Captain, stole a thousand crowns from the Dark Lands and slew fifty men! You may have heard of me, now you will take the message to your graves and beyond!"
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 6 Player: -2 Enemy: -8
Rhavi: lonewolf 16 17
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 4 Player: -3 Enemy: -6
Rhavi cuts once with the scimitar and then thrusts with the short ugly dagger
Rhavi dances away from the enemy's counter stroke, grinning like a maniac
Rhavi: "Levin! Row!"
Dust: He probably can, and in fact did:
[OOC] Dust: 21:30] Rhavi "Levin, take this useless lot with you!" He shoves one of the fishermen. 'Get below and await orders."
[OOC] Dust: 21:30] Levin eyerolls, and does what he can to get the crew in gear.
[OOC] Dust: blah, -that.
Grimbeard raises his gun to strike the smelly human.
Grimbeard rolled up 1d10-1: 7 (7)
[OOC] LW GM: no. .lonewolf yourCS theirCS
[OOC] LW GM: Also note that since you are not firing your gun, no x3 damage
[OOC] Dust: But… technically still +5 from sniper's eye?
[OOC] Rhavi: You are a mere mortal like the rest of us now…
[OOC] Dust: And sharpshooting?
[OOC] LW GM: Sniper eye adds to damage, but doesn't make you any moer likely to hit. Sharpshooting still works.
[OOC] LW GM: And no Sniper Eye doesn't work when buttstroking.
[OOC] Grimbeard: What is their CS again?
[OOC] Grimbeard: I know, made a mistake.
[OOC] LW GM: 17
Grimbeard rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: 3 Player: -3 Enemy: -6
[OOC] LW GM: Now describe your attack, or I can do it for you.
Grimbeard uses the butt of his gun in a downward motion, attempting to strike at the knee of his opponent.
LW GM: Grimbeard parrys a strike to his heart with the barrel of his musket, but does not knock it far enough to the side, causing a shallow wound to open up on his arm. He is still in a beautiful position to slam the butt of his musket into the knee of the now hopping pirate.
Dust rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 1 Player: -4 Enemy: -5 (Dust falls back with a faint smile, shield high to take the inevitable counterattack, his weaving blade making short, rapid cuts.)
[OOC] LW GM: Incidently, one of the pirates disappears in a puff of 'player below deck'
[OOC] LW GM: All right then. This is the Chessa we know and rage against.
[OOC] Rhavi: Are we at ramming speed yet?
[OOC] Levin: not a puff of logic?
[OOC] LW GM: NO! No logic!
[OOC] Levin: so…antilogic, then? or illogic? :p
[OOC] LW GM: You are at ramming speed, yes.
[OOC] Dust: Contralogic.
[OOC] Avan: The world is a shooting game?
Avan rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 4 Player: -2 Enemy: -8
Avan comes in on the far side of Grimbeard's opponent, dishing out more flame to the unfortunate already-engaged fool who dared strike his ally.
[OOC] Avan: -16 to enemy
[OOC] Dust: When there's a Bor musket on the field, it sure seems like it.
LW GM: The pirate does a very nice ploy of luering Dust's shield out of position allowing him to place a draw-cut on his chest, but opening himself up to Dust's retaliation.
Avan is nicked by the opponent's follow-through, though.
LW GM: The pirate bellows in rage and batts at the flame that have errupted on his greasey shirt.
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 0 Player: -5 Enemy: -2
Rhavi rolled up Ratio: -1 RNT: 1 Player: -5 Enemy: -3
[OOC] Levin: no, /there's/ the Chessa we all know and love.
[OOC] Rhavi: oh goodie
[OOC] Dust: Ah, you're not dead yet, and there's a herbwarden in the house.
[OOC] Dust: ….he's not dead yet, right?
Rhavi twists his head at the bellow of the ignited pirate, his thrust going awry and striking the enemy's shoulder and leaving him wide open for attack.
[OOC] Rhavi: now, do I take damage on the second one since he presumably doe nsot have 2 attacks?
[OOC] LW GM: Shouldn't be. Didn't take any damage first round due to Buccy shenanigains. That should be his only damage thus far. That said, taht's a lot of damage for one round of combat.
[OOC] Rhavi: does not
[OOC] Rhavi: I also wounded this guy previously, so I hope he goes down first
[OOC] LW GM: And yes, you do take damage from both rounds.
[OOC] Rhavi: ow
[OOC] LW GM: Er… I mean attacks.
[OOC] LW GM: Yes, ow.
LW GM: The pirate is bleeding from several shallow cuts. If this keeps on, he'll die from bloodloss even if you never deal a decisive blow.
Grimbeard rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: (Grimbeard brings his gun back and attempts to slam the butt of his gun into the gut of the nearly dead pirate who struck him.) Player: -5 Enemy: -3
[OOC] Levin: use a semicolon. seriously.
[OOC] Levin: otherwise you get a zero.
Levin rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -11
Grimbeard rolled up Ratio: 0 RNT: 7 Player: 0 Enemy: -10 (Grimbeard brings his gun back and attempts to slam the butt of his gun into the gut of the nearly dead pirate who struck him.)
[OOC] Grimbeard: Typo. Sorry, really tired today. I probably should have canceled in hindsight
LW GM: With a loud crack the pirate keels over. Apparently you aimed higher than his gut and went through his, now shattered, ribs.
[OOC] LW GM: Dead Pirate.
[OOC] LW GM: And not in the Black Pearl sense
Dust rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 2 Player: -3 Enemy: -6 (Dust nods towards the fallen pirates, then motions his foe forward with his shield.)
LW GM: The pirate steps in and grabs Dust's shield, yanking it out of the way and ramming his pommel into Dust's face. Blood runs freely from Dust's shattered nose, but that doesn't stop him from piercing three of the pirate's vital orgains in alphabetical order.
[OOC] LW GM: anohter dead pirate.
Avan rolled up Ratio: 2 RNT: 8 Player: 0 Enemy: -12 (Avan's attentions turn upon Rhavi's foe, that shiel-fa glowing red with equal parts heat and blood.)
[OOC] Avan: 24 damage
LW GM: The pirate manages to let out one final scream before collapsing, never to rise again.
LW GM: Meanwhile, bellow decks, Levin has been rowing hard with the crew building up speed.
LW GM: The impact catches the blocking ship just as it was turning to retreat, tearing a huge hole in the hull and pushing it nearly aground. The way is now clear if the Sea Serpent wishes to continue.
Dust catches his balance as the two ships collide, then closes his eyes, stemming the flow of blood with a silent act of will. Dust wipes his sword clean on the pirate's body and sheaths it, slinging his shield over his shoulder once more.
Rhavi: "Full ahead! Someone with a bow fire their sails ot give them a fond memory of us!"
[OOC] Dust: This would be a great time for the dwarf to use Fire shot…
Avan whips his weapons clean, then resets them just in case one more boarding party is imminent.
Rhavi: "Round up survivors. The Red Buccaneers usually don't come inland, and i want to know who hired them."
[OOC] LW GM: If he wants to, he wouldn't even have to roll as the ship is more or less stuck, not to mention half sank.
[OOC] Dust: He doesn't have Fire Shot.
[OOC] LW GM: Shame.
Grimbeard prepares his gun in case one of the ship pursues us.
[OOC] Avan: *come inland
LW GM: The second ship is pursuing, but staying out of musket range.
Avan examines the boarding party. Are any of them alive?
Avan: "Can we guess those druids? Or might they be hired too?"
LW GM: There is one pirate who is clinging to life.
Avan: "Got one over here! Get the herbwarden up here!"
Rhavi examines the dying pirate dispassionately.
Rhavi: "Stabilize him. Then bring him to my quarters."
Avan notes the passing ship. Well, if no one ELSE is going to…he gets a bottle of alcohol, stuffs a rag in it, lights the rag, and tosses it into a sensitive-looking part of the Red ship en passant.
[OOC] Dust: Does it look like the pirate will make it, or is he set to expire before Levin gets topside?
[OOC] LW GM: The pirate will cling to life until the herbwarden get a shot at doing his thing.
[OOC] LW GM: Avan, that's terrorism. Well done.
Dust settles back into his trance, though this time for purely medicinal reasons.
Avan trances as well, for the same reason, once they are away and the captive being seen to.
Rhavi examines his wounds, and finding nothing immediately life threatening , leaves to prepare his cabin for the "guest" .
Grimbeard patrols the deck, looking for any pursuit that gets too close.
[OOC] Dust: Was Grimbeard injured?
[OOC] LW GM: Yes
Grimbeard ignores the pain to ensure the ship is secure.
[OOC] LW GM: For 3 I believe.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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