4 Nov 12

LW GM: You have long left the island of Humakt behind you and crossed the Gulf of Durenor. You can now see the Hammerdal range, the chain of mountains that encircle Hammerdal, your destination on this voyage.
Rhavi watches the line of mountains approaching, the wind whipping his hair back.
Dust closes his eyes. With the destination in sight, this is the last chance for their unseen foe to strike before they land.
Avan is comparing the sight of the mountains to a map.
[OOC] LW GM: It looks flatter on the map.
Avan is further comparing these mountains with the ones that ring his far-distant home, "sheltering" it from the rain.
Levin 's in the sickbay as usual, treating the latest batch of minor complaints.
LW GM: Sornath is directing the crew to make ready to land the ship.
Rhavi: "So…what do we do when we get these weapons?"
GrimBeard is watching the skyline, making sure we have no more attackers approaching us.
Rhavi: "We're marked. They know we are coming and can stay ahead of us. It is even likely that they will already have the weapons or be ready to take them form us when we retrieve them."
Avan: "Unlikely that they're there. But perhaps we're being followed."
Dust: "It is unlikely that they will have the weapons before us. As for closing a trap upon us when we find them, of course they will. We will, indeed, lead them right to the weapons. But even with magical assistance, there is no guarantee of success. Success is not even likely. Merely possible."
Avan: "Let us grab the weapons and get back to the ship as fast as possible."
Levin: "And mandatory."
Rhavi: "So the question remains: What do we do with them once we have them?"
Dust: "We use them."
Avan: "Return to the garrison and go from there?"
Levin: "Aye. Let us go forth, then." He's bundled up everything and is now ready to disembark upon landing.
Dust: "Quite likely, return to Toril and acquire another skyship. Preferably one carrying several brotherhood battlemages, and some other ships to transport Kai monks and Sommlending Knights." He pauses. "That is, perhaps, wishful thinking."
[OOC] LW GM: Dust, stop channeling the tactical genius, and speech patterns, of Cobra Commander.
Rhavi grunts and prepares to disembark
Avan does likewise, minus the grunting.
LW GM: The Dauntless lands, light as a feather, in a wide open plaza, obviously reserved for docking Skyships. Nearby you can see a couple of inns and several places where a ship can be restocked with provisions. The crowd is thick with many going to and from the ships caring supplies.
Levin hops down and looks 'round.
GrimBeard looks around a bit first, and then jumps down.
Rhavi studies the crowd from the higher vantage point. Which ship or area is likely to have carried their enemies here? (Golden Eye)
Avan: "Inn first? Do we know where to go from here?"
Levin: "Probably the palace, given our mission."
LW GM: Rhavi can not immediately identify any ship that might have transported your enemies to you. Possibly none of them did, or all. Hard to tell.
Rhavi drops lightly to the dock
Dust shakes his head. "No. We are, in fact, to avoid involving King Alin in this mission."
[OOC] Dust: This was mentioned at the beginning of this story… several months ago?
GrimBeard: "Good memory there, Dust."
Dust nods. "It is the job."
Levin: "Ah, right."
Rhavi: "So where would the Brotherhood even hole up in a place like this?"
Levin: "Ask a porter. They're likeliest to know."
[OOC] LW GM: and I left my Indian accent at home…
Rhavi motions Levin to do just that
Levin looks for an idle-looking porter.
LW GM: None of the porters Levin can see can qualify as idle-looking. They are all moving briskly and carrying packages of… various stuff.
Levin hmms, and picks one out at random. "Pardon me, good sir, but would you happen to know where I might find the local Brotherhood chapter-house?"
[OOC] LW GM: Because Levin has the common sense and self-preservation instinct of a concussed kitten)) Levin approaches a large, heavily scarred man to ask his question. The man glowers down at Levin before jabbing his thumb in an easterly direction.
Levin: "Much obliged." He offers a crown.
LW GM: The man's glower disappears as he takes the money gratefully before secreting it… where you know not.
Levin gestures to the others and heads in the direction indicated.
Rhavi follows, throwing his rucksack over a shoulder
Dust rolled up 1d10+2: 3 (3)
Levin rolled up 1d10+2: 12 (12)
Avan follows as well.
Dust follows.
LW GM: Now that Levin knows where to look, there are dozens of little ways that tell him that he is going in the right direction. A seemingly random pattern of paint droplets. The formation of pigeons in the sky. And of course, it's Noon. Soon you stand before the Brotherhood Chapter House.
GrimBeard takes up the rear.
Rhavi: "That was nicely done, Levin."
Levin raps on the door with his knuckles. "Thanks."
LW GM: The door opens on oiled hinges and a suspicious young man looks at you. "What can the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star do for you?"
Levin: "We're looking for a fellow by the name of Kendan, good sir."
LW GM: "I know no, Kendan. My name is Kanden."
Rhavi: "Close enough."
Levin: "My apologies. We were dispatched from Sommerlund on a mission only you may help us with." He gestures to Dust, then steps to the side.
LW GM: "Very well, how can I help you gentlemen?"
Dust removes the signet ring from an inside pocket, voice pitched low. "The weapons of Ishir, by order of Sommerlund's king."
LW GM: Kanden takes the ring and closes his fist around it. There is a small blue glow around his fist before he returns it to Dust. "Yes, the ring is not a forgery. Yes I can lead you to the Weapons."
Rhavi: "Looks over his shoulder
[OOC] Dust: Whelp. We're all going to die.
Avan looks inside.
Levin: "Might as well let us in, then. Unless you want to continue discussing this in public."
[OOC] LW GM: Kanden correctly interprets the Kai Code Dust spoke as "Help, these psychos kidnapped me use your brotherhood magic to lightning bolt them!" and zaps you all.
LW GM: "Yes. Yes of course, please come in."
LW GM: He ushers you into the small chapter house.
Rhavi: "Just so you know. We are marked by the enemy. If you can remove this it would be in everyone's best interest."
Levin steps in, then to the side to permit the others to pass.
Rhavi enters the house
LW GM: Kanden give Rhavi a confused look. "What do you mean by 'marked'?"
Dust: "A spiritual beacon, placed upon us by the demon that we are seeking to eliminate from Sommerlund."
Dust: "It seems that our mission…. irritated it."
Rhavi waves his finger sin a vague gesture
Rhavi: "Marked by magic because of our involvement. It knows where we are."
[OOC] LW GM: Dude, you didn't /have/ your mission when you met the demon. You just caught it changing and it rightfully got irked.
Levin: "A curse, in short, which gives the demon the ability to locate us for his minions."
[OOC] Dust: No no. Our current mission. Our first mission ended when the demon didn't kill us.
Levin: "It is that demon we need the weapons to defeat. And the Cenerese are involved, which means I must prevail even should my compatriots fall." He shows the symbol of his own order.
Rhavi: "Can you remove it?"
LW GM: Kanden bends his head down and rests it on his palm. "I see. Well then, we have no time to lose. We must get you to the weapons as quickly as possible. Sadly no I can not remove it. I suspect not even our guildmaster could remove something like that."
Rhavi: "Then let us not waste time."
Avan nods.
Levin: "Aye."
Rhavi checks out the window again
LW GM: Kanden hurries you out of the chapter-house into the street. "What you seek is in a desecrated temple of Naar in the Hammerdal Range. I can lead you to them" , he says as he moves swiftly down the streets and byways. He then suddenly stops short and falls silent at a corner.
Rhavi: "What is it?"
Levin follows, pausing along with the magician.
Avan listens, mainly, trying to sense what Kanden senses.
LW GM: Kanden points. Further down the street is what appears to be a gang of thugs harassing the local peasants and shop keepers. However they all have a look in their eye that is not even remotely sane.
LW GM: "Let's go around." Kanden says.
[OOC] Dust: Which, the thugs, the shopkeepers, or all of the above?
Levin: "Knowing our enemy, other paths we might take will also be impeded."
[OOC] LW GM: The thugs
LW GM: "I suspect you are right" , Kanden says resignedly.
Rhavi: "Which way?"
LW GM: "This way." Kanden leads the group down an alley to the left, only to find forward progress similarly blocked.
Avan: "Up?"
Avan motions toward the roofs.
Rhavi: "What is causing the mayhem? Some dark magic?"
LW GM: Kanden gives Avan a look that says Avan has a similar look in his eyes that the thugs do.
LW GM: "In a sense. Money. Drugs. Greed. All are said to be of Naar."
Avan: "What? I would rather avoid this combat."
[OOC] Dust: Also, Avan seems relatively uninterested in Money, Drugs, and Ren's character in the Thursday Exalted game.
[OOC] Avan: Not that he'll turn up money. It's been useful at times.
Rhavi: "Then go on ahead. I will catch up after clearing the way. Which direction are you traveling?"
LW GM: "I can levitate to the roof of the building, but can you people really climb the side of a building?"
Avan gets to climbing.
[OOC] LW GM: And once you do, you perch on a little wooden ledge to get the area added to your map before you end it all and jump into a big pile of inertia-canceling hay.
Levin locates a conveniently-placed ladder or analogue and makes use of it.
[OOC] Avan: Has someone been playing Assassin's Creed?
LW GM: Kanden shakes his head and shrugs as he begins to rise up in a straight line. Without touching the building.
[OOC] LW GM: Well, now it looks like I gotta put assassins in the game…
[OOC] Levin: Of course no-Yes.
Rhavi scurries up the side of the building as though it were ship's rigging.
Dust: "Without too much trouble." Dust takes a moment to assess the buildings around him, then proceeds to scale it. "The dwarf may have problems, but such is why rope is present."
[OOC] Avan: So, the latest one in the American Revolution? Are we going to be fighting some of the original Redco-er, shirts?
Avan indeed lowers rope for the dwarf to climb, once he is on the roof.
[OOC] LW GM: From what I am given to understanding, you play a Native American and are thus kinda against all the fucking paleskins. You don't really care what clothes they wear.
[OOC] Avan: Nah, you're cool with some of the more native paleskins. Apparently.
GrimBeard starts climbing the rope when presented with it.
LW GM: Kanden pulls himself onto the roof top as soon as he's high enough.
Avan: "So. Which way, or will our path be blocked here as well?"
LW GM: He looks up in surprise then points at the mountains. "If you look, you can even see the entrance to the cave where the temple is."
Avan looks.
Rhavi looks and gets his bearings
Rhavi: (Navigation)
GrimBeard looks when he is in a position to do so.
LW GM: The sun illuminates a small ledge that seems to lead into deep shadow where Kanden gestured. It may be a cave. Or it may be deep shadow.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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