8 Jul 12

LW GM: Provisioned and rested after your hectic flight from the forest to the King's Fort, you are as prepared as you can be for a hectic flight from the King's Fort to the forest. The captain gives you a salute from the battlements.
LW GM: You know the path that you took to get here, and the journey back is uneventful and mercifully free of both Cenar and spiders, though you think you spot that one boar you encountered on the way in again.
LW GM: It is a slightly faster journy back to Holmgard than it was from. You arrive back in two days.
Avan lets Dust lead the way.
Levin 's right behind Dust, eye on the weather.
Dust enters Holmgard, speaking briefly with the men on duty at the gate before heading towards the King's Castle.
GrimBeard brings up the rear again.
Rhavi rides the ill tempered beast, ready to turn him into glue at the first chance.
Rhavi: "Let's get this report to the king…"
GrimBeard: "Aye."
Avan: "lead the way."
Rhavi motions Dust ahead
LW GM: You, or rather Dust Fox, are quickly recognized and rushed to the king.
Avan continues to follow in Dust's wake.
LW GM: The king looks up from his papers. "You have succeded in your mission then?"
Rhavi grunts
Rhavi: "Success is a rather strong word, your Majesty."
Dust shakes his head. "Still pursuing the mission. We discovered the Cener's altar-temple, however… they have reinforcements. Something large… and demonic."
Dust: "The fort needs to be reinforced as quickly as possible… and we need to find, or create, something capable of ending or banishing one of Naar's creatures."
Rhavi points out the location of the encampment and altar on the maps
LW GM: "I suspected that reinforcement would be necessary and the reinforcements left less than a day before you returned. As for the banishment of one of Naar's servants…"
LW GM: "… yes I believe that something exists that is… uniquely suited to our needs."
Dust nods. "What details can you share?"
LW GM: "There is a… collection of weapons that are designed to be used in concert. Together they can overpower the unnatural resiliance of even Naar's creatures."
Avan listens.
Rhavi listens intently
GrimBeard listens as well.
LW GM: "They have been kept together in Hammerdal, locked away from the forces of the Darklands who would destroy them. Here." he removes one of his rings and hands it to Dust. "With this seal, you will be allowed to take the Weapons of Ishtar and defend Sommerlund from Naar's most recent incursion."
Dust accepts the seal, slipping it inside his tunic. "We understand."
Rhavi: "Who else knows of their existence, sire?"
LW GM: "Oh the obvious people. Historians, guardians of legends, Naar. People like that, if Naar can be considered a person."
LW GM: "Their existance is not a secret. Where they are kept certainly is though."
Rhavi: "So we will not be the only people trying to assemble this collection."
GrimBeard: "How many weapons are in tha collection, sire?"
LW GM: "Oh you probably are the only people trying to /assemble/ the collection. Destroy on the other hand."
Dust: "Do we have any information on where they are, save for the country its located in?"
LW GM: "They say ' they are what is needed.'. Presuambly that means that when you go to them, they will becomes either what you are most familiar with, or something unique to the siuation. Or both. Or neither."
Dust nods. "Then we will need to find a Sage, or perhaps speak with the magi of the Crystal Star."
Avan considers. By chance, did he hear any legends connected to this on his way across Magnamund?
Rhavi: "How do we find them, sire?"
[OOC] LW GM: Avan: No. They seem to be fairly obscure.
LW GM: The king gives Rhavi an amused look "They will be in Hammerdal, and if you can not one of the largest cities in Sommerlund, then I have clearly overestimated you."
Levin casts his mind's eye over his mental library, just in case his instructors, and random browsing of the Herbalish central library, mentioned anything related to these weapons.
[OOC] LW GM: Saddly no.
Dust: "Should we avoid contact with King Alin, or can we enlist his help in this endeavor?"
Rhavi: "It would be fastest to take the Albatross across the Gulf and follow the river up as far as we can."
Avan: "How fast will that be?"
LW GM: "I leave that decision to you. Do as you think best."
Rhavi nods, already thinking of what will be needed for the journey
Avan: "Will the local King be friend or foe to our quest?"
LW GM: "Against the threat of Naar, all of humaity should be allied. That said… avoiding involving him might be best."
Rhavi: "Couldn't that cause something of an international incident?"
Avan nods. Yeaaah, figured that greed might play a part.
Levin: "If we're caught, yes."
Levin follows his voice into the room, having spent his time working on the samples he collected before they returned to Holmgard.
GrimBeard: "If'n we're caught, you didna tell us to go there, righ?"
Dust: "Better to simply not be caught."
Rhavi: "Of course."
Avan: "I know a thing or two about that."
Rhavi: "So we need to arrive, find these weapons, which we do not know where they are, and then escape with them. Sounds easy enough."
Avan: "So, do we know where in the city it is? Any hints?"
LW GM: "Do maps count as hints" the king asks innocently?
Rhavi: "Ah..yes, sire."
Rhavi: "I see that Your Majesty has a sense of humor."
LW GM: "When you are king of a kingdom under constant siege from a god of darkness, you find your ammusements when you can."
Dust: "How detailed are these maps?"
LW GM: "They are the best we can make. The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star are the only ones with better."
Dust: "Toran is… 130 miles to the north. Too long to reasonably detour too, and no easy access for the Albatross. But if the map is not enough, we lose more time backtracking." Dust glances across the assembled faces. "Thoughts?"
Avan: "Could I see the map?"
Rhavi: "If we be after stealth…it would be wiser to sail the Rymerrift and make way up the river Hammerd."
Rhavi: "It would get us closer and provide an easier exit point."
Rhavi: "As for the maps, let's have a look at them, aye."
Levin: "Be sure to set several rendezvous points in case we get split up, also."
Rhavi nods and points to a few locations along the way that may be suited to that.
LW GM: "That is a very good idea. Legend says that the weapons are more powerful when they are together."
Rhavi: "Just how fast are their airships, and would they be willing to transport a couple of you?"
Rhavi: "If we set sail, and some travel north, we could meet at Gorn Cove."
Avan: "I would volunteer for the northern branch, in that case."
Avan: "But if some go, would it not make sense for all of us to go north, then by air?"
Rhavi: "As long as we could get the //Albatross// to the cove to make up some time. It all depends on how good His Majesty's maps are."
Levin: "Personally…while it might take longer to consult the magicians, they may have knowledge useful to us which the King lacks. Meaning no disrespect, Sire."
Rhavi grunts and nods
Dust: "I agree. However, we cannot know how quickly the demon will move. If we are lucky, then it is slower than us, or has no incentive to move towards more civilized areas. I do not wish to count on luck in regards to Naar's demons."
Levin: "It's a matter of whether we have sufficient knowledge now, or would gaining sufficient knowledge cost more lives than might be lost were we to take longer due to a lack of sufficient knowledge."
Rhavi: "Then we should study His Majesty's maps and make our decision."
GrimBeard: "Agreed. If'n I can throw in ma two cents, I say we donna doubt the maps and move, sooner versus later."
Avan: "Your majesty, may we see the maps, please?"
LW GM: The king pulls the maps out of a pile of papers on his desk. You are quite certain the pile was much smaller the last time you were here.
Dust examines the maps.
[OOC] Levin: And there's the bell.
Avan reads.
Rhavi leans in to examine the map closely
Rhavi: "So, one of the larger cities on the continent, and no direction once we get there. Do you think that mages will have more detailed maps, and more importantly, would they share it with us?"
Dust: "The Brothers are not interested on being a front line defense. Without these weapons, their magic is the only chance against the demon. That, or unleashing the Sommersword. I am quite certain they will render what aid they can, if only so that they can continue their studies in peace and not sally out to war."
Rhavi: "Then they would possibly provide alternate transportation as well. That would make up the lost time…but we already know that the garrison is under attack if it has not fallen already. Whatever it is comes closer."
Rhavi: "So again I say, let us send the //Albatross// ahead and travel north. Then we can gain the aide of the brothers and travel south iwth all haste."
Dust: "I do not see a better option. Does anyone else?"
GrimBeard: "Souns good ta me."
Avan: "Do not send the //Albatross// ahead, and simply all take the skyship in and out?"
Rhavi: "'Too conspicuous. We do not want to draw undue attention. If we have the skyship in reserve at the cove we can sail her back here, but getting in to Hammerdal would be problematic."
Dust: "As well, the Brothers may not have a ship nor a pilot to spare."
Rhavi: "True. Then we will need whatever aide we can get to make speed."
Dust: "Are we agreed then? First to Toran, then to Hammerdal?"
Avan: "Alright then."
Rhavi: "Agreed."
GrimBeard: "Aye."
Levin: "Indeed."
Dust bows to the king. "Thank you for your time and indulgence, your majesty, but we must leave with all due haste."
Rhavi bows as well
LW GM: "May Ishtar speed your journey."
Avan bows too.
LW GM: ***LOG END***

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