Class: Telchoi Warrior
Rank: Enyoi (9)
CS: 17 (19) End: 25 (28)
Bite of Fire Pass Without Trace
Blessing of Ishir Serpent's Speed
Impale Venom of Serpents
Mind Wall Voice of Thunder
One with the Land Winds of Telchos
Rope Lantern
Full-Color Herb Book
Meal Meal
Meal Empty Vial
Shiel-fa Handbolt

Special Items

  • Gold Crowns: 17
  • Hide Armor (+3 Endurance)
  • Bedroll
  • Quiver for handbolts
  • Flint & steel
  • Small steel mirror
  • Signal whistle

Avan's Story

"It began when I was an Oya-i. I was afraid of the venom, so I delayed taking it. Too long: I had not recovered before it was time to prove myself. I failed, and was exiled, told not to come back until I had touched the waters of Sommerlund's coast.

"Some of them were trying to get rid of me, convinced I would not be returning. Hmph. I am just a man who wishes to prove himself. Just because men have been in charge every time our ancestors' civilizations fell doesn't mean we're ALL bad.

"So I signed on to guard a caravan, travelling the length of Lunarlia. I was not yet a good warrior, but I learned to channel Ishir's blessings. A medic was appreciated. By the time we reached the end, they begged me to stay on, but my path was to the north.

"I faced the mighty river that bisects Magnamund. For 7 days, I attempted to swim it; for 7 days, I was thrown back. Then I learned to focus my speed, and dashed across before the river could stop me.

"I proceeded north by northeast. I was attacked, for I did not venerate Kai as strongly as some do, and for that I was presumed a creature of evil. I learned to set aside luck, for a time, and ensure swift victory against all but the mightiest of foes. After I allowed them to flee repeatedly, they finally believed I wished merely to pass through. Or maybe they merely had an attack of good sense. In any case, thay let me pass.

"Finally I came to the Maakengorge. There, I…no, I did not leap the thing in a blaze of fire. I got a lift from an eagle-riding Warrior-Mage, with whom I had a very interesting conversation about chanelling magic into sheer force. Both of us mastered a new discipline out of it.

"So now I am here, in Sommerlund at last, but my quest is incomplete. I yet seek the coast. Not that I am sure how soon I shall return once I find it."

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