Dust Fox

Dust Fox

Journeyman (8)


Kai Lord





Combat Skill

17 (19; 21)


25 (31)



Born to the noble lords of Sommerlund, the child known as Dust was given to the Kai monastery when very young, as is the custom of Sommerlund. The monks found that the child had a keen sense of what the future might bring and an endless curiosity. Dust passed the Trial of Fire, sacrificing a toy from his formative years, and the Trial of Light, answering each riddle posed with a casual ease, but it was at the Trial of Solaris that the monks took notice.

For this trial, the potential novice is allowed to hold a Sunstone, one of the few treasures of the Kai Monastery. It is generally believed that how brightly the Sunstone glows is a measure of the goodness within the holder's soul. The truth is far more complex: the Sunstone tests many aspects of the wielder, and the Elder Kai are quite skilled in how to interpret the glow. One in particular, Elder Fox, had known that Kai was delivering unto him a new disciple. Dust passed the test, not based on any quality of abstract morality, but on the raw power of his mindforce.

As are all students of the monastery, Dust was named after his teacher, and trained in the use of his natural abilities. The training of each potential Kai Lord is different, based around their natural aptitudes. Those who are naturally agile gravitate towards the athletic and combative disciplines. Dust did not fit those categories. Instead, his training focused around the manipulation of his environment using his skill within Mindforce. Where others would study how to carefully measure each step so as to remain silent, Dust learned to feel the moments where people were distracted and slip away. Where others practiced the instillation of parry and riposte, Dust senses his opponent's intentions, following the natural flow of the conflict and finding the moments between actions when others are unbalanced.

Dust has performed several missions away from the monastery and has traveled throughout the Lastlands, even journeying as far south as Quarlen in northern Slovia. Though generally well-regarded in his travels, few remember Dust in any great detail, which is how he prefers it. Slipping across a border is always harder when you are easily recognized and remembered.


Dust is an unassuming man, aged 19 years, of average height and weight, with hair-colored hair and eye-colored eyes. When he wishes, he's very forgettable indeed, blending into a crowd as easily as he disappears into a forest. He's an observant fellow, though not particularly given to idle chatter. When away from the monastery, he wears the outfit of the Somlending forester, dressed in muted greens and browns that aid his disappearing act.

Though trained in the basic weapon arts, Dust prefers to avoid conflict. In a fight, his actions are quick and decisive, almost precognitive as he moves to cut off a line a moment before the opponent chooses to attack. Indeed, Dust's skill in combat comes mostly from a finely tuned awareness of others and the calm, deceptive stances he takes.

Kai Disciplines

Animal Kinship
Communication with animals, know their intentions, and control over certain animals instincts and actions.
Blend in with surroundings. Hide undetected in the countryside, pass without being seen. In a town, look and sound like a native and find shelter or safe hiding places.
Restore Endurance lost through injury. Restores 1 Endurance per hour of trancing. Restore 2 Endurance to another character once per day.
May always hunt for food, except in wastelands or deserts. Move swiftly and stealthily.
Mind Over Matter
Movement of small objects by concentrating.
Mental assault. +2 Combat Skill if the target is vulnerable to Mindforce
Mental defense. Does not suffer damage when exposed to Mindforce.
Sixth Sense
Warning of imminent danger. Revelations about strangers or items discovered in travel.
Read footprints or tracks, discern what path to take, discover location of people or things in a city.


  1. Lantern
  2. Rope
  3. Laumspur (+4 END)
  4. Bell
  5. Meal
  6. Meal
  7. Meal


  1. Magical Sword (sheathed in belt)
  2. Bow (worn over shoulder)

Special Items

  • Belt (worn on waist)
    • Money Pouch: Gold Crowns: 12
    • Belt Pouch
      • Sunrod
      • Vial of ink
      • Small steel mirror
      • Signal whistle
      • Sewing needle
  • Map of the Lastlands (tucked into tunic)
  • Shield (+2 CS; worn on back when not in use)
  • Chainmail Waistcoat (+4 End; worn under tunic)
  • Helmet (+2 End; worn on head)
  • Quiver (12 arrows; worn over shoulder)
  • Quiver (12 arrows; worn over other shoulder)
  • Seal of Sommerlund
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