House Rules

Healing Discipline Nerf

Any healing discipline that heals one Endurance every five minutes instead heals one Endurance every hour. The reason is that as written these disciplines are far more powerful than the Healing Hands ability of the Herb Warden (who at least according to the source material is at least a somewhat dedicated healing profession). Healing Hands heals four per hour (whereas one every five minutes translates to twelve every hour) and the Herb Warden is paying Willpower for this privilege.

Note that this is a quick and dirty fix and does not take into account the other healing disciplines of professions that aren't being used by the players. A more mathematical balancing will be done before any subsequent LW campaign this GM runs.

Valid Gunbutting Discipline Combinations

When a Dwarven Gunner of Bor is Gunbutting with his musket, only the disciplines of Accuracy and Sharpshooting (and of course, Gunbutting) apply. This also extends to the Gunmastery level.

Evasion buff

The Evasion discipline allows you to evade combat without having to do another final attack exchange where you can not inflict damage.

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