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Rhavi's first memory is of blood and a pair of staring eyes the color of the storm tossed sea.
His second is of the man standing above this woman wrenching his spear from her body.
Life as a slave in the Darklands is grueling at the best of times. Slaves are worked into exhaustion and then driven onward. Many do not make it past the first few weeks of servitude. Of those who do, a quarter of them do not survive the branding. His master's sigil was that of a coiled viper, and the slaves who survived the branding with their eyesight intact bore it on left cheek to the end of their days.
Rhavi's luck held true. Perhaps it was his age, or maybe Ishir smiled upon this orphaned slave boy, but he survived the branding and the subsequent beatings, lasting three years as a house slave. He slept with the dogs and cared for them. Eventually they accepted him as one of their own. This is the only family that the half wild slave child could remember and he learned his lessons from them. He would viciously attack the other slaves who attempted to steal his food, and he became nimble enough to outrun those who were much larger than he. The Grey Bitch became his mother, and her litters his brothers and sisters.
Still a child, though feral as any wild beast, Rhavi still suffered his fair share of beatings at the hands of those bigger and stronger. Primal instinct led him to steal an apprentice piece from a boy who was in service to the smithy. It was a crude ugly thing at best, a dagger that was heavy and unweildly, black as pitch from pummel to point. The smith's boy had failed his initiation and the ugly thing had been thrown into the flesh pit with the body. To Rhavi this long tooth symbolized freedom and a chance to lash out with more than his teeth and fists.
It is strange how family can twist the skein of Destiny.
One day the Grey Bitch and his litter mate, a runt of a hound, the color of stormy clouds, were too slow to get away from the Master's foul mood. As the Master strode by he cuffed Rhavi hard enough to make his ears ring for three days. The Grey Bitch came to the aide of her child, snarling at the Master, who was first surprised and then enraged.
Rhavi lost his mother for the second time in his short life, but this time he remembered her and mourned her. In a rage of his own he attacked the Master with an unmatched savagery, leaping onto his back and plunging the ugly knife in over and over again until he was drenched in blood.
As quickly as rage overcame him it left him weak and filled with fear. He and his litter mate ran into the woods surviving as only feral beasts can, on the leavings of others, scavenging their meals, but always running.
Eventually they reached the sea, and Rhavi stood dumbfounded. How such a vast expanse of water could exist was beyond him.
Timidly at first he touched the water, surprised that his skin washed away, sloughing off to reveal swarthy flesh instead of blackened skin. He bathed for the first time that he could remember in the waters of the oceans. And it was here that the Buccaneers found him, a starving naked boy with an ugly knife and his grey hound.
The rest is a tale for another day.


Rhavi is an average five foot nine inches, wiry as anyone who has spent significant time on the high seas. His skin is the color of aged leather, browned by the sun and scoured by the wind. He has his mother's stormy grey-blue eyes. On his cheek is burned a distorted image of a coiled viper. This sign has earned him the nick name "The Sea Viper" and has become one of his most flaunted traits, especially when raiding a slaving ship. His hair has light blonde streaks, the product of spending nearly all of his time on the open seas, but the rest is black as pitch and done up in dozens of small braids that lay flat to his skull.
As hard as Rhavi has tried to adopt civilization it is a thin veneer at best, easily discarded, and what it reveals is disturbing. No man should fight like a demon, and when the fight is over it often takes several days for the wildness to leave his eyes. At these times the crew tiptoes around him, fearing him as much as they love him.



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  1. Scimitar
  2. Heavy Dagger
  3. Throwing KNives (6)
  4. Helmet (+2)
  5. Leather Armor (+2)


  1. Belt
  2. Leather Pouch (17 crowns)

Special Items

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