Old Man Bakar


Tall and lanky, dark haired, pale skinned. Old Man Bakar rarely leaves the library, and it shows. He wears corrective lenses while reading. While his eyes are the dark red of the Copy-Wheel Family, he rarely activates his bloodline. He dresses in the grey and white robes of the Librarians.


Little is known of the Voice in the Library. Bakar simply appeared thirty years ago, a trained master of the Copy-Wheel Eye. He claimed the lineage of the lost Abene clan, but no allegiance to the Land of Fire. As the Island of the Moon was but a small outpost at that time, understaffed and without the capability of fulfilling their purpose, Bakar was accepted with open arms. He trained the first full agents to come from Moon's Academies, and served as a teacher and researcher there for years before founding the Library of the Moon. Nominally just a sorcerous research facility, it quickly grew to encompass all forms of knowledge.

With the growth of the Library, the Island of the Moon changed as well. Instead of agents meeting to work out their differences, now they came to study at the Library. Bakar is the Head Librarian, the sole Voice in the Library, and spends much of this time deep in research about esoteric matters.

Known Techniques

Due to the power of the Copy Wheel Eye, Bakar has learned almost every B-Rank or lower technique that the Library of Moon has information on, which is to say, just about every technique that exists (barring personal variations). Assume he can replicate any technique listed in the Attributes section. However, knowledge of a technique does not denote mastery and most of the techniques he knows are rarely used. Only the spells and effects he uses most often are mentioned below.

  • Copy-Wheel Eye
  • Five Phases of the Moon
  • Mind Like Moon



  • Agent of the Island of the Moon
  • Voice of the Great Library
  • Instructor at the Academy of the Waxing Moon
  • Instructor at the Academy of the Waning Moon
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