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A lovely child, Bianca's hair is black as night and soft as silk. She loves her hair, wearing it in a long hime cut, or rarely pulled back and styled. While at the CCI in Lanciano, she wears the traditional boarding school uniform, consisting of a white blouse and gray skirt. However, on weekends or when with her father, she tends towards a more elegant dress. She shares her father's appreciation for the Victorian and Rococo styles. Like her father, she does not wear anything she did not stitch herself. Her eyes are a stormy gray that belies the placidity of her personality. Though energetic, and almost constantly in motion, Bianca is not often given to agitation. Perhaps it is the contrast between the attempts on her life at home and the almost banal existence of school-life, or perhaps simple inheritance from her mother, but Bianca carries herself with a poise and grace that even some of the teachers at CCI envy. Despite her home life, Bianca is a happy child, with a ready smile and laugh for anyone. She's never sad or depressed in public, and is a walking example of genki. Bianca is one of the top minds in Lanciano, though she takes pains not to be the best at everything.


Bianca is the only child of the Artist and Esmé Lily Lécuyer. Esmé died while Bianca was very young, leaving the Artist to raise her alone. While Bianca is brilliant, she has a very weak mystical aura and is almost entirely incapable of controlling magic. She has a strong enough aura to activate minor enchantments, but nothing more. Perhaps that is why she has little interest in magic.

Though the Artist is wealthy as only a sorcerer can be, he has many enemies. Bianca spent much of her life under constant threat of kidnapping and harm. After a particularly messy attempt, the Artist placed Bianca at the CCI in Lanciano in Italy for her safety. CCI is an advanced boarding school, catering to the wealthy, elite, and brilliant. Being all three, Bianca integrated perfectly.

CCI at Lanciano has the facilities to train their students in almost anything the parents might desire. Indeed, Lanciano's resources outstrips many non-ivy league universities. This, in addition to her home-schooling with her father, has given Bianca an extremely wide and varied education.


  1. Acrobatics: 3
    • Agility Bonus
    • Movement Action
    • Subtract Action Number from stones of falling damage
  2. Combat, Close: 1
    • Escapes
  3. General Knowledge: 2
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Encyclopedic general knowledge
    • Ask relevant questions of the GM
    • Action Number vs. Scenario description
    • Philosophy
    • Literature
  4. Social Skills: 5
    • Etiquette
    • Debate
    • Linguistics
  5. Technology: 3
    • Intelligence Bonus


Photographic Memory (-)
Remember everything you see or read.
Wealth (4)
Worth $1 million, Income of $20,000 per Issue


iPod Touch (16 gb), text books, laptop computer


Child (2)


  1. Seems fond of the Physician
  2. Her mother was a warden assigned to protect the Artist.


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