A tall man, broad shouldered. He dresses in a loose brown garment, belted at the waist. On his back he carries an enormous scroll. He doesn't seem to carry any other weapons. His hair is a long, shaggy dark brown, his skin weathered like old leather. Its obvious he spends most of this time outside.


Kamen is one of the finest summoners in the Five Lands. Though an Agent of the Land of Earth, he's been given some leeway in his choice of missions due to his years of service. It has been said that he pays more loyalty to the creatures he summons than to any human nation, though he has never shown disloyalty to the Land of Earth.

Kamen was declared a Master over ten years ago. Since then, he was offered multiple positions at the Academy of Earth as well as the Tectonic University, but declined them all in order to continue his travels. He has no known home, seemingly spending most of his time in the Lands of the Animal Kings. Kamen has no living family and no known bloodline.

Known Techniques

Kamen is a true master, and has access to almost every technique of B-Class or lower. He specializes in Earth and Lightning elements, though mostly relies on his immense physical power and on his myriad summoning pacts. This list of summoning pacts is not exclusive and merely represents the ones he calls most often.

  • Summoning Pact: Bears
  • Summoning Pact: Crows
  • Summoning Pact: Deer
  • Summoning Pact: Goats
  • Summoning Pact: Great Cats
  • Summoning Pact: Wolves


It is said that Kamen challenged and defeated the leaders of each of the Animal Kingdoms in personal combat, without using magic.


Land of Earth: Kamen is a loyal, if distant, Agent, and would respond to any call for help from his homeland. Given that, he can be very hard to contact much of the time.
Animal Kingdoms: Kamen is welcome in every Animal Kingdom, except that of the Snakes. Exactly what happened between him and the Snake Elders is a subject of much discussion (just not in his presence).

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