Hair the color of sea foam and eyes of jade, Nerida contains all the beauty and wrath of the ocean.


Born on the Island of Moon, Nerida joined the Academy of the Waning Moon at a young age. She specialized in the study of water magics and advanced through the ranks rapidly to become a First Class Agent and Water Sorcery Specialist. Still an active Agent, Nerida spends most of her time exploring the waters surrounding the Island of Moon on the pretext of guarding them (actually, she just really likes to swim).

Known Techniques

As a Special Agent, Nerida is familiar with most Water Release techniques of Class B and lower and most other techniques of Class C and lower.

  • Summoning Pact: Penguins
  • Water Friend: A lesser transformation that gives the caster gills.
  • Water Release: Banded Bomb: Creates a water clone of Sphensia that explodes on contact. An exploding penguin. That's right. I went there.


Sphensia: Nerida's personal summon, a warm-water banded penguin.
Moon: Nerida is third in command of the Water Council and an active Special Agent assigned to the defense of the Island.

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