Adisa T'challa

Water Elephant


















Husky African Male, 6' 3" Brown Eyes and Black Curly Hair.


Adisa T'Challa is a distant member of the Wakandan Royal Family (he is 512th in line for the throne) despite not being a Wakandan native, being born and raised in New York and knowing little about his Wakandan heritage or royal lineage. A gifted scientist with an interest in Geology and alternate fules, he was hired straight out of ESU by Roxan Oil. At first relegated to searching for new sources of crude oil, he eventually managed to convince the executives that he could create a totally renewable source of energy. Given a lab and resources, he began studying the possibilities of using Wakandan Vibranium in a fluid environment to induce an inexpensive state of cold fusion. Late one night into the third week of the project, he vanished from his lab, and North America.

Seven days later, Adisa was found wandering the Wakandan wilderness by a Wakandan patrol. Having no memory of how he got there, Adisa woke up laying on the ground surrounded by elephant tracks. He was brought before T'Challa who decided to deport Adisa back to America.

Upon his return home, Adisa found himself without a job, Roxan frowning on employees disappearing for over a week at a time, but with a job offer from Roxan's rival, Stark Enterprises. By the second day of the project, Adisa had completed his fusion project. It was during his demonstration before the board of directors that blacklash staged a daring robbery. He closed the failsafe doors, trapping the board in a separate room and forcing Adisa to confront Blacklash alone. When War Machine arrived to stop the robbery, he found Blacklash pinned to the wall by a plume of water with Adisa furiously working the controls of his fusion reactor to keep him there.

After the police had arrived to take Blacklash away, Adisa received a huge bonus, complete with hazard pay, strict instructions not to come into work for a least a month, and gentle encouragement to see a professional to help him deal with the traumatic experience of dealing with a supervillan.


  1. Combat, Close: 5/4
    • Intelligence Bonus or Weapon Modifier
    • Water Weapons
    • Power Armor Combat
    • Underwater
    • Penjak Silat Serak
  2. General Knowledge: 6
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Geology
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Exotic Power Sources
    • History
  3. Invention: 8
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Sacred Tech
  4. Mastery of Water: 2/7
    • Create Objects
    • Water Blast
    • Water Weapons
    • Weaker away from source
    • x2 Damage or Area Effect (Suit Only)
    • Enhanced Scope (Steam and Ice, Suit Only)
  5. Social Skills: 6
    • Academia
    • Charm
    • Intimidation
    • Bluff
  6. Technology: 5
    • Intelligence Bonus
  7. Flight 0/5
    • Elemental Based


Energy Defense (0/5)
+5 stones of Defense vs. Energy
Life Support (-)
A self contained environment
Targeting (0/1)
+1 stones for Ranged Combat
Toughness (1/3)
+1/3 stones of Defense
Wealth (6)
Worth $100 million, income of $1 million per Issue


Water Elephant Power Suit
Power Augmentation Belt (+2 Free Stones for Water Mastery)


Conflicting Interests 1
Refusal to take a Life 1
Missing Time 1
Deadly Enemies (Wrathful Lion) 5
Special Vulnerability (Sound) 3

Current Projects


Relationship with T'Challa: T'Challa is playing it safe with regards to Adisa. While he truly believes that The Wise Elephant Spirit brought Adisa to Wakanda, he is still very leary of any of The Wise Elephant Spirit's agents. In Wakandan scripture, though The Wise Elephant Spirit, and The Great Panther Spirit were always on the same side, they never got along. On the other hand, T'Challa did persuade his friend Tony Stark to give him a job.

Relationship with Tony Stark: There really isn't one. Adisa and Tony have never met. Tony hired Adisa sight unseen based almost wholly on T'Challa's request.

Relationship with Jim Rhodes: Jim and Adisa rarely have a chance to get together to argue anymore. Still, whenever they happen to be in the same town, you can always find them down in a pub debating the necessity and ethics of weapons. Neither one of them is aware of the other's heroic identity, although Jim suspects.

Relationship with Water: Adisa would love to explain how his fusion process allows water to be remotely controlled. He loves spreading information almost as much as research. Unfortunately, he can't. It's not that he doesn't know, he can't tell you. Something is blocking him, and not even powerful telepaths can wrest this secret from him.

Relationship with The Wise Elephant Spirit: Adisa has never heard of The Wise Elephant Spirit, but The Wise Elephant Spirit is certainly aware of him and is guarding Adisa's secrets jealously.

Relationship with Wrathful Lion: At one time in Wakandan history, Wise Elephant performed a coup taking leadership for a brief time of the Pantheon. While it was both brief and necessary, Wrathful Lion has never forgiven Wise Elephant and frequently sets his agents against those of White Elephant's. The most famous of Wrathful Lion's agents in modern times is Kraven the Hunter.


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