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The Paladin


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Andre stands at an impressive 6'4" and looks as though he belongs on the cover of a male health magazine complete with soulful hazel eyes, sandy blond hair and a well defined physique. Something about his overall bearing leads those who meet him to believe that he would shun such admiration, and indeed he does seem to become nonplussed when people make a big deal about his physical appearance.


Andre was born into a poor Catholic family of seven. As the eldest son he was expected to look out for his siblings and learned the value of appearing to be stronger than he felt himself to be. He began to lift weights at the local YMCA and studied a few free classes in various martial arts. This led to changes in his personal appearance and his overall demeanor which in turn ensured that most people would leave him and his family alone.

Deeply religious from an early age, Andre embraced the ethic of working for the good of his family and of the world at large and trusting in God to provide all that was needed. On his eighteenth birthday he enlisted in the United States Army to lessen the burden on his family.

After serving for four years and attaining the rank of sergeant Andre was honorably discharged and used the GI bill to pay for his schooling at the Art Institute of New York. He interned as a restorer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it was there that he discovered his passion for stained glass and wood working. Honing these skills for the remainder of his education Andre established enough connections in the non-secular circle of theologians and holy men to set up his own small business in carpentry and stained glass. He has recently begun to expand his business to include former gang members that wish to earn a decent wage and truly make an effort to leave the life of violence behind them.

It was while he was working on a contract at the MET that he was given a shard of broken jade by a well meaning coordinator of Oriental art to use as a component for his glass work that Andre first came into possession of a piece of the Jade Circlet of the Three Wise Kings. The circlet granted him a portion of its powers and gave him abilities that he uses to to fight crime as The Paladin. He has continued as soldier on God's army every since and will continue until he is no longer needed and is called Home.


  1. Close Combat 6/6
    • Aikido
    • Bartitsu
    • Tai Chi
    • Wrestling
    • Power Armor Combat
  2. Ranged Combat 5/0
    • Kyudo
    • Throwing
    • Frisbee/Discus
    • Sling
    • Heavy Objects
  3. Jade Weapons 1/4
    • Create Weapons of Jade
    • Acts as psi weapon
  4. Translocation 1/5
    • Strength bonus
    • Can burst through walls, etc.
    • 5 mile limit
    • 1 red stone per passenger
    • 2x damage
    • Must know or see location
    • Redirecting energy attacks (details?)
  5. Handyman 5/0
    • Stained Glass
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry
    • Hidden Compartments
    • Grants and Loans
  6. General Knowledge 6/0
    • Int. Bonus
    • Chemistry
    • Theology
    • Mythology
    • Folklore
    • Current Events
  7. Social Skills 6/0
    • Body Language
    • Mingling
    • Conversation
    • Chinese
    • Italian
    • Spanish
  8. Speak with Spirits 5/0
    • Nature Spirits
    • Spirits of the dead
  9. Telepathy 5/0 (10)
    • Detect Lies
    • Cannot read minds
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Range 4, add stones for distance


Toughness (6)
+6 stones to defense
Magical Defense (3)
+3 stones to defense against magic
Armor disappears when not in use
Armor may only be used by the owner of the circlet
Translates most known languages into any other
Cybernetic Senses
(5) Magical based
Life Support
$2000 per month


Two pieces of a jade circlet


Deadly Enemy (5)

  • The Killer
  • Third Empire

Compulsion to stick up for underdog (2)
Needs attachment to use power (4)
Won't break the law (2)
Won't own a car (1)


  1. +3 stones: Third Emperor picture
  2. +3 stones: Sprite picture
  3. New Stone Total: 86


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