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The Physician


















Niles is an average looking Joe. He's 30 years old, brown hair, gray eyes, and only about 5' 6" inches tall. He would be completely average if it weren't for his clothes. He often dresses as if it were Victorian England. He carries a cane that has a jewel at the top of it, and sometimes can be seen in a top hat.


Niles Regan, AKA The Physician, was born as any normal person would be, in North London in 1980. As an only child, he was often doted on by his mother. Niles has never known his father, as his mother always eludes answering questions about him. As he got older, he just stopped asking altogether.

However, when Niles was 13, he discovered in Biology during a dissection lesson that he could heal tissue with a single touch and a bit of his will. Worried he would be discovered and labeled a mutant, he hid his power and only used it in secret. As he grew older, other things started happening. Doors would slam shut in his presence, glass would crack and shatter if he was agitated. Oddly enough this did not seem to surprise his mother and she always took it in stride.

Shortly after Niles graduated High School, he started attending college, and soon fell in with others like himself. Young kids who had never been disciplined in their powers. They had some rudimentary control over their abilities, and taught Niles what they could. Unfortunately, this group were not as benevolent as Niles. They were criminals, robbing people, stores, banks and always cutting in an unnamed third party, who apparently planned all of their jobs. Niles was forced to play along, or be killed by those like him.

A few months later, Niles made a break for it after one of their jobs was interrupted by another one much like themselves. The rest of the gang, aside form the unnamed third party, went to jail. The sorcerer who had put a stop to them hunted Niles down, and took him under his wing, sensing he was not a malevolent as the rest of the gang. From there, he took him to America, and after receiving approval from Dr. Strange himself, trained Niles in the ways of the Arts.

After several years his training was complete, and Niles decided he wanted to give back to the world from which he had once harmed. He opened Second Chances, a store where he sold antiques, and took on the street name The Physician, and he helps others like himself whom he believes might not have any other place to go.


  1. Close Combat: 3
    • Int Bonus or Weapon Modifier
    • Bartitsu
    • Boxing
    • Fencing
  2. General Knowledge: 2
    • Medicine
    • Anatomy
    • Int. Bonus
  3. Healing, Magical: 2
  4. Magical Travel: 4
    • Flight
    • Teleportation
    • Dimension Walking
    • Astral Projection
    • Intelligence Bonus
  5. Mastery of Magic: 4
    • Accumulate Energy
    • Ritual Magic
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Creates Illusions, Magical Barriers, Magical Blasts, Telekinesis. and other minor tricks
  6. Social Skills: 4
    • Mingling
    • Bedside Manner
    • Acting
    • Sympathetic
  7. Thaumatergy (Combination of Witchcraft and Sorcery): 4
    • Intelligence Bonus
    • Transformation and Luck Manipulation
    • Can NOT do: Magical Healing, Telepathy, Energy Absorption, Transformation, Luck Manipulation
  8. Summoning: 2
    • +2 Supplies
    • +2 Open Area (If summoning a wind elemental, a windy open area)
    • +1 - right time of day
    • +1 - Researched it ahead of time
    • Intelligence Bonus
  9. Enchanting: 2
    • Intelligence Bonus


3 ($10,000 a month / issue)
Magic Defense
Cybernetic senses


Walking Stick

  • +2 Stones for Magical Combat
  • +1 Stone to sorcery (Staff)
  • +1 Stone defense using Magic


Mutant: 3
Conflicted Interests: 1
Won't drive car: 1
Joined the enemy: 1



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