Pillars of Heaven

As you gaze into the night
Behold the wondrous flecks of light
Sparkles in velvet on high
Each a sun to a dozen skys

- Legend of the Lost Pillars - Opening 1:1

The existence of other worlds has always been theorized. Some believe in the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, others speak of alien dimensions where strange creatures flourish.
The truth is that other worlds exist, bound together in a web of mutual support. While the inhabitants of these worlds live and die in ignorance of the greater cosmos, each world bolsters the worlds near it. When a world is destroyed, the ripple is felt throughout the nearby worlds.
It is true that, recently, some stars have faded from the night sky.
Are these other worlds, dying?

Pillars of Heaven is a multiversal forum game that has similarities to Kingdom Hearts, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and Billy vs SNAKEMAN. All gameplay and character creation takes place on the forum. The system is a modified version of BESM 3rd. All important information will be available; a copy of BESM is not needed to play. However, familiarity with the Tri-Stat system will greatly facilitate play.

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