Land of Five Elements

Type: Continental

Known land encompasses a single large continent made up of several nations as well as a few smaller islands.

Major Countries

There are five major countries. These five countries make up the majority of the continent.
The Land of Earth is composed of the largest mountain ranges. They have rich mineral resources, but the rocky ground provides little in the way of agriculture. While they have extensive ranges of raising livestock, they rely heavily on trade with the other Lands.
The Land of Fire is a heavily forested area which ranges from temperate to tropical. The range of plant life that encompasses the Land provides an abundant array of natural medicines, drugs and poisons. They provide the greatest emphasis on medical research.
The Land of Lightning features the second largest mountain ranges and extensive cloud cover. The weather changes quickly, partially due to the erratic climate of the land, and partially due to the abundance of magic pressed into the clouds by Agents training in weather manipulation. The control over the weather provided by the Agents allows this land to be the most abundant providers of agricultural products, especially rice.
The Land of Wind lies within a series of low, flat plains constantly buffeted by intense winds. Due to the effect of wind erosion, a significant portion of the land is desert.
The Land of Water is actually an archipelago of islands off the east coast of the mainland. They deal extensively in sea food, are the largest producer of salt in the world, and the only country to maintain a sizable naval force.

Other Countries

Other countries that exist are:
The Island of Moon lies north of the mainland. The island experiences a strange tidal phenomenon that actually allows the island to wax and wane with the phases of the moon. This has led to exotic architecture that can handle being submerged for extended periods of time. Not much is known of the inhabitants, as they are a peaceful people who mostly keep to themselves. Visitors are encouraged to keep their visits brief, as the water level fluctuates significantly and most people aren't prepared for living under water. Despite their small size, the Island of Moon does maintain a single Agent Academy, with Agents that specialize in espionage and information retrieval. The Library of the Moon is the most extensive collection of knowledge in the world.

Native Species

Humans are the primary inhabitants of the world and exercise control over the majority of the continent. However, they are not the only sentient beings. Every species of animal has a King which is fully sentient, as are there descendants. There are also nine mythical creatures of immense magical power that rampage across the continent. Each is roughly as powerful as a natural disaster. However, at any point in time half of them are bound into human hosts for use in warfare.

Tech Level: Low

Technology is fairly primitive, limited to 13th century technology in most areas. However, magic replicates and/or replaces technology in many areas of life, including medicine, transport, personal combat, espionage, and military.

Knowledge of the body is much higher, due to the way that magical energy works in the world. Extensive anatomical knowledge is available, detailing the various organs of the body and their proper functions. Chemistry is advanced enough to produce a range of drugs distilled from natural sources, though the facilities do not exist to synthesize most materials.

Military technology is quite low, mostly relegated to personal warfare using hand-powered ranged weapons limited to small thrown items. Chemistry is advanced enough to produce gunpowder and metallurgy is advanced enough to produce cannons; however, natural resources are scarce in most regions of the continent, making it possible for only a few nations to field such advanced devices.

Magic Level: High

Magic is very strong, capable of instant teleportation across short distances, summoning creatures of tremendous size and power, curing physical injuries, manipulating time and space, illusions that affect the mind and body and conjuring tremendous quantities of elements. This knowledge requires extensive training in channeling and controlling this energy. The universal principles of magic are extremely convoluted and have not been distilled into general techniques. As such, magic, while powerful, is limited to specific techniques that rarely have multiple functions.

Military Force

While physical force is far from useless, governments have learned from hard experience that the power contained in mastering magic dwarfs what any one person can attain through purely physical power. However, magic requires extensive training and only a handful of people have the knack, many of them descended from powerful families. Families with magical skill allied themselves to governments, and the governments provided them with training facilities, the location of which is a national secret. This gives those who have the talent to master magic a place to train, provides a force of skilled agents to defend the country, and limits the ambition of those skilled in magic. These people are known as Agents, and they are trained in extensive academies. A standard police force exists to deal with the criminal element; Agents are used for military operations, akin to special forces.


Normal schools function as they do in most worlds. Of special note are the Agent Academies. Agent academies train students in the basics of controlling and channeling magical energies, personal combat, basic training in the various tools the agents use and other elements of training. Many families with Blood Abilities train their children extensively in the ways of magic, without sending them to the academy. While the child's training won't be as extensive as an Agent's, they will have explored their Blood Ability in ways that the Academy never could.

Connecting Threads:

None Known.

Special Notes

Every person from this world has an affinity for a single element. While they can learn techniques of any element, they will almost always learn a technique for their element first. Available elements are fire, water, wind, earth and lightning.

A few families from this world possess a Blood Ability, an innate gift for channeling energy to produce a series of effects that are impossible to duplicate without this genetic gift. These techniques tend to be vastly more powerful than equivalent techniques. Some represent an intense augmentation of a natural ability of the body, such as sight. Others have the ability to merge two elemental types to produce a new type (for example, creating Ice from Wind and Water). As a rough rule, an Agent with a Blood Ability is often a match for an agent one rank higher than them. Blood Abilities are unique to their family.

All Player Characters possess a Blood Ability. This is an Innate Power.

There are five ranks for an Agent.
Students (D-Rank) have yet to graduate from the Academy.
Agents Second Class (C-Rank) have recently graduated from the Academy, but they lack practical experience that can only be gained in the field. They are a formidable foe for average people, but against experienced agents they require an extensive advantage.
Agents First Class (B-Rank) are experienced field agents. Some receive the training to become Proctors and teach the next generation of students, while others are assigned lead a team of Second Class Agents in a per mission capacity.
Master Agents (A-Rank) are the secret weapons of their country. Their knowledge of magical techniques is extensive and deadly, and their deadliness in personal combat means that a dozen lesser agents are considered an equal challenge. If a government finds a foreign master agent is on a mission in their country, they respond with all due haste. For this reason, master agents rarely leave their country, unless they are at war or looking to start one. A Master with a Blood Ability is roughly equivalent to a weapon of mass destruction.
Special Agents (unranked) are First or Second Class agents that are equal to or superior to a Master Agent in one area, such as infiltration, medicine, security, illusions, or assassination. They are highly specialized, which leads to them neglecting their other training. While they can approach or even surpass a Master in their specialty, the extensive expertise of a Master will frequently tip the scales in the Master's favor. However, it is much easier to assemble a team of three Special Agents than produce even one Master.

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