Templates for Pillars

This is a collected list of the templates used in Pillars of Heaven. As new templates become available, they will be added here.

Occupational templates detail the training required to practice a job. Occupational templates may be altered.
The primary occupational template to choose is the one covering your training as an Agent. Only choose one occupational template.

You are enrolled in an Academy where you learn the ways of the mysterious Agents. While you have not yet mastered the basic techniques and skills, your training makes you a formidable foe against normal people. If you are a student in one of the Five Great Nations, then most of your time is spent in school-time antics. However, smaller nations may push their students into accepting missions earlier, giving the student less book learning and more experience.

This template is appropriate for children to early teenagers who are just brimming with potential. While most of your points are available to spend, you'll have to work hard at justifying why you would have high level attributes.

Level Cost Attribute
1 10 Attack Combat Mastery
1 10 Defense Combat Mastery
- 1 Body Flicker
- 1 Disguise
- 1 Double
1 2 Organizational Ties (Agent of [Country])
2 4 Skill: Acrobatics
1 2 Skill: Climbing
1 2 Skill: Controlled Breathing
1 2 Skill: Intimidation
1 2 Skill: Military Sciences
1 1 Skill: Poisons
1 2 Skill: Slight of Hand
2 4 Skill: Stealth
2 2 Skill: Swimming
Total 46

Power Templates detail the advantages gained from a particular aspect of one of the Seven Great Powers. While most people start with Power of Blood, details for Power of Soul and Power of Heart are listed below as well.

Powers of Blood
These are inherent abilities linked to some aspect of the Agent's body. It is not possible to gain Power of Blood during play, unless it is stolen from someone else. Even then, Powers of Blood that share the same aspect (Eye Techniques, Throat Techniques, etc) cannot be paired (aka, even if you take voice boxes from someone with Mirage Speaking and someone else with the Vox, your body can only handle one voice box). This does mean that if you go into organ harvesting, you can get one skin technique, one voice technique, one eye technique, etc. In theory, you could get two eye techniques. In practice, this is a really bad idea.

Enhancement of vision's precision, allowing for observation of very minute details (such as perfectly copying a person's movements as they perform them). The Copy-Wheel Eye is one of the most feared of all the blood abilities for their skill at stealing any spell they observe. When active, the user's eyes become a vibrant red with three more black tear-drop shaped pupils that rotate around the main pupil. While the exact shade is dependent on the individual, ranging from light pink to dark red, the change is always noticeable if the eyes can be seen. When the eyes are not in use, it is difficult to tell that one has the Copy-Wheel Eye, though the families that share this trait are almost universally dark of hair and pale of skin.

Those with the Copy-Wheel Eye are sometimes derisively called "Red Eyes".

Level Cost Attribute
1 15 Mimic Powers - Techniques
- Duration 16, Range 2
1 2 Heightened Sense
- Sight
1 10 Attack Combat Mastery
1 10 Defense Combat Mastery
Total 55

These templates are listed solely for reference. They are not available for characters to choose at character creation.

These are tied to the spiritual energy of the character, and are most useful in the spiritual realms and for dealing with ghosts (commonly known as Pluses or Hollows). The most common Power of Soul is the Soul Cutting Blade, which is only really available when the soul leaves the body.

Soul Cutting Blade: Nameless
Also called an Asauchi, this is a Soul Cutting Blade whose name is not known. An Asauchi is used as a tool, rather than the partner that a named Soul-Cutting Blade becomes. While it has the power to return souls to the cycle and defend against Hollows, against a truly strong opponent it will fail. Even though it is a tool, it is intelligent and has a personality… even if the user can't hear it. When one listens to their Soul Cutting Blade and learns its name, they start down the path to unlocking its full power. Until then, it is simply a weapon.

Note: Despite the name, Soul Cutting Blades are not always swords or even bladed. The name refers to the unique ability to send Pluses and Hollows back into the cycle.

Level Cost Attribute
3 6 Weapon
1 1 Multidimensional: Ghosts
1 1 Unique: Purify Ghosts
4 40 Mind
4 40 Soul
Total 88 (44 point item)
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