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<shadowmyre> Location (Niles): Nile's Flat
<shadowmyre> Location (Andre): St. Michael's of the Cross
<shadowmyre> Location (Adisa): Adisa'a Apartment
* The_Physician prepares a magical "copy" of the map left behind by the demon, one that he can summon at will.
* Andre sits in the confessional waiting for the wooden door to slide open
* shadowmyre (Andre) The door doesn't open, but you feel a presence waiting none-the-less.
<Andre> Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been two..four..weeks since my last confession.
<Andre> I have struck another in anger and cost a man his life.
<Confessor> In what way have you cost one the most precious gift of the Creator?
<Andre> Association with me drew him into peril. He was struck and killed without warning and I, in turn, struck his attacker in rage.
<shadowmyre> Adisa: There are posts in the thread you started. Fairly recent ones.
* Adisa reads the posts.
<Confessor> Was he an associate of yours, or simply within your presence?
<Andre> Both. He was a man that I have known for years and attended my church. His being within my presence cost him his life.
<shadowmyre> Ranseur »»> Nah meself, but I've heard some word on the street. Illa do some diggin.
<shadowmyre> Commissar »»> Dude, don't get Ranseur started on that temporal mumbo-jumbo. Isn't fair to the rest of us.
<shadowmyre> The Doctor »»> Besides, no ones really figured out how the timey-wimey ball works in real life.
<shadowmyre> Commissar »»> That's cause there isn't one.
<shadowmyre> Ranseur »»> Spoke with a guy who knows a guy who's probably a gal who knows a lizard. Some people have mentioned time loss, and not in the "beam me up" sense.
<shadowmyre> Nergal »»> Rannie, you talkin bout what I think you talkin bout?
<shadowmyre> Ranseur »»> Probably.
<shadowmyre> Nergal »»> I know the lizard in question. Wasn't just time loss, blighter was flat out gone for two weeks.
<shadowmyre> (that was from the Pipeline)
<Confessor> In what way was this attributed to you?
<Andre> It was to..
* Andre pauses
<Andre> It was, I believe, to get a reaction of anger out of me.
<Confessor> Are you angry?
<Andre> I am, Father. I am.
* Andre 's thoughts begin ti whirl. The two weeks lost was only after the creature threw itself onto his knife..could it all be linked?
* Adisa posts to the same thread: "Okay. The subtext of this conversation is deafening. Who or what is… The Lizard (I assume it's not the one that occasionally tries to take chunks out of Spiderman)."
<Confessor> Yes. It is.
* Andre senses a chill move up his spine and then calls the armor.
<Confessor> Peace child.
<The_Paladin> Who are you?
<Felis_GM> One who is acquainted with churches.
<The_Paladin> Feles?
<shadowmyre> Ranseur »»> Jus a nick used by one o my sources. Who cares about this kind of stuff. Understands the ways of time planes.
<Felis_GM> Indeed.
<Felis_GM> It was hard to find you again.
<The_Paladin> Why is that? What has happened? How was it linked with this creature?
<Felis_GM> You were missing for two weeks. Where have you been?
* Adisa posts to the same thread: "Well, I'm always looking to expand my horizons, temporally speaking. Do they post, and if not would you mind PMing me some contact information?
<shadowmyre> Nergal »»> The Liz doesn't connect with the wires. One the street, around the block, below the streets, never above and never on the wire. Its why (s)he/it hears things others don't.
<The_Paladin> I was in the supermarket and then I was not. No interval of time in between the two. The same thing happened to the Physician and Adisa as well.
<Felis_GM> Only a fundamental time plane shift could account for that. Things have deteriorated further than I had imagined.
<The_Paladin> We were all there though. This must have triggered some spell set to go off when all three of us were present. A time plan shift? What does it mean?
<Felis_GM> It means things are bad. *pauses* Interference in the time planes is against the natural order. I will have to seek permission to try and fix this.
* Adisa posts to the same thread: "Then I'll hope that The Liz intuits my need to speak with him (or her). Unless you know a better way.
<shadowmyre> Ranseur »»> PM me or Nerg what you need to know, and we'll pass the message on. Might take a day or two to scare up ol Liz. Doesn't much like phones, especially the tiny kind that emit waves.
* Adisa PMs Ranseur: I mostly want to know what caused me to timeskip a fortnight, and if they're any real point to me trying to get back those two weeks or if it's better for me to simply proceed er… forward."
<The_Paladin> What has happened over the last two weeks, Feles?
<shadowmyre> Ranseur - PM: For real? I'll pass on the message regardless, but we're talking time loss or total reality skip-out?
<Felis_GM> Much and many. Enough to make me suspect that the Avatara isn't the problem, merely the prelude.
<The_Paladin> Prelude to what?
<Felis_GM> The end.
* Adisa Replies to Ranseur: "It seems like a skip out. I walked into a store, then I was in bed. Work doesn't have any record of my going in for two weeks. I really hope it's a timeskip, my only real other theory is Alien Abduction, and everybody knows how much the Skrulls love our anuses."
<The_Paladin> What could do this?
<shadowmyre> Ranseur - PM: I'm heading out to track him down now.
* Adisa Replies to Ranseur: "Thanks"
<Felis_GM> Could? Many, many people. Myself and my brothers and sisters. Other entities of power. Interference in the time planes isn't hard, merely forbidden.
<The_Paladin> Then who would do this?
<Felis_GM> I do not know.
<The_Paladin> Is there a way to track the one who did this? How was that thing that threw itself onto my blade involved? You said that it was linked.
<Felis_GM> In itself, it was merely an imp, a low demon. Barely even sentient, simply the servant of another. But there are any number of sorcerers that could compel an imp and are powerful enough to alter time's passage. Your companion, for example.
<The_Paladin> For what purpose though? If it wanted us removed then why not simply kill us?
<Felis_GM> Clearly, it is not your death that is sought.
* The_Physician calls Adisa.
<The_Paladin> Our non interference for something that happened over the last two weeks. But what though? Have there been any large scale changes?
* Adisa answers the phone as his Shaft ringtone plays.
<Adisa> Hullo?
<The_Physician> Hello Adisa, it is Niles. I wanted to come by and share my finding with you. Is now a good time:?
<Adisa> Now is a perfect time.
<Felis_GM> No. None that would be relevant. A small pebble can start a mighty avalanche. Either way, it doesn't matter. I have received permission from the one most high to rectify this matter.
<The_Paladin> So that's it? We just go back two weeks again? Will we remember this time?
<Felis_GM> You may remain in this time for no more than one week. After that, the planes shift and no one can rectify the problem.
<Felis_GM> Roughly two weeks, yes.
<The_Paladin> So we can delay for another five days to see what happens. Is it worth the gamble?
<The_Physician> Excellent, I will be there in 5 minutes.
<Felis_GM> That is your decision. Though, your companions must make that decision as well. All, or none.
<The_Paladin> I will confer with them now if you have a few moments?
<Felis_GM> I have eternity.
* The_Paladin calls Adisa
<Adisa> Hold on a minute Niles, my call waiting senses are tingling. I've gotta switch to Andre now.
* Adisa switches to Andre now.
<Adisa> What's up?
<The_Paladin> Adisa? Has Niles gotten back yet?
<Adisa> No, but he's probably on his way. Why do you ask?
<The_Paladin> What if I tell you that we have the opportunity to live out the next few days here in this time and then go back to when this whole time mess up started?
* The_Physician grabs his digital camera, snaps a pic of the map and then teleports to Adisa's pad.
<Adisa> I'd say I was interested in hearing the price of this particular miracle.
<The_Paladin> I have a connection who says that he can do it. There was no mention of a cost *this last to Feles*
<The_Paladin> All three of us have to agree to it though
<Adisa> Well that makes sense.
<Felis_GM> There is no cost charged for His will.
<The_Paladin> It would be valuable intel to have. What do you say?
<Adisa> I say tentatively yes, but I wanna hear Niles's take on this.
<The_Paladin> Call me back when you talk to him.
<Adisa> Will do
* The_Paladin hangs up
* The_Physician knocks on Adisa's door
<The_Paladin> Does this create a paradox? Anything we do here now will effect what happens here and now. Would it happen the same way when we go back?
* Adisa opens door. "Hey Niles. Andre wants to lead causality out back and have his wicked way with it. How do you feel about that?"
* The_Physician blinks
<Felis_GM> Do you honestly want an answer to that?
<The_Physician> Come again?
<Adisa> "Come on inside."
<The_Physician> OK…
* The_Physician warily walks into Adisa's domicile
<The_Paladin> If we are gathering information on an enemy that does not manifest…that might be important, yes.
* Adisa explains Andre's proposal.
<The_Physician> Huh. It is interesting, but it leads to the question….no, wait, better to cite example.
<Felis_GM> Paradox is a myth propagated by a lack of understanding of how the time planes function. Each is a discrete quanta, perfect within itself that cannot be affected by neighboring time planes. Within this matrix what happens within a time plane is contained to that plane, and cannot affect a neighboring plane. Consequently, the effects within a plane are self-contained.
<The_Physician> I am working on copying a map left behind in a most interesting way, that may or may not contina some important information. If I finish that and we go back, am I going to be able to take that with me?
<The_Paladin> So nothing that happens here is valid on our own time plane
<The_Paladin> ?
<The_Physician> Let me show you.
* The_Physician digs out his camera.
<Felis_GM> You are within your own time plane.
<The_Physician> hands the camera and the list of explanations he wrote down that the demon told him.
* The_Physician hands the camera and the list of explanations he wrote down that the demon told him.
<The_Paladin> Alright…
<Felis_GM> No entity of power can manipulate time outside of their time plane. If you pass to the next time plane, then I cannot send you back. The transition happens in slightly less than a week.
<The_Paladin> Then five days from now would be within that time frame?
<Felis_GM> Correct.
<The_Paladin> And all of our memories remain intact despite the shifts?
<Felis_GM> In the absence of mind altering substances, such as drugs or telepaths, yes.
<The_Paladin> We are dealing with a person or being of immense power who is using the Avatara as a screen to hide the movements in the background. Any idea who has that kind of foresight?
<Felis_GM> Yes.
<The_Paladin> Who then?
<Felis_GM> Now is not yet the time.
<Adisa> I have no idea if we'll be able to take stuff with us, or even if we'll remember this time.
<The_Physician> Can you ask?
<The_Paladin> That will be cutting it very thin when it is.
<The_Physician> I mean, do you realize what this means? We have to check these areas out!
<Adisa> I imagine that Andre will be here before too long.
<Felis_GM> Perhaps. But that is better than being wrong.
<The_Physician> Excellent.
<The_Paladin> I trust your judgement, Feles.
<The_Paladin> What is taking him so long? *redials Adisa*
<Adisa> Maybe causality's frisky in bed. *shrugs*
<The_Physician> I shall not ever fully understand you my friend.
<Adisa> I'll give him a ring.
* Adisa gives him a ring.
* The_Paladin after a moment of silence that you get when two people pick up the phone at the same time
<The_Paladin> Hello?
<Adisa> Nile is here.
<The_Paladin> What's his answer?
<Adisa> Niles, what's your answer?
<The_Physician> Can you place him on speaker please?
<The_Paladin> Um..I suppose so, yes. *desperately hoping that the confessional is sound proof*
* Adisa sets phone to speaker
* The_Paladin puts them on speaker
* The_Physician explains his situation and the three day map conversion he wants to keep with him.
* The_Paladin looks to Feles for an answer
<Felis_GM> The map would have to go back with you.
<The_Paladin> can you do that?
<The_Physician> Oh? So I would be able to keep it after the time shift?
<Felis_GM> Otherwise, it would make things unnecessarily complex.
<The_Physician> As long as I can keep the map I am good with going back…but I want to complete the map first. You stated we have 5 days correct?
<The_Paladin> Then in five days at this time we can be sent back two-ish weeks. Can I prevent Larry's death?
<The_Physician> So going back after my map is finished in three will not cause universal armageddon?
<The_Paladin> We're already there, Niles.
<The_Paladin> Or will be soon. What harm can a map do?
<Felis_GM> Anytime within the five days, when you are ready, I can return you to the past.
<The_Paladin> How can I find you?
<The_Physician> Sounds like a plan. I shall ensure that my map is completed before then.
<Felis_GM> Call for me.
<The_Paladin> I will.
* The_Paladin hangs up the phone
* Felis_GM the sound of fluttering wings emanates from the confessional, which is now empty.
<The_Paladin> Take care of yourself Feles. I'll talk to you soon.
* The_Paladin teleports back to Adisa'a apartment
* Adisa really needs to designate a corner of his apartment as a teleporter landing pad.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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