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The Physician:

After heading to Dr. Strange’s house, and having a moment of stupidity, he discovers that the entire house looks like it has been abandoned for years. Dust everywhere, and a general muted feeling, like the place has not been used in years. Also, there is a distinct lack of magic feeling permeating the entire place like a wet sponge. After calling the Paladin for backup, and having him call The Water Elephant, he decides to try to see if the Orb of Agamotto is in its correct place. It turns out this is not there at all. This is bad beyond all other things that have been bad before. When the group is all together, The Physician and the Paladin try to cross the threshold. It turns out that Niles is trapped in a dimensional bubble, one that doesn’t fill the entire mansion. Wong asks what is happening, and Niles explains. After much brainstorming, the group decides to ask Wong if it is OK to try to “pop” the bubble. When the attempt goes down, the Physician takes some damage, and awakens in a foreign Hell dimension, with things described to him as Praying Mantis Velociraptors.

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