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<shadowmyre> Location: Adisa's Apartment
<The_Physician> So gents, we have 5 days to make the most of this. I mean, in theory, we could find out what potentially happens in the next two weeks after we go back.
<The_Paladin> So what do we do? If this is mostly reconnaissance then we just need to keep our eyes and ears open.
<The_Physician> Exactly.
<Adisa> That means we could use more eyes and ears… Call in outside help?
<The_Physician> I believe information gathering should be our number one priority, in addition to my number1 priority of the map.
<The_Physician> That might give us some places to investigate the moment we get back…assuming the Paladin and I aren't serving time.
<The_Physician> Maybe we will get lucky and get back in time to save the clerk?
<The_Paladin> We already know that the video will be indistinct.
<The_Paladin> We just need to leave before the authorities arrive. What map?
* The_Physician blinks.
<The_Physician> Wait, I thought you didn't want to run from the law last time?
<The_Paladin> I would like that very much, but I somehow doubt it. It does not look like time can be appreciably altered.
<Adisa> Wait a minute, the clerk was killed *before* the timejump. When exactly is our end point?
<The_Paladin> I don't. But if I am apprehended then what happens when the Avatara arrives?
<The_Physician> aAh, good point Adisa, I was forgetting for a moment.
<The_Paladin> I can turn myself in in a few weeks as leaving the scene of a crime. After we save the world. Otherwise the point is a moot one anyway.
<The_Physician> I agree.
<The_Paladin> So it's business as usual then? Niles, can you scare up information of magical hotspots as they occur? And what map are you talking about? What is on this map and what is it for?
* The_Physician shows him the picture.
* The_Physician describes what the entity told him about the beings in the city.
<The_Paladin> What is a High Lord of Faery?
<The_Paladin> And why are two of them in the city?
<The_Paladin> Any thoughts on any of it from either of you? If this demon was not lying or trying to trick you to lead you into a trap then what does all of this mean?
<Adisa> Well, I was just thinking we could use every ally we can get.
<Adisa> And as far as we know, faeries are unaligned in this fracas.
<The_Physician> A demon in a bargain such as this can not generally lie, unless they are very powerful, and I did not summon a powerful one. They tend to get pissy when summoned like that.
<The_Physician> Also, there are differing theories on the subject, but some say the High Lords of Faerie are Gods.
<The_Paladin> So what is at the glowing areas of your map? Where are the locations at least?
<The_Physician> I would wager they correspond somehow with the things Ytinaitsirhc noted.
<The_Paladin> How many areas are there?
* The_Physician again shows the picture to him.
<The_Physician> This is why I am working on storing the map magically. My ancient digital camera doesn't do it justice.
* The_Physician squints at the picture.
<The_Physician> Hang on.
<The_Physician> That is an eatery I frequent.
<The_Physician> I met the Artist and his daughter there.
<Adisa> Which one? I need to avoid it.
* Adisa squints at the map to see if any of the locations rings a bell.
<The_Paladin> Who would that dot indicate then?
* The_Paladin does the same
<The_Physician> A high lord of Faerie.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm.
<The_Paladin> So we should each take a dot that is not Dr. Strange's mansion, right?
<Adisa> Sounds like a plan.
<The_Physician> Uuuum, that is not wise.
<The_Physician> High Lords of Faerie are not to be trifled with.
<The_Paladin> But no interaction, right? Just a peek to see where these people are? Niles, you are the most capable to deal with any of the aforementioned. What do you suggest?
* Adisa gives The_Physician a long long look
<Adisa> This from a guy who had no problems summoning a demon to my appartment?
<The_Physician> I do not think we should tackle any of these locations alone.
<The_Physician> Well, lets divide this down.
<The_Physician> This dot is probably Dr. Strange.
<Adisa> I remember.
<The_Physician> This dot is more than likely the Artist. I know I could not easily surround a building of that size in a protection area as easily as he was.
<The_Physician> That leaves the high lords…
<Adisa> Assuming The Artist isn't a high lord.
<The_Paladin> Who is this then? *Taps the last dot that is not the restaurant* The other High Lord?
<The_Paladin> And why is the "one who dwells in the realm most high" not on this map?
<The_Physician> Because I doubt the realm most high applies to New York City?
<The_Physician> *that should have been a statement.
<Adisa> I dunno, have you seen our drug trade statistics?
<The_Physician> The restaurant I had followed…someone…there.
<The_Physician> Not the artist, I bumped into him at the same time. But the other one fits the high lord of faerie type if I had to make a guess.
<The_Paladin> You know a being that has the power of a god? Why didn't you just ask him to fix all of this when it happened?
<The_Physician> If I am right I do not know his game…because he is not really helpful, just likes to give riddles and be cryptic.
<The_Physician> I have only seen him a handful of times.
<Adisa> Because the artist has until recently been tied up in the big sorcerer convention all the other big magic muck-a-mucks? Just a shot in the dark.
<The_Physician> Each time he wasn't very helpful so I never thought to mention it.
<The_Physician> So. That leaves this dot.
<The_Physician> Big unknown.
<The_Paladin> So the one who usurped your spell and brought the tainted water toward the city. That was one of these people, beings, whatever they are?
<The_Physician> Possibly. I wouldn't say that with any certainty.
<The_Paladin> You have met the one high lord, we know Strange would not do that, don't we? and that leaves the Artist and the unknown dot since the one who watches does nothing and the other one is trappe din confusion.
<Adisa> Strange might do it if he felt the need for the wind and didn't know about the tainted steam.
<Adisa> Or does Sorcerer Supreme equal Omniscience?
<The_Physician> Well, waht do you all think? Check out this possible high lord of faerie?
<Adisa> Yes.
* The_Paladin shrugs
<The_Paladin> I just break things. You two do the heavy thinking and planning.
<Adisa> One abstain, one for, and one…?
<The_Physician> Let's do it.
<Adisa> Road trip.
<The_Paladin> So…how do we protect ourselves from offending a High Lord of Faery that may really just be minding his own business on vacation?
<Adisa> We have an expert on Magic on hand to keep us from pissing in his sink.
<The_Paladin> I keep forgetting that *looks to Niles expectantly*
<The_Physician> Since he or she is on Earth they should show us courtesy.
<The_Physician> But if we were in Faerie visiting them, the general rules are to be nice, don't agree to any bargains, don't accept any presents, don't eat the food, definitely don't piss in the sink, and offer no violence.
<The_Physician> The bargain thing is of most importance in my opinion.
<The_Physician> Be VERY careful of what you say. You could be accidentally agreeing to something without realizing it.
<The_Physician> Same with the gifts.
<The_Paladin> No matter what?
<The_Paladin> So how do you turn down an offered drink without giving offence?
<The_Physician> Correct. I may just be being paranoid, but I want to ensure we get in and out safely.
<The_Physician> No, thank you normally suffices.
<Adisa> Tell them you don't drink, just don't tell him *what* you won't drink.
<The_Physician> Exactly.
<The_Physician> Are you all wearing belts?
<The_Paladin> Yes. Why?
<Adisa> No.
<Adisa> But I planned on changing anyway.
<The_Physician> Please do, I will be right back.
* The_Physician teleports to his home.
* Adisa goes to his bedroom and changes out of his Water Elephant suit and puts on his real Power Suit.
<The_Paladin> What's with the belts?
* Adisa returns "I have no idea. The Grim Brothers didn't mention anything about that."
* Adisa is dressed in a snazzy Armani business suit.
* The_Physician returns with three fireplace pokers made of iron.
* Adisa facepalms
* The_Physician cocks an eyebrow at Adisa.
<The_Physician> I was hoping you would have a way of concealing this.
* The_Physician hands one to Paladin and one to Adisa.
<The_Physician> Now, European Faerie are vulnerable to Iron. This being a high lord it might only succeed in doing nothing or pissing it off, but it is better than nothing.
<Adisa> You know. I can not /imagine/ that this would be in anyway offensive.
<The_Paladin> So let me get this straight…we're going in to talk to a High Lord of Faery bearing a symbol of ultimate death for it and its kind?
<The_Paladin> Kind of like pissing in a sink, isn't it?
<Adisa> But I defer to superior knowledge of the relevant etiquette.
<The_Physician> If we were going to Faerie, this would fall under the no violence thing. Since we are in our own realm it is permissable as long as we don't brandish it outrightly.
* Adisa makes sure his fly is zipped.
<The_Physician> We hide it, only bringing it out if we are attacked. Agreed?
* The_Paladin sighs and then pulls in the armor long enough to hang the poker from his belt loop before restoring it
* The_Physician tucks it slightly behind his back off to one side so it is out of sight with his cloak in place.
<The_Paladin> Next question: Can we expect anything like we had happen at the Artist's place? The draining of the energies of our armor?
* Adisa looks down at his snazzy, yet impossible-to-hide-a-poker-in suit. He lays the poker against the couch.
<Adisa> I'll take my chances.
<The_Physician> Faeries generally don't think like that, but it is possible.
<Adisa> Okay. I'm going to bring up an important fact that the two of you apparently knew minutes ago, but have since forgotten.
<Adisa> Leave the pokers somewhere and teleport them to you when you need them!
<The_Paladin> Hardly forgotten, Adisa. I have had one too many times when it does nto work to want to risk it, thank you.
<Adisa> Are you going to attach bungees to them?
<The_Paladin> Do what?
<Adisa> Bungee chords. So if they get knocked out of your hands, you can rearm yourself quickly.
<Adisa> Like Sam and Dean did with the Colt.
* The_Physician looks at Adisa in a very confused way.
<The_Physician> OK, new plan.
* The_Physician takes out the poker and leaves it next to Adisa's.
<The_Physician> You keep yours under your armor. I will teleport the other two if needed.
<The_Physician> Are we in agreement?
<Adisa> I actually have bungee chords, you know. Not all my questions are snarky….
<Adisa> But yes, we have an accord.
* The_Paladin shrugs, the armor already concealing the Faery-Death-o-Matic
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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