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<shadowmyre> Location: Adisa's Apartment
<Andre> So, may I ask a question, Niles?
<The_Physician> Of course.
<Andre> Why are we introducing ourselves to a High Lord of faery?
<The_Physician> Do you have a better idea on how to spend our time?
<Andre> Watching and waiting to see what happens. We can really just gather information and take that back with us to use.
<Adisa> Because we are three people trying to stave off the end of humanity, and I would kinda like a bit more muscle.
<Andre> So you want to form alliances with these people, Adisa?
<Andre> People is the correct term isn't it, Niles?
<The_Physician> Well, any Alliances we create here will be gone when we go back.
<Adisa> I want to investigate the possibility.
<The_Physician> There are a lot of terms you can use. Fae is one of them.
<Andre> Yes, but we can get things set up here…kind of a "give me a token to give to you in the past" kind of thing.
<The_Physician> My thought behind it was we see WHo is in the city, and take that information back with us.
<Andre> Does it matter who?
<Andre> I wonder if we die here and now if we'll come back to life in the past…
<The_Physician> Maybe maybe not, but wouldn't we like to know who the big players are in this city? That would really give our two weeks an edge.
<Adisa> That is a very interesting scientific, philosophical, and theological question. Let's not find out.
<Andre> Can we get that information discreetly?
<The_Physician> I suppose I could summon another demon and get him to give me more information this time.
<Andre> Would that be safer?
<The_Physician> Problem is they all want something in return, and information demons usually want data of some sort.
<Andre> And can't you summon a low level fae to do the same thing?
<Andre> Kind of squeeze them a bit for information and let them go back to tell the major players and kind of draw them out a bit?
<The_Physician> I suppose…
<The_Physician> Oh what the bloody hell, I'll give it a go.
* The_Physician takes off his cloak, puts the poker next to the one that Adisa sat down earlier.
* The_Physician hangs up his cloak.
* The_Physician takes the poker, and sits down to prepare a ritual of summoning. He sets the poker off to the side.
* Andre sits back on the sofa and watches.
* The_Physician looks at Adisa.
<The_Physician> Is it alright to do this here?
<Adisa> Oh, go ahead.
* The_Physician nods.
<The_Physician> Thank you.
* The_Physician begins a summoning ritual.
* Adisa sets up a permanent Teleporter's/Summoner's corner well away from anything flammable.
* Andre begins to use the massive space at Adisa's to go through a tai chi form
* The_Physician casts his summoning spell.
* Grimalkin shimmers into view, an old gray cat, long of whisker, that salutes you with a querulous meow.
<The_Physician> Hello there. How are you today?
* Grimalkin settles back on its haunches and regards you with a withering stare
<The_Physician> Do you speak English?
* Grimalkin yawns
<The_Physician> So, no English then?
* Andre suppresses a smile
<Grimalkin> Is that why you dragged me out here?
<Adisa> I dunno. That yawn sounded pretty British to me.
<The_Physician> No, not at all. I thank you for your time this evening. I wondered if you could provide me with some information as to who might be at these locations?
* The_Physician shows the faerie the picture of the map.
* The_Physician points out the two fae's locations.
* Grimalkin narrows eyes at the map
* Grimalkin "There" taps the restaurant "is the King. There," taps the other, unknown location "is the knight."
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Why are they here on Earth?
<Grimalkin> They are here for the game.
<The_Physician> Wat game is that?
<The_Physician> What*
<Grimalkin> The game that is about to begin.
<The_Physician> What are they playing for?
<Adisa> What is the purpose of… The Game?
* Grimalkin glances over its shoulder at you. "If you don't know, you shouldn't be playing."
<Adisa> I play spoiler.
<Adisa> I ruin the game for other people.
<Andre> The fat eof humanity is a game?
<The_Physician> What is there role in the game?
<Grimalkin> That… is yet to be determined.
<The_Physician> Interesting.
<Grimalkin> Is that all then?
<Adisa> Who created the wind that moved the bank of fog in the harbor?
<The_Physician> What he said.
* Grimalkin 's ears flatten. "A dark one, who is neither here nor there, neither above nor below." A slow hiss from between bared fangs. "He made the game what it is."
<The_Physician> Can you be more specific?
<Andre> What is the game?
<Andre> *strike that
<Andre> Why would he do that?
<Adisa> I don't suppose this dark one would be considered tall by human standards?
<Grimalkin> He would do that, because that is why he is.
<Andre> We're fighting Lucifer?
* Grimalkin regards Adisa. "Tall by any standard."
* Andre pales visibly at the thought
<Grimalkin> Are you?
<Grimalkin> Odd. I thought him dead. Meow.
<The_Physician> One final thing.
<The_Physician> One who lives in the realm most high is trapped within their own confusion. One who takes no sides watches all…do you have any idea to what those could refer?
<Grimalkin> Yes.
<The_Physician> And they would be?
<Grimalkin> The same.
<The_Physician> Names?
<Grimalkin> Yes, they have names,
<The_Physician> And they would be what?
<Grimalkin> Words in an old language.
<The_Physician> What is the name of the one who lives in the realm most high and is trapped within their own confusion?
* Grimalkin narrows eyes. "It is impolite to force one to reveal the limits of their knowledge."
<Andre> Where can they be found on thi splane?
<Grimalkin> They are not of this plane, and cannot be found on it. To come here is to limit them, lessen them, and they do not do so often.
<The_Physician> Ah, my sincerest apologies.
<The_Physician> I release you and thank you for your time this evening.
<Grimalkin> Mrowr.
* Grimalkin shimmers out of view.
<The_Physician> OK, so we have some answers.
<Andre> And some questions.
<The_Physician> True enough, but we must use the next few days to gather as much information aspossible.
<The_Physician> Even if it leads to more questions.
<Andre> What do you know of the ones who live in the realm most high and the one who watches? Don't you have them in some ancient tome somewhere?
<Andre> C'mon, isn't that what wizards do?
<The_Physician> Yes. BUt i was asked about going back in time shortly after finding out this information.
<The_Physician> Research takes time.
<Andre> So we have five days. What can you do with that and how cna i help you?
<The_Physician> I can do some research on the two the cat fae did not know about.
<The_Physician> And finish my 3d map.
<The_Physician> Do either of you have any sugestions?
<Andre> Maybe check in on Dr. Strange and find out why the major leaugers are incommunicado?
<The_Physician> I can do that.
<Adisa> I say we check out these faeries.
<Andre> So what can we o? *motions to Adisa and himself*
<Andre> Why?
<Andre> We are just here to observe. If we go mucking around with things who knows what the repercussions could be?
<The_Physician> True enough, but if we find out why they are here, when we go back we will have that knowledge without having done work.
<The_Physician> However.
<The_Physician> The issue is that a King of Faerie and a knight are not ones to be trifled with.
<The_Physician> Grave danger could be had if we go willy nilly into their domain.
<Andre> Neither is the spirit of the earth I hear…
<Adisa> Which is why we should do a dry run that will probably reset in five days.
<The_Physician> Mind you, if we are careful and polite and follow all rules as though we are in Fae, I think we would be fine.
<The_Physician> This is an assumption, no more.
<Andre> Do all fae speak like the damned cat?
<The_Physician> Probably not all.
<The_Physician> But they do like their games.
<Andre> If so we're just going to get more questions rather than answers.
<Adisa> I don't think they all speak English, so probably not.
<The_Physician> A king and a knight would not be so easily drained of their knowledge.
<The_Physician> Theirs should be quite vast.
<Andre> Any idea what it meant when it said that we are playing the game too?
<Adisa> We are the board?
<The_Physician> If we are all talking about the end of the world, then I would assume it is because we are all involved, hence playing the game.
<Adisa> We are the pieces?
<Andre> So who is moving us if we are? We know that there are shock troops getting ready to strike in a few days form the elementals. They are resting and waiting for what is to come. I noticed that the information that you have did not include the Avatara.
<Andre> And we still don't know what woke it up. And I still think that it's a diversion but I have no idea for what.
<The_Physician> She might be to big for a minor demon to even register.
<Adisa> Pretty sure that the one who woke her up is… The Stranger….
<Andre> Why would he help the damage control then?
<Andre> The elementals, as far as they know, have been getting his aide to keep it in check.
<Adisa> I think we should track him down and ask him.
<The_Physician> This is all confusing, I think we need to take it one step at a time.
<The_Physician> Now, do we go after the Fae and see why they are here, or jsut take that knowledge and work toward something else.
<The_Physician> This is free time. For the first time we might be able to be proactive.
<Adisa> I say that should depend on what we learn.
<Andre> They are here to play the game.
<Andre> Where does the TMiB fit in, and what is the overall goal if the Avatara is a distraction?
<Andre> We need to find some of these people. Now.
<Adisa> I say we go to see the King and/or Knight
<Andre> Niles, can you call up the TMiB?
<Adisa> Niles can you please not call up the TMiB?
<Adisa> in my apartment at least.
<The_Physician> I don't even know what he is. So unless I guess REALLY well or knew his true name, I would not be able to.
<Andre> What about summoning Yu? Or one of the other Elementals? We could hold him or her until the others come here to rescue them. Then we have the Avatara at least.
<The_Physician> To the best of my knowledge, Yu is a human. They can't be summoned…thank goodness!
<The_Physician> I say our best bet is the Knight.
<Andre> Why? What are you trying to gain by summoning up a High Lord of Faery?
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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