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<shadowmyre> Location (all): Dr. Strange's Dining Room. Time: 9:15pm (EST)
<shadowmyre> The places are set, and the Ne'Ata ambassador is set to arrive in about five minutes.
The_Paladin feels a growing uneasiness, though from his first interaction with an extra terrestrial or from something else, he is not sure.
The_Physician sits, eagerly awaiting the arrival of visitors from another place.
Adisa calmly waits for the ambassador to show up and leave behind his cookbook 'To Serve Man'.
<shadowmyre> The knock at the door signals the arrival of the ambassador. The sound of an engine is audible, though it doesn't sound like any particular vehicle that you're heard before.
The_Paladin stirs himself from his reverie and sits up straighter.
Adisa cocks his head trying to remember what that sound was.
<shadowmyre> Wong opens the door, greeting the ambassador. There are sounds of footsteps, several of them. Perhaps half a dozen people (including Wong).
Adisa nods now that he's placed it.
<shadowmyre> (The above is heard, not seen.)
<shadowmyre> A sound like wind chimes creeps up, filling the air with a musical tone.
The_Paladin frowns slightly
The_Physician listens, tries to identify the sound.
<shadowmyre> There is some discussion, between Wong and the ambassador's entourage, too quiet to make out. Then Wong re-enters the dining room. "May I present Qin'Tia P'Teri of the Qera'Jaan, ambassador for the Ne'Ata Federation. Present are Doctor Stephen Strange, Doctor Adisa T'Challa, Niles Reegan, and… the Paladin."
Adisa nods at the group.
The_Paladin takes his cue from Adisa and nods in greeting.
The_Physician smiles, stands up, and says "Greetings."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia is a young woman at that indefinite age somewhere between late twenties and early forties. Raven colored hair, pale skin, large, empty eyes that nevertheless seem to take in the whole room at a glance. She performs a strange gesture with her hands, before furrowing her brow at the Paladin.
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia (in perfect, though stilted English): "I have studied Earth culture for many years, but I am not familiar with your formal wear. Of what land do you hail?"
Adisa turns curiously to Paladin and waits for his reply with an innocent expression on his face.
<The_Paladin> I am native to these lands, Ambassador.
<The_Paladin> In New York fashions and cultures are as varied as its people.
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia cocks her head to the side, face expressionless. "Truly a world as exotic as any I've seen. I do apologize for the lateness of my arrival. Shall we begin?"
<shadowmyre> Strange nods. "Indeed. Be seated madam, and dinner shall be served in a moment."
<shadowmyre> Wong finishes bringing the food out onto the serving area, large bowls of fluffy white and brown rice with various vegetables and such added.
The_Paladin takes the opportunity to surreptitiously study the rest of her retinue
<The_Paladin> (*remove from log later)
<shadowmyre> "Help yourself, lady, gentlemen. I shall serve your attendents in the other room." Wong bows, before collecting a pile of plates, bowls, and other sundries for the goon squad.
The_Paladin remembers the warning about the food and dishes out small portions to his plate.
Adisa loads up on the brown rice.
<shadowmyre> Looking lost and out of place is a large bottle of milk, nestled in a bowl of ice cubes like a fine wine.
The_Paladin gratefully absconds the milk
The_Physician takes normal sized portions of the food.
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia watches people gather food, only moving after everyone else (including Strange) has settled back to the table.
<Adisa> "Not hungry, miss Qin'Tia?"
<shadowmyre> "Simply observing the cultural interactions, how the individual relates to the whole." Once everyone else is seated, she moves (unerringly) towards the hottest, spiciest dishes, helping herself to decent portions. "Also, seeing I could guess who'd choose which food."
<The_Paladin> "Are the interactions among your people so different, Ambassador?"
<shadowmyre> "They're different everywhere, I would expect. Much of our time is spent in contemplation. Meals are generally eaten alone, to spend the time in thought."
<The_Paladin> It sounds very spiritually soothing.
<The_Physician> It sounds relaxing as well.
<shadowmyre> "It is. Life is slower at home. We were quite surprised by the… zest your late night drivers evidenced."
<The_Paladin> Ah. The Tunnel from the west side is probably a new experience in brashness for you then?
<Adisa> "New York never really sleeps. There is very little difference between the number of people awake during the night and awake during the day."
<shadowmyre> "Brashness?" She pauses, a mouthful of Wong's 'Dragon's breath pork and volcano rice' left in the chopsticks. "An excellent word. Yes. They were very brash."
The_Paladin continues the meal in silence, eating regularly and hoping that the milk will keep his digestive tract from hating him tomorrow.
<shadowmyre> * LOG END *

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