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<shadowmyre> Location (all): Dr. Strange's Dining Room. Time: 10:30pm (EST)
<shadowmyre> With dinner out of the way, everyone retires to Strange's parlor for drinks, light conversation, and Getting To The Point (he brought enough for everyone).
-!- Andre is now known as The_Paladin
The_Paladin sips his drink slowly, watching the Ne'ata's reaction to the liquor and the food.
<shadowmyre> Those with mystic eyes notice that the amount of energy in Qin'Tia's hands has diminished slightly, though there's still plenty to offer a lethal dose of /something/ to someone.
The_Physician listens to the conversations, attempting to follow Dr. Strange's lead and not overstep his boundaries.
<shadowmyre> Strange: "Now then, if everyone's stomachs are satisfied, we should have our talks. Before we move on to the stated reason for this, was there anything you (to the PCs) wanted to ask?"
Adisa is very relax, enjoying his brandy.
<The_Paladin> Several things, I am sure. But my questions can wait until the business at hand is concluded as we are surprise guests at this meeting, I am sure.
<The_Physician> I agree, lets proceed with official business first.
Adisa nods.
<The_Paladin> Do you need us to take some air, Dr. Strange?
<shadowmyre> Strange: "Not necessary. Qin'Tia, if you would?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "As you like. We suspect that you are the Sorcerer Supreme for this world-realm. If that is so, then Ne'Ata Federation felt that it would be best to speak with you. Despite the run-ins between our advanced scouts and your… 'super-teams', we have no ill intentions for anyone on this planet. We do not wish for conflict, especially against a Sorcerer
<shadowmyre> Supreme."
<shadowmyre> Strange: "You do have a purpose for coming here though, yes? Before I may make any kind of decision, I will need to know what that purpose is."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "We are looking for a person, whom we call 'Sa'daka'. In your language, the 'Seeker'. This person is a key element in our prophecies, and they will help save the Federation."
<The_Paladin> What makes you believe that this person is here?
<Adisa> "And what do your prophecies say about this person?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia->Paladin: "Of late, our mystics have received visions about the 'Ga'Nana Sa'Maya', our day of reckoning. The Sa'daka is an adviser, who it is said will have the wisdom to guide us through this time of peril. Your planet is the one revealed to us in the mystic's visions."
<shadowmyre> ((-Paladin, that really answers both questions.))
<The_Physician> Does the prophecy say anything else about the Sa'daka?
<The_Paladin> "But your mystics have no way to find this person?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Our prophecies say much about the Sa'Daka, there are many volumes of lore. We know that the Sa'Daka is here, and that they were born recently, within the last two years. To search with precision will take time, that would of necessity be spent within the dominion of your world-realm. So, in order to avoid prolonged conflict and danger for both sides
<shadowmyre> , we feel that obtaining permission to search is a superior option than others than were presented."
<Adisa> "And what will you do once you've found your Sa'Daka."
<The_Paladin> "there are a lot of people on this planet, even born within the last two years…"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "We will attempt to persuade them to come with us, or if they are not yet mature enough to render a decision under the presiding legal codes of their home, to persuade their life-giver instead."
<The_Physician> On Earth, that is generally 18 years of age. A long time from now, unfortunately.
<Adisa> "And when… I mean should… they say no?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Eighteen years? That is… a moment." Her eyes close, her chin lowering briefly. "Ah. There is a substantial difference between the length of our planetary orbits. A 'year' for us is roughly 10,000 of your days. I did not think the exact discrepancy would be that severe. Either way."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Then we shall enter into the most difficult times-pan of our Federation without our adviser, and survive or fail on those merits."
<The_Paladin> "So the child could be between five and twenty in our earth years?"
<Adisa> "Try fifty fiveish…"
<Adisa> "That's… most non-Asgardian people on the planet."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Yes. We expect that they are young, perhaps young enough that they cannot fully understand the decision or how it may affect them and us. In that case, we could wait for a short time, your years being what they are."
<The_Paladin> "How will you know the Sa'Daka?"
<Adisa> "Because we really hope you have more to go on than 'Earthling 55 years or under'."
<The_Physician> Yes, is there some test you would perform?
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "That is a question for our mystics. We did not send any here, for worry that they might be considered threatening. They remain on our ships, until such a time as their safety can be guaranteed."
<shadowmyre> ((-That is a +Those are))
<The_Physician> When you said they were born recently, around 2 years ago, was that your years or our year structure?
The_Paladin subsides and looks to Strange to continue the prior conversation before the interrogation began.
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Ours. We did not expect that this world-realm would consist of so many kingdoms, and such that we did not have time to properly brief all of our ambassadors. We did not anticipate the need for almost two hundred advisers, and that would only have served for your worldly realms, not including the independent powers such as the Sorcerer Supreme."
<shadowmyre> Strange: "What exactly are you asking for from me?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Permission to search for the Sa'Daka within the auspices of your jurisdiction, as long as such methods we use not inflict harm upon the people or cultures of this world-realm."
<shadowmyre> Strange frowns. "It is not my place to dictate political matters, but to see to the mystical safety of Earth. I do not object to your search, under terms as stated."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia nods. "Excellent. Is there anything else that we need to discuss?"
<The_Paladin> "Why is the Sa'Daka also possibly known as "The Destroyer"?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "To my knowledge, they are not."
The_Paladin nods
<The_Paladin> "Do you swear that all that you have stated here tonight the unaltered truth, Ambassador?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "'Unaltered' is a curious term. Do humans often alter the truth? Given the predominance of telepaths and mystics on this planet, one of the preeminent sitting in this room, I would be an absolute fool to offer lies under the cover of peace. What I have said is truth, and as accurate as I can be."
<The_Paladin> "Thank you."
<The_Physician> As Dr. Strange said, he does not object to your search, but he is not the only governing body here on Earth. Have your ambassadors talked to someone else to obtain permission for your search?
<Adisa> "And don't forget Namor. He's likely to be touchy if you don't ask him to search the oceans."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "We have not yet secured permission from every kingdom on Earth. Certain ones are not necessary at this point; for example, the statistical likelihood of the Sa'daka being on an island is low, give the population densities trends of the planet. However, certain individuals, such as the Sorcerer Supreme, the Third Kingdom, S.W.O.R.D., and others must
<shadowmyre> be spoken with first, as they are dangerous enough individually to threaten our entire fleet, much less as a collective."
The_Paladin files away that paticular tidbit about the Third Kingdom
Adisa files away S.W.O.R.D. as one of those things he needs to look into.
The_Physician has nothing to file away.
<Adisa> "Is it all right for me to ask you some questions about your technology?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "I will answer what questions I can, but the technology I am most familiar with I am also least allowed to speak of."
<Adisa> "Well, I suppose I'm more interested in some of your fundamental theories rather than the technology itself per se… for example you obviously acknowledge mystic forces, do you use them in your science?"
<The_Physician> Yes, I can sense mystical power in you and your ships. How is that used in daily life?
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "The forces that you identify as 'magic' and 'psychic', to us, are different facets of the same force, and are prevalent throughout the cosmos. While only a few have the talent to harness their raw form, we can use the vibrational frequency of our Kristala to harness it. The energy of the Kristala has become so wide-spread that it has entirely
<shadowmyre> replaced our dependence on fuel cells. Much of our current technology revolves around exploring the different types of Kristala and the forces that each can generate when properly harmonized."
<The_Paladin> "There are different types?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Certainly. The A'Ba crystals are similar to what you use for your armor, and serve the same purposes for us. Though I cannot conceive of how you created such a lovely color. So'Na crystals are used for most of our general power needs, anything small or portable utilizes a So'Na crystal. For larger devices, such as our ships, networks of Ka'Di
<shadowmyre> crystals are harnessed to power our inertia and gravity cancelers."
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "There are several other kinds, but I don't think you want to hear about all of them."
<The_Paladin> "Interesting. And the color came with the armor. How do you harmonize them? Do you speak with them?"
<Adisa> "Do you sing to them?"
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "Vocal stimulation is one of the methods. There is debate over what method is easiest, fastest, what the proper ratio of effort to yield should be… Those start to get a bit technical."
<The_Paladin> "I am intrigued by your language. It is very musical to our ears. Does it have a base component that you know of?"
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Vocal stimulation you say? Is that to say that the crystals are intelligent in some rudimentary way?
<shadowmyre> Qin'Tia: "You ask about the… grammar of our language? That is most curious. I am afraid that I have little information on that. Not that the crystals are intelligent, so much that matching the crystal's vibration with the singer's throat vibration."
<Adisa> "Plants respond to vocal stimulation as well, and you'd be hard pressed to convince me that most of them with certain obvious exceptions, have any intelligence, rudimentary or otherwise."
<shadowmyre> * LOG END *

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