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Location: Adisa's Apartment.
* Andre waits for the people who obviously have a plan to answer his previous question about talking to or summoning high lords of faerie
* The_Physician stares off into space for a moment after seeing where one of the High Lords of Faerie is located.
<The_Physician> I believe I have made a grievous error.
<Andre> What do you mean?
* Adisa wraps his arm around Nile's shoulders. "Now, you are one of us."
<The_Physician> I…encountered a strange individual at this place.
* The_Physician points to the map at the restaurant.
<Andre> Like a high lord of faery strange?
<The_Physician> I thought when I first received this map it was referring to the Artist, who I also met there, but it is indicating a High Lord is there.
<The_Physician> I believe so Adisa.
<The_Physician> In our last encounter I…ejected him from my home.
<Adisa> Or a Boolean kinda strange?
<Andre> Is that bad?
<Adisa> Ejected? As in, at high velocity straight upward?
<The_Physician> Bad, yes. He was not hostile or anything, but I was getting sick of his vague statements and games he was playing. He seemed to indicate Boolean was trouble, so I kicked him out.
<Adisa> And now were lacking a Boolean.
<The_Physician> I had no idea he was a high Lord of Faerie. I should have. He circumvented my home's defenses without setting them off or batting an eye.
<The_Physician> Dammit, how could I be so stupid!?
<Andre> Maybe Boolean did it to you? He did disappear rather abruptly.
<The_Physician> I doubt it.
<Andre> Why? What do we really know about him?
<Adisa> Oh come on. If you want to follow that logic, what exactly do we know about you? Or that piece of The One Ring you wear on your temples?
<Adisa> Or your mother, or your siblings (if you have any)? /Anyone/ might be messing with us following that logic.
<The_Physician> Whether it was Boolean doing something or not, the fact remains I probably insulted a High Lord of Faerie.
<The_Physician> I need to make amends.
<The_Physician> OK, any ideas I had about carrying around iron pokers is over. I need to play nice nice with a Faerie who seems to be fixated on Alice in Wonderland.
<Andre> Why?
* The_Physician shudders
<Andre> You kicked him out because you were frustrated with him. Why make nice now?
<The_Physician> Why? He didn't seem hostile at all…just kind of annoying, really. And he did provide information. Just…a little at a time.
<The_Physician> If we were to make him our Ally again, he could be a pretty powerful one at athat.
<The_Physician> at that*
<Andre> So you want to form an alliance with him?
<The_Physician> It couldn't hurt.
* Andre shrugs
<Andre> You know best.
<The_Physician> Alright. I am going to go make amends, if i can. I should probably go alone.
<Andre> Okay. Call if you need us.
<The_Physician> However. I will probably have to do this twice. A shame really.
<Adisa> Ah, and you want us to investigate one of the other blips in the meantime?
<Andre> I'll start scoping things out around here seeing what the last two weeks have brought up in NYC.
<Andre> Or that too.
<The_Physician> Hmm. I like Andre's idea. If we have an idea on how the future may pan out when we get back, that's an advantage to us.
<Andre> Let's hope so at least.
<The_Physician> Agreed. I am heading here first.
* The_Physician points to the restaurant on the map.
<The_Physician> But I am going to make a stop on the way.
<Andre> So we'll check out back editions of the paper or what?
<The_Physician> I would. Research could be useful.
<The_Physician> Are we in agreement?
<Adisa> Yeah. I'll go with Andre. Two sets of eyes and all that.
<Andre> Sounds good. Where should we go do you think?
<Adisa> The Daily Bugle. I need a good laugh.
<The_Physician> Then I am off. I hope to see you again soon my friends.
* The_Physician teleports home.
<Andre> OKay, so when I looked before there was no logs for the Times on-line and as far as I know, no periodicals. Why would that be and can we get around it? Maybe something happened that kept them from updating which means that it has to be huge.
<Adisa> I say we go directly to The Daily Bugle and ask to look through their morgue. They always say that they're the paper of the people, so they'd probably be the most approachable.
<Andre> That's morbid…but alright.
<Adisa> A newspaper morgue. Where they keep their old editions. Shesh.
* The_Physician replaces the pokers he had originally brought to Adisa's, and then heads out of his house to go to a nearby old book store.
<Andre> Ah. Well, let's start there. Maybe we can visit the other mourge later to see if anyone is talking.
<Adisa> There are just too many comebacks to that I can't decide which to use.
<Andre> Maybe so, but it's the truth.
<Andre> One of the…gifts..of the circlet.
<Adisa> So… if we dug up JFK, you could ask him what he saw on a certain day in 1963?
<Andre> So do you have an inside at the Daily Bugle?
<Andre> If he's still around in spirit form, yes.
<Andre> Don't dig him up. That's just wrong.
<Adisa> No. But I have a snazzy suit, an honest face, and the skin pigment of an ethnic minority. We shouldn't have any problems getting in.
<Andre> Hang on.
* Andre flips out his phone and dials the detective's number from issue #1
* Andre pulls up the armor to hollow out his voice properly
<Aldric> Detective Hartmann, NYPD.
<Paladin> Detective Hartmann? Yes, this is The Paladin, we met a few weeks back involving a bank robbery.
* The_Physician Finds a suitable edition, purchases it, and then proceeds to Restaurant where he first met the Artist and the High Lord of Faerie.
<Aldric> What's wrong?
<Paladin> I was wondering if I might ask a favor of you involving the Daily Bugle.
<GM^2> Niles: The hostess (her name tag reads "Mary Ann") shows you to your usual table.
<Paladin> A friend and I need to get in and see the archives and we don't have clearance to do that. Would you be willing to help us?
<Aldric> Why?
* The_Physician addressing the hostess
<The_Physician> Thank you.
<Paladin> It's complicated, but suffice to say that we need to look at everything that has happened over the last few weeks and see if we can spot a particular pattern.
<Paladin> This is very important or else I would not have bothered you with it.
<GM^2> Niles: The hostess bustles off.
<Aldric> What pattern?
<Paladin> I don't think that discussing this over the phone is the best idea. I would be more than happy to meet you in person though and go ver some of the details.
<Aldric> Yeah, sure fine. Just don't do that thing where I look away and you're gone when I look back. Hate that.
<Paladin> Sure. When is a good time for you?
<Aldric> If its "important or else I would not have bothered you with it", then its important. Time's wasting, boy.
<Paladin> Understood. I'll see you in three minutes.
<Paladin> Thank you.
<Paladin> *click*
<Adisa> So what do you want me to do?
<Paladin> Ready to go get legitimate access Adisa?
<Adisa> I can but try.
<GM^2> Niles: The waitress comes over to take your order.
<Paladin> Keep me from slipping up and sending him into a panic?
* Adisa calls a cab.
* Paladin lays a hand on Adisa's Armani-ed shoulder and translocates them to the detective's office in a few jumps
* Adisa hangs up.
<The_Physician> Just some hot tea for now. Thank you.
<GM^2> Niles: Five minutes later, there is a cup of hot, generic, orange pekoe black tea sitting in front of you.
<Paladin> Detective. Thank you for seeing us on such short notice.
* The_Physician begins sipping the tea and looking around, trying to spot the High Lord he met there weeks ago.
* Paladin scans the office with his enhanced senses looking for bugs or anything unusual
<Aldric> Three minutes. I'll keep that in mind. *closes a folder he was working through* What's wrong.
<GM^2> ((No buggsy bugs.))
<GM^2> Niles: For a late afternoon, the place is mostly empty. Other than your waitress and one other, as well as the hostess, there are less than half a dozen people all told. None of them resemble the purple-clad rummy.
<Paladin> An opportunity has presented itself for my companions and I to set some things right that have the potential to become very very bad. I don't want to cause a panic or undue worry really.
* Adisa just stands there looking harmless.
<Paladin> The last couple of weeks have been lost to us and we need to find out what has been happening as efficiently and quickly as possible.
* The_Physician Starts scanning the room with his special sight.
<Aldric> You said you were looking for a pattern.
<Paladin> Yes. crime, people that we're looking for, unusual events and the like.
<GM^2> Niles: Nothing unusual, cept the hostess. She's got this whole… how to put it…. Super-glowey High Fae vibe going on.
<Paladin> Are you willing to help us?
<Aldric> Well, if I don't help you, we're looking at mountains of paperwork and possible people being hurt, right?
<Aldric> I'm a path of least resistance kinda guy.
<Paladin> I can say that ther ewill be little to no paperwork, but lots of people being hurt.
<Paladin> Lots and lots.
<Paladin> Thank you, Detective Hartmann
<Aldric> You need to know what's happening then?
<Paladin> Yes. We figured that looking at the archives could help with that.
<Aldric> What kind of time frame?
<Paladin> The last two weeks or so.
<GM^2> Niles: In the span of about twenty minutes, three people file out and one comes in (no one you know). She seats the man fairly close to where you are.
<Aldric> You want to look through the last two weeks of paperwork?
* The_Physician attempts to flag down the waitress.
<Paladin> Of paperwork and of back issues of the Daily Bugle in their archives, yes.
<The_Physician> Excuse me, miss?
<Mary Ann> Yes?
<Paladin> Police reports would be very helpful indeed since a lot of that never makes it to the press.
<Aldric> I can't let you see everything /and/ keep my job.
<The_Physician> I am looking for a friend of mine. He usually wears purple, and I was hoping to catch him here. Have you seen anyone with this description?
* The_Physician gives her a physical description of him in human form like when he met him the first time.
<Paladin> Anything that you can help us with is appreciated, Detective.
<Mary Ann>: *rolls her eyes* You're with him? He hasn't been here for a few days.
<Aldric> Get you waders on, boys, we're going deep. *gets up from his desk and walks towards the Archives*
<The_Physician> Sort of. I thought he might like ot add this to his collection.
<Paladin> I can look through hard copies while my friend here can peruse computer files if that's alright?
* The_Physician takes out the book and shows it to her.
<Aldric> If that's what works, that's what we'll do.
<Mary Ann> *glances at the book, confused* Isn't he a bit old for kids books?
* The_Physician blinks
* Paladin glances at Adisa.
<The_Physician> Come now, I believe you know a bit more than you are letting on…
<Paladin> That's what will do I am certain.
* The_Physician glances at the nametag
<The_Physician> "Mary Ann"
* Adisa nods.
* The_Physician puts the book back in its bag.
<Mary Ann> What?
<The_Physician> You are very much like the man in purple. I can see that easily enough.
<The_Physician> Can you tell me where he is? I wish to apologize for our last encounter.
<Mary Ann> I'm what? I don't come in and harass people at their job. I don't know where he is and I don't want to.
<The_Physician> I meant no offense I assure you.
<The_Physician> Why such hosility toward him, might I ask?
<Mary Ann> He's in every other week, orders coffee or some other drink, nurses it three hours and hits on me.
<Mary Ann> Do the math.
<Aldric> *gestures at the mound of unfiled paperwork* Computer's over there.
* GM^2 The mound of unfiled paperwork looms dangerously, a refugee from Monster Island that, you are quite certain, could take Godzilla two falls out of three, radioactive breath or no.
* Adisa sighs.
* Paladin sighs and gets to work glad that his mind has been sharpened by the circelt to retain information
* Adisa gets to it.
<GM^2> ((Kay, I'll get back with you two… let's see…. sometime in 2011.))
* Paladin starts rapidly scanning and shuffling through the paperwork
<The_Physician> Ah. He can be odd, I'll admit that. I was simply trying to make amends. The last time we talked we had an…altercation.
<Mary Ann> Odd? People from California are 'odd'. He's /weird/.
<The_Physician> In what way, if I may ask?
<Mary Ann> No mentally healthy person wears /that/ shade of purple. And cat's eye contacts? Come on.
* The_Physician smiles
<The_Physician> Ah, he still wears those, huh?
<Mary Ann> Those clothes he wears? Those are not clothes for wearing. They are clothes for laying down and avoiding.
<The_Physician> So, was there anything he might have said or done that would indicate where he might be? I just wish to make amends for our last altercation is all.
<Mary Ann> He has a place uptown, from what I've gathered. Don't recall the address.
<GM^2> ((Note: Uptown is a safe descriptor of where that other high fae is living))
<The_Physician> OK, I thank you for your time miss. I apologize if I offended you or anything.
*<Mary Ann> mutters something about always getting the weirdos on her shift as she walks away
<Adisa> So what are we looking for anyway?
* The_Physician finishes his tea, pays his bill, leaves a good tip, and then departs the restaurant heading in the direction of the second Fae location.
<Adisa> Just interesting things that would have been nice to know two weeks ago or something a bit more concrete?
<Paladin> Just things that may be unusual and lead us to those involved in this whole mess that we can stop or change.
<Adisa> All right. I'll see what I can do.
<Paladin> If we know where they strike we can figure out why and maybe do something about it. Plus every crime we stop is one less victim of crime.
<Adisa> I admire your ability to remain focused on the individual in this crisis. I really do. But shouldn't saving individual lives take a backseat to making sure the planet doesn't wipe out all their lives at once?
<Paladin> Of course. It has to in some ways, but to forget that the planet is made of those individual lives is a dis service as well. I am looking for big things and pieces that fit because I have to, not because they are the only things that matter.
* The_Physician teleports to the nearest area that is safe to do that that is near enough to the High Lords place
<Adisa> Good. Just making sure we're on the same page here.
<Paladin> Things have been too quiet on the elemental front and the world in general, a calm before a storm, but we need to look for warning signs of where that storm is going to break.
<Adisa> That has been troubling me as well.
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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