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Location (all): Outside the Sanctum Sanctorum.
<Andre> Niles, may I have a word with you?
<The_Physician> Of course. How can I help you?
Andre moves them away from the main group to speak with him in private.
<Andre> If I were to try to capture a fallen angel, how would I do it? I don't wnat to bind him or harm him or enslave him, I just want to talk to him and keep him from leaving.
<Andre> If I can even get him there in the first place.
<The_Physician> Hmmm. Well, I will be honest with you. I have summoned folks from the other side many times, but never angels, to the best of my knowledge.
<The_Physician> However.
<The_Physician> It should be the same.
<The_Physician> A standard summoning should do it.
<The_Physician> Do you know the angels true name? That always helps.
<Andre> No, but I have been told that it is Mephistopheles.
Adisa looks at the others with an aura of impatience.
The_Physician cocks an eyebrow
<The_Physician> Interesting.
<The_Physician> Do you have anything owned by him, or possibly touched recently by him?
<Andre> No.
<The_Physician> OK, that might have made it easier. Are you decently certain on the name? If you are wrong we could end up cheesing off the wrong angel.
<Andre> That is the name that I got from Raziel when we were in Purgatory. I do not believe that he was lying, but I cannot be certain.
<The_Physician> hmmmmm. The name is the important thing. If it is right, then we are good. If not, then we risk our safety by pissing off the wrong one.
<The_Physician> If it is no ones name, then nothing happens.
<The_Physician> Simple as that.
<Andre> I would rather ask him to stay to talk rather than just shackling him to the metaphorical floor. That really is not very polite.
<The_Physician> I can summon without binding him here.
<The_Physician> He might just leave, or decide to kill us right then and there. Hence why I usually bind the ones I summon. Also, it is good insurance in case I summon something by accident.
<Andre> I guess then, if you are not terribly busy, that I could us eyour help. I'll call first and use your summing as aback up if that is alright?
<The_Physician> Sure thing. Always up to a challenge.
<Andre> Thank you. First thing in the morning then?
<The_Physician> Sounds like a plan
<Andre> See you in a few hours then.
Andre waves to Adisa and translocates home.
The_Physician walks over to Adisa
<Adisa> "Bout time. What was that all about?"
<The_Physician> He wants me to summon an angel for him.
<The_Physician> Do you need a ride home?
<Adisa> "I can just call a cab. Why exactly does he want an angel? Can't he just pray like everybody else?"
<The_Physician> I am not sure. He only asked me if it were possible to summon one, and if I could help him tomorrow.
<The_Physician> I can teleport you home if you would like.
<Adisa> "Sure. Thanks."
The_Physician reaches out his hand to Adisa's.
Adisa takes his hand.
<Adisa> ((and puts it on a shelf.))
The_Physician teleports us to Adisa's pad.
<The_Physician> Fair the well sir Adisa. I need to do some research for tomorrow morning.
The_Physician teleports to his home.
<Adisa> "Yeah. Research. The fun fun life of a super-hero. Spiderman doesn't do research. Fuck it I'm going to bed."

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