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<shadowmyre> Location (Niles): Cat Lord's Manor
<shadowmyre> Location (Others): Adisa's Flat
<Andre> So Wendy, youa re connected, yes? What else is there to know about Boolean?
<Andre> I would, with your permission of course, also like to pick your capacitors for some other information as well when we're done with this.
<WENDY> Accessing… . Directory "Boolean" located under root process string….. oh my.
<Andre> That's not a good sound….
<WENDY> He was a terminal process for resident Host process ETERNITY.
<Andre> What does that mean?
<Adisa> It means that he was an agent, or rather an extension, of Eternity, basically a Meta-version of the Avatara.
<Andre> So Eternity does not want the circlet to be joined. What is Eternity's stake in all this?
<Adisa> As near as anyone even vaguely mortal can tell, Eternity's purpose and overriding goal is to continue existing.
<Andre> Hm.
<WENDY> No directory entitled "circlet". Opening fuzzy logic search.
<WENDY> Reference found. Crown of the Three Sovereigns.
<Andre> Wait, what?
<Andre> What is the Crown of the Three Soverigns?
<Cheshire> If you had the resources to relocated to another planet, wouldn't you already have done it?
<WENDY> Your circlet, silly boy.
<Andre> That sounds rather mor eimpressive than I thought it was.
<Andre> What does it do?
<Andre> I have an idea of a few things, but there is still a piece missing.
<WENDY> These… these are pretty much all legends. Not a shred of hard evidence in the files at all.
<Andre> Of course not…
<Adisa> Yes. The Illuminati would never allow that.
<WENDY> Did you know that there is another piece? A gent in China has it. Oh? Ah. Yes, Jack doesn't like him.
<Andre> Neither do I.
<The_Physician> Of course, I was mainly joking sir, not to be taken seriously.
<Andre> But yes, there is another piece. Boolean was afraid that joining them would cause a cessation of existence. Or rather Eternity was afraid of that though I have no idea why.
<The_Physician> I am just at a loss on what else to do. How do you stop a planet from doing what it wants? Threaten it with a nuclear blast?
<WENDY> More specifically, if the circlet is completed, the person would have the power to threaten host designate ETERNITY.
* Andre opens his mouth and then closes it, sinking down on the couch.
<Adisa> Yeah, Eternity's very big on preempting possible threats.
<Cheshire> You certainly could. There are enough nuclear weapons stockpiled around the world to destroy it several times if your news agencies are to be believed.
<Andre> That third piece must be a doozie then. I can not even imagine doing that. Heck, I can't even deal with the Avatara without he….oh damn.
<Andre> Adisa. Have you told anyone on the Pipeline about the problem with the Avatara?
<The_Physician> So…are you suggesting we threaten the very planet we are all living on?
<Adisa> No. Why would I?
<Cheshire> If that is your wish. Personally, I would prefer to negotiate from a point of strength. Right now, your options are "hand to hand combat with swords" and "destroy the world". You need the strength to have other options.
<Andre> First order of business upon getting back: Warn the world about humanity's inevitable destruction.
<Andre> Maybe a news cast, or do you think that would cause too much widespread panic?
<WENDY> Not so much the potential of any one piece as what happens when all three pieces are together again.
<Andre> If we are to effect immediate change we can talk to some of the most powerful beings on the planet and get it done rapidly. Maybe it will help or at least mitigate the loss of life.
<Andre> Do you know what that potential is, Wendy? Based on your legends would it truly be that powerful?
<WENDY> Well, based on the legends, sure. From empirical analysis of your circlet, while it does contain some kind of powerful energy, presumably of either a divine or profane quality and dubious sentience, we are talking about the totality of the universe in an anthropomorphic form.
<The_Physician> From a point of strength…I suppose we could try to recruit more allies. However, a lot of the "heavy hitters" in my field are incommunicado.
<Andre> So it would be the equal of Eternity, but not necessarily greater than?
<Cheshire> The, perhaps it is time to seek out other allies. Those who have the power to influence a being of that power and vastness.
<Adisa> Not necessarily, it would be something that would change the power balance unfavorably for Eternity. It might weaken him to the point that something else might take him out.
<WENDY> Possible as well.
<Andre> So, if the circlet is joined then it would cause a threat. If the earth is the area the threat originated form destroy humanity and solve the problem. Who else or what else could Eternity act through to influence things? Say awaken the Avatara?
<The_Physician> Hahaha. Do you know of any my friend? I do not think anyone i know, save one, might have that influence, and he is out of touch.
<WENDY> Certainly, host process ETERNITY could awaken the Avatara. I see no reference to such in the file.
<Cheshire> Have you considered the host of faerie?
<Andre> But he could recruit someone else to do it too.
<Andre> So it would appear that Eternity i snot our hidden party..
<The_Physician> I…No.
<The_Physician> I didn't think of that at all.
<The_Physician> Are you offering your services?
<Cheshire> I could not mobilize the host of faerie. I have not the authority. There is one that could, however.
<The_Physician> And who would that be?
<Andre> Wendy, what do you know about time travel?
<Cheshire> Presumably, the other fae you were investigating in the city.
<WENDY> I understand the theory. I have not the means to perform it at this moment, but I could arrange as such as necessary. Why?
<The_Physician> About that.
<The_Physician> Who is the waitress in the restaurant where we first met?
<Andre> Curious about it form a scientific standpoint. I would like to have put a message out several weeks ago that I never did that may or may not change the end of the world.
<Cheshire> My queen.
* The_Physician blinks
<WENDY> I'd have to set up sensors to analyze the limits of the time plane we're currently in and find out what other parameters might influence the data.
* The_Physician pulls out the picture of the map that the demon left him.
<WENDY> In theory, if the planes haven't crested and no timequakes occur, yes. Rough guess, mind you.
<The_Physician> OK, so presumably, this is you.
<Andre> You don't have the means but could acquire them you say. How?
* The_Physician indicates the dot on the map that is presumably him.
<WENDY> I would make them, of course.
<Cheshire> Indeed.
<Adisa> of course
<The_Physician> So I assume this is your "queen" then?
<Cheshire> Indeed.
* The_Physician indicates the dot of the restuarant.
<The_Physician> Then, not to sound ungrateful, but who else is there? Or was your queen the one who can mobilize the fae?
<Andre> Well. What do you think the ramifications would be of sending a message back abut a month that the Avatara is loose and is bent on destroying humanity? Think we can prove global warming and get legislation into effect?
<Adisa> Global warming has been proven.
<Cheshire> There are many who could. I've narrowed the range down to those who would. Unfortunately, she is not altogether well.
<Adisa> It's just against Republican religion.
<The_Physician> I wondered about that. SHe didn't seem to know who she was. Is that accurate?
<WENDY> That requires long-range projections based on illogical math and dubious statistics.
<WENDY> Give me a moment.
<Adisa> For what else is a nanite colony for?
<Andre> We still need to find out who woke the Avatara up too. Any ideas on how to do that?
<Cheshire> Yes. She has lost herself within a fantasy.
<WENDY> For finding out who awakened the Avatara? Data insufficient.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Is there anything I can do to help?
<Andre> What data would you need for that?
<WENDY> Probable projection based on analysis of attitude of current world leaders and business interests versus threat of world-wide annihilation of humanity, including possible financial repercussions, current trends among populations.
<WENDY> "Eh, the super-heroes will work it out."
<Andre> Fair enough.
<Andre> So I need to get the message back as far as possible to really have it have the effect that I am hoping for it to. Got it.
<Cheshire> Oh yes. You just have to force her to realize her transcendental nature.
<Cheshire> Which, mind you, I've been trying to do since this whole grand mess has started. I'm hoping a fresh viewpoint will help.
<The_Physician> Hmmmm. Not knowing the nature of the issue, I didn't press it to far when I spoke to her.
<The_Physician> What have you tried?
<WENDY> People have become overly reliant on the certain exceptional individuals intervening to save them, regardless of the current crisis. They're desensitized to life; they don't believe there is a threat large enough to worry them that cannot be handled by heroes.
<Andre> SO why are heroes not running the world?
<Andre> Oh, right, we're trying to keep the villans from doing it…
<WENDY> Because That Would Be Wrong.
<Adisa> Because I have better things to do.
* shadowmyre Nile's phone rings.
* The_Physician pulls out his phone.
* The_Physician looks at Cheshire.
<The_Physician> May I?
<Cheshire> By all means.
* The_Physician answers the phone.
<Bianca> You know, I think I'm starting to figure out that circlet's language.
<The_Physician> Seriously?
<The_Physician> That's good news!
<Bianca> Its weird, it doesn't use any kind of phonetic structure I've seen before.
<The_Physician> When did you figure this out?
<Bianca> About…. twenty minutes ago?
<The_Physician> OK. How did you figure it out? I might be able to help you figure it out 2 weeks ago.
<Andre> I hope that Niles is getting better answers than we are.
<The_Physician> Don't ask, very long story.
<Bianca> Kinda had an epiphany. Don't have all the details quite yet; some of the syntax just doesn't make sense. Like the binary. It sings in binary, how crazy is that?
<The_Physician> It sings…in binary?
<The_Physician> That is machine talk of some sort correct?
<Bianca> Yeah. Machine talk, mixed with some Sanskrit with a chaser of German.
<The_Physician> Alright.
* The_Physician Niles makes a mental note of this.
* The_Physician pulls out his notepad and writes down "Binary, Sanskrit, German.
<The_Physician> Tell Bianca"
<Bianca> Basically, it just keeps repeating "I am happy to become a song, I am happy that people can hear me, I am happy to sing to the world, I will be happy when the world hears me."
<The_Physician> When the world hears me?
<The_Physician> What does that mean?
<Bianca> How should I know?
<Bianca> I'm just the translator.
<The_Physician> OK.
* The_Physician notes this as well, not mentioning the circlet in his notepad.
<Bianca> Wait, help me figure out… two weeks ago?
<Bianca> Are you time traveling?
<The_Physician> Long story.
<Bianca> Man!
<Bianca> I never have any fun.
<The_Physician> Uuuuum. Yes, but not of my own volition.
<Bianca> Look, if you're going to muck around with the totality of existence in order to give me a cheat sheet, remind me that the syntax is EmotionVSO.
<Bianca> I'll…. probably know what that means.
<The_Physician> Noted.
* The_Physician notes this also below the words spoken by the Circlet.
<Andre> Alright Adisa, ready to go to the mourge?
<Adisa> Lets go…..
* Andre teleports the two of them to the city mourge
<shadowmyre> LOG END

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