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Andre calls Niles
The_Physician answers
<Andre> Are you ready, Niles? I just put pot of water on.
Adisa heads in to work to talk to Tony about his having met his first alien.
<Andre> I just have a quick post to put onto the Pipeline, so whenever you arrive we can begin. Thank you for helping me with this.
<The_Physician> I need to speak to you. May I come over?
<Andre> Of course.
<Tony> is behind his desk, cup of coffee in one hand, a pile of paperwork in front of him and a maniacal glint in his eye. He waves Adisa in without looking up.
<Andre> I'll see you in a few moments then.
Andre disconnects teh call and yturns back to the computer
Adisa knows what that look mean. Unpaid overtime. For me.
<Tony>: "Have a seat. I'll be just a moment…" Suddenly, he picks up a wad of papers and smacks them down on the desk. "Gotcha! Damn flies." Then he looks up. "Adisa! Good to see you. What do you need?"
<Adisa> "Oh nothing much. Just wanted to let you know that my first encounter with an alien wasn't nearly as harrowing as you implied it would be."
<shadowmyre> "How did it go then?"
<Andre> The_Paladin on Pipeline: Forum topic:Rising danger: Post: Not to be an alarmist, my fellow protectors, but there is new information about a very real and present danger. I will explain more in person though a I am a two-fingered typer and find myself at a loss for words. We are in danger from an entity known as the Avatara. Our time has run out, but it is
The_Physician locks up, and teleports to the front door of Paladins apartment, notes in hand
<Andre> not too late to fight back. I will be at Central Park every morning from here on out at dawn to train with anyone who wishes to take a stand and fight for humanity.
<Adisa> "Well, I did get some vague notions on how their technology works. She was very forthcoming, once you accounted for the language barrier."
<Tony>: "Anything useful to us?"
<Andre> I understand that this complicates many of your lives, but in this time of need, we must stand together as one no matter our diverse backgrounds. We must fight for our our continued existence. Go in peace, no matter your choices. Signed: Paladin
<Adisa> "Not immediately, but it is something that will pan out in, say, a couple of years most likely. I took notes."
<Tony>: "Such as?"
Andre sits back with a sigh.
<Andre> I really wish I were better with words.
<Adisa> "Mostly harmonics and crystals, but I believe that we can force fields for approximately half the energy cost. Eventually"
<Tony> lets out a low whistle. "Totally Worth It."
<Adisa> "I thought it might be."
<Tony>: "Anything on the xenos themselves?"
The_Physician knocks on Paladin's door;
Andre prepares three cups for tea inside of the diagram that Niles had sketched out fo rhim the night before.
<Andre> "It's open, Niles!"
<Adisa> "I'm no biologist, but I don't think there's any significant biological difference between us. Extremely human like. Make the Shi'ar look like the Badoon."
<Tony>: "Ever see a Shi'ar after some tequila? There's more than a little resemblance." His fingers drum on the desk. "So, outside of the armor, they look like us?"
The_Physician opens the door letting himself in.
<Adisa> "Well, the one I met was quite short, around five feet tall. Whether or not that's normal for them, or if she was just short… who knows?"
<Tony>: "Did she demonstrate any kind of extranormal capabilities?"
<Adisa> "A few glowing crystals, but some crystals actually just glow, so… not really."
<Tony>: "What about their culture, history?"
The_Physician I need to talk to you before we proceed Paladin.
<Andre> I am all ears.
<Adisa> "They're more or less a hive mind, though I got the impression that it was by choice rather than their nature."
<Tony>: "Intriguing, but more Charles' or Reed's specialty than mine. I'll pass that along to them, though."
<Adisa> "Yeah. Just wanted to give you a heads up on our latest visitors."
<Tony>: "Its appreciated. You didn't happen to acquire a piece of their tech, did you?"
The_Physician pulls out his notes.
<Adisa> "No. Sorry."
<Adisa> "Oh wait, I did get this."
Adisa produces the communicator.
<The_Physician> Mephistopheles has a number of potential meanings, but the most commonly used is 'Not a lover of light'. He's often seen as a counterpart or parody of Lucifer the "light-bringer".
<Tony>: "And what do we have here?"
<The_Physician> Furthermore, he's high up in the hierarchy of Hell, being right under Lucifer.
<The_Physician> To sum up, summoning this guy could be VERY bad news for us.
<The_Physician> Are you still certain you want me to do this?
<Andre> I think that you misunderstand. I am going to ask him to come, and if he shows up I have some questions for him is all. if he tries to leave I would like a way to keep him here to hear me out as a last resort. He is a guest in this case who has information that I think that we need.
<Andre> If you would like to back out that is fie, I will understand. I need to talk to him though. He has been helping us every step of the way, including bringing you back form Hell. But why?
<Andre> We no longer have the luxury of time to play games.
<The_Physician> OK, say no more, I will start to prepare, but do nothing until you say so.
<Andre> Just be ready…
<The_Physician> Wait.
<The_Physician> Just to be clear, if he doesn't show up, summon him. Ifhe does and leaves without any questions, summon him back?
<The_Physician> Edit: answering any questions
<Andre> If he shows up, treat him with respect. if he tries to leave ask him to stay. If he insists on leaving require him to stay. If he does not show up, try again later perhaps? If he is a potential ally and we trap him in a summoning circle, I imagine that would send the wrong message.
Andre closes his eyes
<Andre> Feles? Are you there? I would like to talk to you, please.
<Adisa> "A communicator, though I haven't had a chance to study it yet."
<Tony>: "Who does it communicate with?"
<Feles>: "Have I not said? I am always here."
<Adisa> "Them, I believe."
<Tony>: "To all of them? Someone specific?"
<Andre> Will you physically appear here please? Speaking in my head is disconcerting.
<Adisa> "If they're a hive mind, is there a difference?"
<Feles>: "If you prefer. Nothing will change." He shimmers into view, crouched on the back of a chair.
<Andre> "No, but it make sme feel better. Thank you fo rcoming. Tea?"
<Andre> *edit horrible typing
<Tony>: "Possibly, possibly not. They might have a segmented consciousness, compartmentalization that allows them to keep thoughts private from the hive-mind."
<Feles>: "Nothing for me. What's on your brain?"
<Andre> "I have some questions. Some uncomfortable ones for me, maybe not for you. Do you have a few minutes?"
<Adisa> "God damnit, Tony! I'm an engineer, not a xenopsychiatrist!"
<Feles>: "I have eternity. Time is more precious for you."
<Adisa> "Though the idea has merit. I'll have to ask next time I see her."
<Andre> "Are you Mephistopheles? A fallen angel, cast from Heaven?"
<Tony>: "Which is all well and good, but a xeno-neurologist would be more useful."
<Feles>: "If I was a fallen angel, would I say so? If I was a tempter, would I acknowledge the temptation? Which answer are you looking for? Which would you believe?"
<Adisa> "Yeah, probably."
<Tony>: "Have you given it a try yet?"
<Andre> " I am looking for the truth. You have helped me at every turn and I do not know why. With time running out I am afraid of asking for your help without knowing the price. What is your stake in all of this?"
<Adisa> "No. I got the doohickey, and went straight to bed."
<Feles>: "Is the source of aid more important than the aid itself? Intention more meaningful than result? I do what I do because I am what I do."
<Tony>: "So, not even a check for bugs? Sometimes communications can swing both ways."
<Andre> "The source of this aid may be more important than the aid itself, yes. I wish to save this world, humanity, and if you can, no, will, help, then say so. I too am what I do."
<Andre> "if you wish to save them only to damn them, tell me now."
<Adisa> "Nope. I figure if aliens want to listen to me snore, more power to them."
<Feles>: "Humanity damns itself or saves itself. That's how its always been. If they get to live a little longer, maybe they can save themselves?"
<Andre> "Why did you come to me in the first place, Feles? What do you want to happen?"
<Tony>: "But you're not at home now. You're here." He flicks a switch under the desk. "Never be too cautious. Do you have any plans on examining it?"
<Feles>: "Want? What can any angel want but the will of YHVH?"
<Adisa> "I plan on spending at least today on it. I figured I'd use the better equipped company lab rather than my home lab."
<Tony>: "Good man. Take your time, don't leave anything unturned."
<Andre> "To supplant Him, to defy Him, etc. I am certain that you are familiar with the story. Will you help us in this struggle?"
<Adisa> "Then I'd better get started. See you later Tony." I make to leave the office.
<Feles>: "I've heard it. Now think about it."
<Andre> "I have, and I understand that it all may well fit into His plan. That is not for me to judge. I am simply asking for help to keep humanity alive. They deserve another chance."
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