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<shadowmyre>: Location (Niles): Cat Lord's Manor
<shadowmyre>: Location (Adisa, Andre): Adisa's Apartment
* Paladin sits on Adisa's couch studying the ceiling tiles as he digests the information that WENDY has given them.
<Paladin>: Well…sitting here is not doing any good. Let's go see if the dead are awake. Unless you want to stay here, Adisa?
<Adisa>: "No, I'll go with you."
* Adisa goes with Andre.
* Paladin teleports the two of them to the mourge in two jumps, stopping outside of the building to orient himself and then popping into the chambers below
* Adisa looks around
* Paladin looks around the darkened building, his enhanced senses making things visible in the oppressive room. Waling a slow circut of the room he looks for shades.
<Paladin>: *edit back to adisa's couch.
<Paladin>: Up for a trip, Adisa?
<Adisa>: Sure. I've got no idea what to do right now, so I might as well.
<Paladin>: I was thinking the ER. A lot of spirits die there and don't move on right away. It's public property and more legal than the morgue.
<Paladin>: We might also be able to get permission to go into the hospital morgue if we ask the right people.
<Adisa>: Sounds good to me.
* Paladin teleports them to Brooklyn general.
* Paladin walks through the automatic doors into the ER
* Paladin follows.
<shadowmyre>: As may be expected, the hospital is rife with the shades of the recently dead. Most are too absorbed in their private contemplations/torments/woes to pay any heed to a pair of mortals. Few even seem to realize your presence, just moving wistfully from room to room.
* Paladin avoids a man with his head hewn in half, side stepping neatly away from the child missing her arm.
<shadowmyre>: Those few who heed the Paladin's call spin him tales of woe, accidents involving cars and power tools, muggings gone wrong, and more than a few crushed under buildings from some super-powered squabble. None seem any more unusual than any other (for Marvel New York).
* Paladin makes notes about the way that these folk died
* Adisa walks blithely through the man who was burned alive, totally unaware.
<shadowmyre>: Clad in armor as you are and taking odd movements to dodge things that no one else can see, you attract some attention from the hospital staff, but nothing you cannot explain away.
<Paladin>: These poor people. At least we know where Green Goblin, Venom and Doc Oc are going to be on the 7th, and 9th.
<Paladin>: Think we can get this to the major leagues?
<Paladin>: I don't know if they read the pipeline and the villans probably do.
<Adisa>: Wait. What are you talking about?
<Paladin>: Green Goblin brings down a building at 2nd and 9th on Tuesday the 6th, Doc Oc and Venom have it out on the pier on the 9th, and Tony Stark has an attempted assassination on the 10th which failed but neatly took out half a dozen bystanders.
<Paladin>: At least thirty dead in three days because fo super powered struggles.
<Adisa>: …I should be writing this down.
* Adisa writes this down.
<Paladin>: Nothing on the elemental gang though or anything else yet.
<Adisa>: That's disturbing… I wonder… if they're aware they should lay low 'cause otherwise we'd have foreknowledge of their activities….
<Paladin>: More likely that they are gathering their strength.
<Adisa>: A much more comforting thought, that.
<Paladin>: In some ways.
<The_Physician>: Bianca, is there anything else I should know about this?
<Paladin>: Let's ask someone for some help…excus eme miss?
* Paladin tries to get the attention of a psssing orderly
<Orderly> Yes, how can I help you, strange rock person?
<Paladin>: Strange rock person, I like that….I was wondering who to talk to about possibly seeing your on site morgue.
<Orderly> Why do you need to see our morgue?
<Paladin>: I need to talk to somebody.
<Orderly> …. heh heh. Oh-kay…
<Paladin>: It's rather complicated to explain,.
<Paladin>: Is there anyone that we could talk to who could escort us there and back? I promise not to touch anything.
<Bianca> Probably, but that doesn't mean I know it yet.
<Bianca> If I figure anything out, like say a certain hum is a negator and all those "I'm so happy"'s are really "Murder Death Kill", I'll chime in.
<The_Physician>: Understood.
<The_Physician>: You have about 4 days to tell me before things are set right, so if you think of ANYTHING else that could help you decipher this, let me know and I will relay it to you.
<shadowmyre>:<Bianca> Hmm… cracking a language that could result in saving the world…. versus working on my term paper… I'm sure Father will understand.
<shadowmyre>:<Orderly> You seem like a very nice green stone person, and… perhaps only slightly crazy. But I really need to get back to work. If you really want to go to the morgue. Yeah, that didn't come out right. Try the help desk, sir.
<The_Physician>: If I can get you this information sooner, maybe you can do both?
<Paladin>: Thank you, Miss.
* Paladin makes his way to the help desk
<Bianca> I'm kidding. My term paper's already done. I'm such a nerd.
<Help Desk> Fill out the form and have a… We can't treat aliens here.
* Adisa follows
<Paladin>: I am not looking for treatment. I do need to see someone about being escorted into your mourge. I know it sounds strange, but it is important.
<Help Desk> Are you with the police?
<The_Physician>: Excellent.
<The_Physician>: Alright, if that is all, I will bid you farewell.
<Paladin>: I work with them sometimes, yes.
<Bianca> Good luck with whatever you're doing. Ciao.
<Help Desk> Are you working with them now?
<Paladin>: Technically not yet, but I will be soon on this case and many more.
* The_Physician hangs up his phone.
<Help Desk> Are you part of some recognized super team, like the Avengers or Fantastic Four?
* The_Physician looks over to Cheshire.
<The_Physician>: Very sorry about that. Now where were we?
<Paladin>: I am the Paladin, recognized by the NYPD.
<Cheshire> A most interesting call, it seemed. We were discussing potential plans for aiding my Queen.
<Adisa>: Miss, I realize that this is somewhat unusual, but it really is a matter of great importance.
<The_Physician>: I was?
<The_Physician>: Oh yes!
<The_Physician>: I believe I last asked what you had tried already?
<Help Desk> Look, I can't just let some super-powered whack-job wander around the morgue. No offense, but for all I know, you eat bodies.
<Paladin>: I understand. Thank you for your help.
<Paladin>: Ready to go? *to Adisa*
<Cheshire> Many and sundry things. She has crafted a very strong fantasy around herself. Believe me, I understand the irony, but crafting fantasy is very much what we do.
<The_Physician>: Well, can you summarize what you have tried? I am not certain if it is in my power to help, but I will if I can.
<Adisa>: Yeah, I think we caused enough confusion for one day.
* Paladin turns to go and heads away form the help desk.
* Adisa follows.
<Paladin>: I'll be right back, Adisa.
* Paladin heads into the men's room and into a stall if the coast is clear.
<shadowmyre>: The coast is clear, and so is the bathroom.
* Adisa waits outside.
* Paladin drops the armor
* Andre heads back out to meet Adisa.
<Andre>: If I can get close enough we can talk normally. Do you think it would be worth it?
<Cheshire> Well, there is a problem with that. My resources are actually quite limited. If I am near her, I am drawn into her fantasy. It is pervasive, even altering how I think.
* Adisa arches an eyebrow but says nothing.
<Andre>: It does seem as though there are obstacles in our way for a reason.
<Adisa>: At this point, anything's worth a try.
<Cheshire> Being locked into one character from a story limits my options.
<Andre>: Then let's wander and see what we find, It may be harder only hearing them and not seeing them, but we'll play it by ear.
<The_Physician>: Ah, so you are only accosting her because her fantasy is making you?
<The_Physician>: Her implication, not mine, I swear.
* Andre wanders around listening to the spirits tell their stories.
<Cheshire> Perhaps not the way I would interpret it, but yes. She is my Queen, greater than I am. The character that she assigned to me… is something of a rogue.
<The_Physician>: Understood.
<The_Physician>: So if I were to throw ideas at you, would you not take offense as to my suggestions?
<Cheshire> Well, that would depend on the suggestion, of course.
<The_Physician>: OK. Just know that what I suggest is purely from a logical perspective.
<The_Physician>: I already basically tried confronting her by telling her I could tell she was more than she seemed.
<The_Physician>: That just seemed to make her a bit perturbed.
<The_Physician>: Are there any types of objects she might recognize that would bring her out of it, or maybe make her realize what has happened to her?
<Hospital> The closer you get to the morgue, the more spirits there are and the more distraught their murmurings become. Many of these spirits are older, people who died from infirm bodies and old age. Still, accident and crime victims are never infrequent.
* Adisa is totally unaware of this. And probably happier that way.
<Cheshire> A human has many illusions core to their being, the sense of self being one of them. When you assault a human's central beliefs, you are threatening the core of who and what they are. Only natural they would become perturbed.
<Cheshire> If her fantasy is correct and complete, then any objects of hers would be assimilated into the fantasy. If it is not complete, however, it might work.
<The_Physician>: OK, there is that.
<The_Physician>: Do you have such an object?
<Cheshire> Not here, no. Unless… no, it was a silly thought.
<The_Physician>: What?
<The_Physician>: We must not eliminate any possibilities.
<Cheshire> It is merely a trifle, but it is the only thing I have here that is directly hers.
<Cheshire> It is the pen she used to sign my conscription.
<shadowmyre>: LOG END

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